Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - wait, it's February already?

1. Dogs: Mae's DNA panel came back. She's 62% pug, 25% Pekingese, and a little bit of mixed breed groups, which I assume means Gremlin. Dog DNA...what a world. What a world. Thanks to Treat Lady for Mae's kit. Her brothers still think she's 50% tolerable and 50% she-demon.

2. Nails: OPI Black Dress Not Optional.Totally loving how this is not a flat black. I really like how it looks on.

3. Eats: I give zero fucks about the Super Bowl, so I don't watch. If you do, enjoy! I might make wings though? Are you making anything? I'm always interested in new app recipes. I'm eating my feelings right now. If you're looking for something to make, what about hoagie dip, hot crab dip, or jalapeno popper dip?

4. Politics - Fascism (see how I bolded that so you can skip if you need to?): Trying to skate around everything that's been figuratively lit on fire to see what is important about how this administration is operating. This is not a Republican/Democrat thing anymore - this is resistance against tyranny and Steve Bannon. Check out The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We're Falling For It. This image of this Early Warning Signs of Fascism from the Holocaust Museum is going viral. What scares me more than this happening is my fellow Americans allowing it to happen because it's a pride/side thing right now.

And this happened while no one was looking last weekend - Bannon has been installed on the National Security Council and both the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been removed until necessary. uhh, isn't their input always necessary in matters of National Security? WTF. 
5. Protestors: I see a lot of these types of comments on Twitter and posts of people who are out marching for something: you're accomplishing nothing/get a job/you think you have it bad? Try living elsewhere in the world/You're embarrassing yourself/you are disrupting the natural order of things and inconveniencing people/what are you protesting/don't you have anything better to do/that's not going to change anything. I'm glad these groups here never listened when those things were said to them in their respective times and make no mistake, those exact things were said to them. If they had listened, if they had people would still be drinking out of water fountains marked colored and getting hung for looking at white women and women would not be allowed to enter voting booths or have their own bank accounts. I wonder if people know how ridiculously un-American it is to tell people voicing dissent against the government that they don't belong out there on the streets. America was built out there on the streets. The right to assemble is so important it's in the Constitution. Are people unfamiliar with American history? Or are they just the portion of the population who wishes these people below DID go home, so they were still in their place? p.s. if you can't or don't want to hit the streets, there are other things that you can do - it takes an across the board effort to make change - all boxes need to be ticked and change won't come from just one avenue, it will come from people working many avenues. Choose your lane. 
6. The funny side of politics: Both of these had me roaring this week. I typically will not share things with grammatical errors but I was seriously crying after I saw Amanda share the first one last night. The one on the right has been seen around the Southeast PA area. 

7. Books: Currently reading The Longest Night by Andria Williams. Show Us Your Books is February 14. I was successful in not going to the library at all in January and reading what I have. I do have a book waiting for pickup there now and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really looking forward to going. It'll be like uniting with an old friend.

8. Weather: Skies so lovely in the winter, days so cold. Philly love running errands near the office on Tuesday. Once upon a time I dreamed of being in Punxsutawney for Groundhog's Day. Maybe someday.

9. Reminder:

10. E-card of the week:

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  1. Oh, you know, who needs a Secretary of Energy anyway? (note sarcasm)
    I posted today on ig asking about those who've used a doggie dna kit. Are you glad your curiosity is sated? I'm interested in what mix my girls are.

  2. I'm going to make dip..maybe spinach dip? Maybe jalapeno dip?
    We're having a few people over, so I might just get some pizzas because I'm all about semi-homemade. Putting that polish on my list. I love dark polishes, even if I don't wear polish often.
    We have Scout's DNA profile from the breeder (including pictures and charts for his parents) but I still think a little gremlin snuck in.
    Alright, the Kermit one made me LOL.

  3. I was on the fence about the protesting. I see the pros and cons. But I've come to the decision that protesting is about showing others that there are things to be lost and we need to defend those things before they are gone. Additionally, if no one speaks up, then those people who were completely ignorant of the cause will go on being completely ignorant (not stupid, but unaware).

  4. I definitely see the Pekingese in her! I want to test my pups...
    That's my exact reaction to people who oppose or roll their eyes at marchers. When my aunt does it I just want to grab her shoulders and shake her and ask, "Do you hate voting? Do you despise your own checking account?"

  5. hahaha Gremlin.
    we 'hosted' the superbowl get together last year and i ordered pizza for the guys and chips/dip for me. i wanted to go in another room and read, but apparently that's rude so i said we aren't hosting this year. haha. but we're in a basement, so not hosting anyway. i've only made wings once and they were so good, i'll have to try them again.
    yes to everything you said about politics. i try really hard not to start fights with people, especially at work, but i have a few people who have assumed i am a trump fan because they are and i just can't keep quiet.
    i can't believe you didn't go to the library all of january! i currently have 50 books checked out, plus 4 or 5 ebooks and a few books waiting to be picked up. there is something wrong with me. next goal quarter, i am going to make it a goal to keep my checked out list under 10. or 20. or like, 25. i don't know. haha.

  6. I have a post in drafts about how I used to be a pretty aggressive football fan, but the NFL has totally lost me over the last 2 years and I'm just done caring about teams or the Super Bowl. I think this year will be the first in my entire life that I'm not watching the game, and I'm not heartbroken about it. I'll be making and then eating a welcome-home-from-vacation dinner instead.

    #4. This is effing scary, and I still don't understand. I think I need to just stop trying to understand, and rather just take that line from The Dark Knight to heart--"Some men just want to watch the world burn." That has to be what's going on here, because there is no logical thinking pathway that leads to this dumpster fire we're living in.

    Also #5, YAS. I don't get why people need to shit all over other people for standing up for what they believe in. How does that serve you, anti-protesters? I don't get it.

    #9 is a good one. I'd add "with everyone who asks nicely" as a reminder to myself.

  7. We are having people over for SB mainly to show off our new basement set up since we moved not too long ago. I am making buffalo dip, ordering soft pretzels and boneless wings. And drinks, the drinks will be flowing. I only watch for commercials and half time.

    love that polish, may have to look into it!

    Stopping by from the linkup!

  8. I'm trying to figure out SB... I don't care about the game but it sounded like a good excuse to have people over. First though... I have to escort some of our babies to Michigan to compete for full scholarships (and convince them that COLD! SNOW! is fun!!)... leaving today and not packed. lmao. I'm keeping my eye on the prize though... no to devose. that has to come first.

  9. I love a good black polish. It's hard to fine a good one & you'd think it wouldnt be that difficult. I got some & it was matte. UGH. That stuff looks horrid when dry.
    Yep - no cares here for the Super Bowl either.

  10. I hadn't heard of a Pekingese before but I am not a dog person. This is what the internet says:
    Pekingese is a dog breed characterized by stubbornness and independence. A Pekingese is brave despite its small size. It has a strong character stuffed in a small body. A loyal member of the family, this dog is friendly and exuberant with anyone but a stranger. It barks a lot when it feels danger or basically any noise coming from outside.
    It is a little arrogant and perky and it is not good with other animals. A Pekingese could be a loyal and loving friend, but it can go as far as being jealous and doubt its owner’s loyalty towards it, not the other way around. It’s the kind of independent dog that has a selective hearing. It only does something when it feels like it, not when it is asked. Sound familiar? :) Happy Almost Weekend.

  11. It's making me crazy that people still can't see that nothing about this presidency is normal and the things he's saying/doing are not okay. I usually look forward to the superbowl, but this year I'm underwhelmed and we still haven't decided if we'll do anything. I'm always up for wings and delicious dips though!

  12. The dog DNA testing thing is so fascinating! I really want to have Luna done!

    I am really loving that black nail polish I'm thinking that one will have to be added to my collection very soon!

    I've taken myself off Facebook for the majority at this point because I can't deal with the ridiculousness that is happening. On both sides. I will continue to resist I will continue to support my believes I will continue to help those in need but I will no longer argue on social media about it. Because if someone insists on being part of the problem I'm going to be out there making solutions.

  13. TGIFebruary❣️ One of my least favorite months out of the way. Hoping the rest of our winter is like today. Sunny, clear, and dry roads!! Lol on Mae! No lols on what's going on with DT SB GOP #ugh. Keeping the faith and sending ✨😇☮💖🗽❣️
    Love. Your. Momma.

  14. The other day I was thinking about how there's no way black people or women would have rights today without white male allies who weren't being persecuted but witnessed the persecution and stood up for them to make it happen, yet women today are being told that our rights are fine so we should STFU... what?

    I like to be in-the-know, pop culture wise, too much to ever miss the Super Bowl. Plus it's in Houston and so far, the city has done an awesome job so I want to see all the national attention. Something has to make the increase in traffic more worth it!

  15. Sometimes it feels a bit like the politicians are playing one big game of chicken. Like, how crazy is it going to get before someone finally says ok, no, we've taken it too far. Except it's not funny at ALL and it's actually quite scary.

    No superbowl here but I might make some dip anyway for us to eat whilst we dismantle all our furniture. It might bring a party atmosphere to the whole thing!

  16. That fascism sign just gives me chills because ... we're there. We're there and so many people are blinded. You hit the nail on the head with some of it being stupid pride. They don't want to admit they were wrong, so they dig in. And for what? Admit you made a mistake - everyone makes them - and work on fixing it. And hell yes, America was built by rabble rousers who took to streets and made things better. I am not a superbowl fan either and plan to read (and okay, eat) instead!

  17. That Fascism sign is disturbing.

  18. The National Security issue is driving me crazy! How is this slipping under the radar in the midst of everything else?! I hate that the country is so polarized right now and that people aren't thinking critically about the direction we're headed and letting hubris get in the way. Its unsettling the comparisons are country is having with different regimes in history, especially after having just been in Berlin and visiting the variety of museums there that should serve as a wake-up call...

    On the Super Bowl front, since my team isn't playing, I'm hoping for an ATL victory and we'll be enjoying Korean BBQ and kimchi with our friends who are hosting.

  19. I can't remember who it was now, but I remember some baseball player on Twitter with the 'get a job' response to the demonstrations at the airport and someone responded 'Bitch, it's Sunday' and it was the most perfect tweet ever. I have to find it for you. Hold please...
    Of course, he deleted his original tweet. Shocking.
    Love the nails, black is a go to polish color for me. Black and white, my two favorites.
    Watch the puppy bowl. That's what I do when I don't care about the Superbowl teams. Puppy bowl is way better anyway.

  20. The dog DNA really is so cool, although human DNA is pretty cool too! I think that it'd be interesting to see where exactly I'm from!

  21. Skies look beautiful! So missing my home state of Pennsylvania! Love your reminder. It's so true.

  22. Man, skies are so pretty!!! I love them when they're like that. That 'me to me' thing is so funny. And you stated your point very well. I deliberately went into this Trump thing with an open mind. I tried very hard to be positive. This Muslim Ban is insane in every way. Speaking up doesn't mean I'm "not accepting our President". I'm not accepting a specific, egregious action.

  23. Aww poor Mae. so misunderstood but so adorable! The DNA kit sounds pretty awesome. I don't care too much about football or the super bowl either but my neighbors are having a party so the hot crab dip sounds like it'll be a party pleaser.

  24. Yeah, I really don't get why people aren't realizing what's happening. It's not about Democrat or Republican. It's about basic human decency, for one thing, and not turning into a fascist country. Scary, but I'm glad people are marching and protesting and fighting.


  25. It is so obvious to me now that Mae has some Pekingese in here. She really looks it in the face. Plus "king" you had any question about it?! I haven't even thought of what apps I'm making for the super bowl!! I watch it for the food and commercials. Excuse me while I hop on Pinterest and pin 50 thing and then make the same snacks I made last year lol

  26. We probably won't watch the Superbowl either, but I saw a recipe the other day for buffalo chicken stuffed peppers, so I thought it might be fun to make them for dinner anyway. Might have to add one of those dips!

  27. The Kermit meme? I'm laughing so hard! I like watching the SuperBowl at home with snacks and Jason, and the dogs. Somehow we've hosted a party the last three years, or attended one and this year I said no to both. It's very liberating. I am looking forward to catching the highlights, and snacking on the comfort of my own couch :)

  28. That Kermit meme is killing me....and is also me with my husband's entire family. CANNOT. And I don't care about the Super Bowl, but I'm all for super bowl food. I'm making wings too.

  29. I get so angry on Twitter these days, but I made the choice to start following Alt Potus 45 and it is the greatest. It outlines what Hillary would be doing if she had won. Happy friday!

  30. 4 & 5, pretty terrifying these days. I've distracted myself with super bowl party planning, we are doing a Mexican theme!

  31. I don't care about the Super Bowl either. I just watched Gaga online later. I was watching the news with a friend when Ferguson protests started and said good for them, that's how they can be seen and heard and hopefully make a change. She made the same comments to me that you mentioned above. I don't even care if you believe what they are protesting for, they're allowed to do it! I love a protest.


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