Monday, May 20, 2019

TWTW - the one before Memorial Day

Friday I had off, and a Friday off is a glorious thing. I was up reading Thursday night until 1 and up by 5:15 for a walk with the best friend dogs and a lovely sunrise. 

Even better than having off, my niece and nephew, Stephen and Aubrey, and Carol were down and my Dad was arriving midday. Aubrey made breakfast and we walked to the park. 

Then Aubrey and Lola and I rode bikes to the library while Stephen napped. Lunch was from Cinco de Mayo and we went to the beach after that. It was cold but then the sun came out and it felt glorious. We came back to find a hellish grill situation so Aubrey and Stephen made dinner inside then we jammed up to the boardwalk. The new Lola Jean ramp was open by that time, rides were gone on (first time for Baby Stephen!), the first Kohr Bros of the season was had, and the skies were grand on the way home. I went to bed after I believed my niece was making chalk. Lack of sleep is not good. 

I was up walking dogs at 5:45 and 6:45, then jolted to get dressed and had my coffee on the boards as we rode bikes down to Dockside Kitchen where Dad & Carol took us out to breakfast. They all stopped at the park but I went home to get the dogs out and do some reading. When they got back my dad assembled the power washer and him and my brother power washed the grill while the ladies brought some Philly to the shore for sidewalk sitting and eating and playing with Lola. 
We spent a few sunny hours on the beach before doing the boards again. Opa for dinner, rides, ice cream, and another nice night. I also scored a purple zip up OCNJ sweatshirt. They never have them in my favorite color. Stephen and Aubrey went home and I went down to read after hanging with Dad and Carol for a bit. MFD arrived with Gus and Mae after 11 and I was up finishing a book until after 1 and then woke up many times before finally getting up at 7:30. 

Dad and Carol stuck around to hang up some stuff for me and help me clean the house before taking off with a bunch of our trash chairs and recycles to put out at home. MFD got us bagels from Dead End Bakehouse. I finished up cleaning the upstairs, ran to get some stuff at the store, and he power washed for what felt like decades and was over six hours. Everything looks great out there but if I never hear that noise again it will be too soon. 

Packing up cars and moving shit and moving shit back and putting shit back together and walking dogs and being so tired I just sat with my teeth in my mouth until it was time to order pizza from Randazzo’s and watch Game of Thrones. I was physically tired to the point of not being able to do anything and just having to lay down. We each put in seven hours of work plus what Dad & Carol did. MFD is doing some more stuff this morning but we’re pretty ready for the season. 

Weekly food prep: breakfast is greek yogurt with granola - I still have some from last week at work and I only need it a few days this week. Lunch is PB&J after I finish the pork from this weekend. Snacks are strawberries and bell peppers. 

Up at 5:15 to make the trek home this morning.

Happy happy third birthday to Laura’s son MBD! 

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