Friday, February 24, 2017

So this is the tale of our castaways, they're here for a long, long time...

When I was younger, I watched a lot of Gilligan's Island. When I was older, I was enthralled with LOST. I can safely say that while I like watching it on the screen, I would absolutely never want to find myself in that predicament. I'm not a survivor in those terms - MFD is the survivor in our relationship.

Even so, I've spent a lot of minutes in this life idly thinking about things I'd have with me on a desert island. I've also thought a lot about that term - shouldn't it be deserted island? You'd think, but desert is just an archaic form of deserted that means the island is uninhabited, not dry like a desert. Whatever, I know. p.s. - the photo above is from 2010 and was taken on Disney's private island in the Bahamas, and this post itself has been in draft form since 2014. 

Food - steak

Snack - strawberries

Drink - iced coffee (there is free flowing non poisonous water on this island, damnit)

Clothes - maxi dress

Accessory - big ass scarf

Beauty product - Soap

Luxury item - sunglasses

Books - Honestly, I can't think of a more terrible category. I consume books quickly. I would like an endless library. That being said, I will go with Beach Music by Pat Conroy.

Music -  Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

TV Series - Beverly Hills 90210

Movie - Dirty Dancing...did you expect something else? I can spend an eternity driving myself crazy dissecting this movie.

What are your picks? Or do you need the weekend to mull it over?

Have a good one!


  1. Love, love, love Beach Music and all Pat Conroy books.

  2. Loving the series you picked to watch - I think I would agree with you because it's long and the episodes were an hour not a half hour!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. This is very fun. Not in any particular order. Neutrogena spf 70 sunblock cream, jumbo lump crabmeat , Cadbury mini eggs, my phone with good service and everlasting battery, The Works of Florence Scovel Shinn, my quilt from Lori.
    A happy Friday and weekend to all.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  4. This is so fun-- I think I'd definitely go with iced coffee too! Wishing I was in the Bahamas right now- that water looks so nice!

  5. I love a comfy maxi dress!! You can never go wrong with that.

  6. I would need more than a weekend to mull it over. What a list. Movie = Empire Records and Food = nachos, that much I'm sure of. And I am leaning towards iced coffee with you. The rest I don't even know if I could choose.

  7. Now I really need to be on a beach with that water, those are the best days. And yes to all the iced coffee and 90210 re-runs. Happy Friday <3

  8. Reading Pat Conroy on the beach is basically my perfect summer day...

  9. Sunglasses - smart.
    I love you pick Beverly Hills 90210... were you a Dylan or Brandon kinda girl? :)

  10. I pretty much would have this same list, except rose for the drink and bob marley for the music. Oh 90210, great choice, I need to add that to my binge list! Have a great weekend!

  11. FUN!! I've never heard of Beach Music but now I need to go check it out! I definitely need more than a weekend to mull over my responses - I am the world's most indecisive person. LOL.

  12. This is such a fun post, but also hard to choose as well! I'm with you on not knowing if I could choose one book to be on a deserted island with, but without a doubt I'd choose chips and salsa as my snack!

  13. Definitely steak for me too. I'd take MJ's "Thriller" album for my musical selection.

  14. I think I'd bring chapstick and peanut butter. And a pillow because comfort is key.

  15. ahhh dirty dancing is my favorite too! I also second peanut butter ^

  16. Love your movie pick! I could probably watch that forever, too!

  17. My dog, my Kindle, my ipod, a charger, my specs, and a comfy chair.

  18. Food - Bacon, egg and cheese biscuit sandwiches

    Snack - Brie and french bread

    Drink - Coke Classic

    Clothes - stretchy shorts and my Genny Light tank

    Accessory - hair ties

    Beauty product - body wash

    Luxury item - sunglasses

    Books - All the Harry Potter books

    Music - Indigo Girls 1200 Curfews

    TV Series - Friends

    Movie - Auntie Mame

  19. oh gosh. i'd need like internet to watch whatever movie i wanted an a kindle full of all the books in all the world. i'd prefer real books, but you can't be too picky on a desert island right? haha. obviously i'd need electricity and internet to make those things work. haha.


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