Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - I don’t need to fight to prove I’m right, I don’t need to be forgiven

1. This is late and lame - late yesterday I was like shit tomorrow is Thursday and I should have Thoughts. MFD was supposed to come home from the shore Monday but didn't get home until Tuesday so I left work early Monday to finish out the day at home and worked from home Tuesday as well. I'm all confused. Plus I'm off tomorrow, my first day off since March 15. I am thrilled. Confused on days, but thrilled. Almost as thrilled as the dogs are when I work at home.

2. Confused on how to leave the house to run errands too, apparently. 

3. Someone finally diagnosed what's wrong with my oven and the part is on order. Praise Jesus and Hallelujah. It only took three freaking visits over a 31 day period. It's the goddamn igniter. It's not that hard. 

4. At the shore MFD painted the ceiling and someone came out to replace a disappeared screen on the fourth floor, which were two of the remaining big three things that need to be done before Memorial Day. The third is power washing and that will happen Sunday. I updated the About the House and Around Town shit and I always feel like we're stealing home base heading into Memorial Day. It comes up quickly. Also who the hell has ever heard of screens just disappearing out of fourth floor windows? 
5. I won a cookbook from Gina. I freaking love Ina. Do you guys follow Gina's blog? Go check her out at Ciao Bella.

6. Nails: OPI My Private Jet.

7. Let's see, what else: reading netgalley books and fucking up my goodreads tracking over the past week, wearing my Divine Badass shirt from Gena, putting the rest of the year's vacation days into my calendar, keeping up with picking up around the house, scheduling a Vietnam Vets pickup, perusing thrift stores and online yard sale sites for a chair, raging over the carnies causing chaos on my street this week,

8. I am ready to set the world on absolute fire. I can barely scroll through social media. I want to drop everything and act. I feel like a never ending scream is caught in my throat and I'm not even a child bearing person in one of these states, someone of color, someone without means. It is infinitely harder for all of those womxn. Solidarity. This is the hill I will die on. There should be ZERO abortion laws on the books, anywhere. It is a womxn's choice made in consultation with her doctor and if she has one, her higher power. It is certainly not my business, or yours, or any government official's. It is not your right to impose your beliefs and your higher power on someone else. PERIOD. What you personally would or would not do, what you believe in according to your faith has zero bearing on the bodily autonomy of other people. The country is not ruled by your religion, and women you don't know aren't either. Fuck the patriarchy, fuck the white men making these laws, fuck the women who are their foot soldiers, and fuck you if you agree with any of it.

9. Reminder: As long as you need, whenever you need.

10. Ecards.

What appears after the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts is a song lyric to whatever I'm listening to when I start to write the post. This week is Baba O'Riley by The Who

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