Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Even children get older, and I'm getting older too

Life is weird as you age, because everyone who is close to you is aging as well: your parents and aunts will all be getting older and once they enter their later years, they could suffer from certain age-related health conditions.

Depending on their health, you might find yourself helping out with a few household chores once in a while, or taking over bigger home projects, and contemplating full-time care - either with you as the care giver, or supporting them as they figure out what their next best move is. Everyone aging is a big change for everyone involved. Some things to think about regarding elderly relatives:

They Don’t Want To Be A Burden

Everyone who has ever made any offer to any aging relative has heard, "I don't want to be a burden," in response at some point. Even though they appreciate all of the care and support you want to give, they will usually still worry that it's putting a strain on you and if they're anything like my old people will be more concerned with putting you out than with their own comfort or safety. This is especially the case if they require specialist treatments or around the clock care. It's always a good idea to think ahead and research some services they might need and feel more comfortable with than you putting your life on hold: things like a professional nurse, local hospice care, or continuing care communities that also have skilled care on the same premises. Most residents in retirement communities benefit from the great social life and the peace of mind knowing that they aren’t a burden on their relatives.

They Still Love Spending Time With You

The best gift you can give your older relatives is spending time with them. If they're ill, you might need to shorten visits, but since older people are at an increased risk of loneliness,  it’s important that you visit your older relatives whenever you get the chance to.

They Want More Of A Social Life

A way to combat loneliness and us all young: an active social life. Many care communities have lots of activities going on so that the residents can spend a lot of time together. If your relative still lives at home, they might find it difficult to keep in touch with friends and get to hobby clubs and groups if they're no longer driving. Offer them a lift to any social events - you can spend a little time together and they can keep a connection to the outside world.

What are you thinking about as you and your relatives age?

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