Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity

1. I try not to speak when I'm so angry my blood feels like it's on fire running through my veins. When a female Senator is censured in a grossly patronizing manner for something her male counterparts are then free to do, it is quite apparent that the old boy network is alive and well and it's time for it to be smashed like the shit sucking patriarchy it is. Never mind the fact that an old southern white man tried to silence the words of Coretta Scott King. Never mind the fact that if a sitting Senator is nominated for a position that requires debate and confirmation that this inane Senate rule should not ever be invoked because it basically silences any dissent. If you couldn't tell, this is one of those if you come at me on this, I will rip your head off and shit down your neck type of things. So maybe don't. Read King's full statement on Senator Sessions instead. And nevertheless, persist.

2. This applies to anyone in a fight for something that matters to them or in a fight to advocate for themselves, their health, their kids, or anyone or anything: There is no way to sustain outrage over long periods without draining you and leaving you with no will to live your life. That being said, you don't want to lose your fire or be dulled to whatever it is you're trying to achieve. Try replacing outrage with commitment and resolve. Keep showing up. Take breaks. You're doing great. You can't do it 24/7 and no one expects you to. But they do expect you to stop showing up. Don't do that.

3. Keep a good thought for MFD please. He's back out at Standing Rock to help move camps. He actually caught a ride from Bismarck with the medic who helped him with his second degree burns when he was out there the first time. His slower season is ending so his free time will not be so plentiful soon. Gotta do it while you can. I told him to stay away from the propane tanks this time.

4. Guess what game I'm playing while he's gone? Everything must go and paper hoarding must die. It's a fun game. Try it!

5. Petty annoyance I can't seem to stop having a shitty attitude about: When I make a reservation at a restaurant and they want me to call them to confirm said reservation a day or two before. Listen...I made it. It's in my calendar. Of course I'll be there. I show up for things like that or I call and cancel. Non-cancelers, get with the program. 

6. The countdown is on: 28 days until we open the shore house (hopefully, temperatures leading up to it and forecasted after it permitting), 30 days until daylight savings, 34 days until my 40th birthday, 77 days until vacation. 

7. Thanks to Jen at That's What She Read, I'm doing the three month trial for Book of the Month club. It's $9.99 a month during the trial period. I used to do Ipsy and Birchbox many moons ago, and this is definitely more me. Full disclosure: if you try it out through that link, I get a free book. Keep an eye out in future SUYB posts: I don't keep all books and am happy to mail the ones I'm not keeping on so others can read them.

8. Do you notice a theme with my recent library pickup? It's Girls, Girls, Girls but not in the at the Dollhouse in Ft. Lauderdale or Rocking in Atlanta at Tattletails or Raising hell at the Seventh Veil Motley Crue ways...but in the book title ways. I started with Local Girls, but it didn't grab me and I decided not to finish it. On to Girls in the Moon. Show Us Your Books with me & Jana is this coming Tuesday, February 14. It's going to be a veritable book love-in. Join us.

9. Reminder:

10. E-card of the week:

May I always live to serve you and your crown,

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  1. Best of luck to MFD!
    I play the everything-must-go game every time Scott leaves too. It's a blast.

    WHY do businesses called, email, AND text to confirm? Like, I'll do it once!

  2. Thinking of MFD! So exciting that it's almost shore house time & lots of other fun things to look forward to! I love that quote about health. AND I am also super loving Fina Ludlow, so thank you for that!!! :)

  3. Hoping everything goes well for MFD and no more burns!!! And good luck with the everything plus paper purge! :)
    Love that last e-card. That's how I feel when weather forecasters tell us to expect snows and a "messy early morning commute" and then we get rain and no cancellation. Boo hiss!

  4. Said a little prayer for MFD. He's doing good work out there! :)

  5. Continued Godspeed to Mike Doyle❣️ This blatant and totally corrupt regime has to come to an end. These white "boys" are not the norm for all white Men. Thank God! I feel like we need our men to wear I voted for Hillary shirts. Jesus. Mary. And Joseph, help us❣️ Love the health e card. Stay safe , Philadelphia, Bucks County, or wherever you are. Love. Steph's. Momma.

  6. Sending good thoughts to MFD! What he is doing is important!

  7. Good luck out there MFD, stay safe this time!
    I have to do something about John's paper hoarding that he inherited from his mother. I don't keep paper at all. Nada. IRS is going to be all 'but the receipt you need to keep for 7 years!' and I'll be all 'fire, bro.' Screw papers.

  8. I've always been curious about that book of the month club - I'm heading right now to check it out. So much more me as well than lipstick that I never wear.

  9. #5 I hate that confirming call too, I guess we all have to suffer for the rude people!

  10. GO MFD!!! I hope he does a recap of his trip again. He should guest post on your blog :) Watching CSPAN was very anger inducing for me this week. Esp when McConnell stood up to speak during the DeVos debate and DIDN'T SAY ONE FUCKING WORD about Betsy DeVos and why he was voting for her, instead he just whined about Obama's cabinet selection. ARGH. It's been a rough week, but it just fuels the fire (and hopefully plants more seeds.) Also, sorry for all the grammar issues in this comment. I'm too fired up.

  11. Sending prayers for Mike, sharing your outrage for the shitshow that is our government.

  12. #1 I honestly have no idea what the hell they were thinking. Or in their case, obviously not thinking. Not to mention it chills me to the bones that Sessions is now our AG. #2 Thank you for your sage advice there. I am the type of person who places the burden of the world on her shoulders and it wears you down. And I don't want to stop showing up because I know that is what they are banking on. Our outrage to diminish or get side-tracked and then they have free rein. NOPE! #5 You will experience this at my house as I no longer put toilet paper in its proper holder because someone, who shall remain nameless, likes to unroll the toilet paper and eat it. Pinned #9.

  13. Hey, it's not all bad on her being silenced. The "nevertheless, she persisted" is a pretty amazing summary of feminism. And I love it!!!

  14. #1 sickens me on every level you pointed out. Another disgrace this week, another bit of fuel to add to our fire. As for #2, I agree. Sometimes it's hard to take a break—it feels disloyal or something? But taking a breather and showing up for the next fight is how we stay strong.

    Cheers to MFD; I was actually wondering if he'd be heading back there. Good thoughts his way to keep him safe and the mission successful.

  15. (these do not correlate to the actual numbers you wrote)
    1. Go MFD. They need all hands on deck there.
    2. BOTM is my JAM. I'm obsessed. I have their tote bag. It's LOVE.
    3. YES. I thought my mother was the only one who uses the oh so satisfying "rip off your head and shit down your neck" phrase. I love it.

  16. Of course, I love the Crue shout-out, but I'm predictable that way.
    I respect your and MFD's commitment to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

  17. I've thought about getting that book club thing for my mom. You'll have to let us know how you like it. The daylight savings countdown makes me so happy.

  18. As soon as you said "Girls, girls, girls..." I started singing the rest of the lyric. Too funny!

    Sending out good vibes and well wishes for your husband.

    #1... Sigh. I have no words. I'm utterly disgusted.

  19. Hope you enjoy your BOTM pics!! I started listing to Fannie Flagg's newest and it's super charming and I started Idaho but it may be a little too sad for me.

  20. That first picture is everything; yes, yes, yes! Stop diminishing the dignity and humanity of women and I will, in turn, diminish my desire to rip your throat out.
    Best of luck to MFD. He's making a real difference; you both do.
    Thanks for the countdown; after being buried in a foot of snow with three more "snow events" in the next 72 hours, I need to remind myself that better days (for me) are coming.
    Enjoy the weekend, Steph.

  21. I don't think I've ever had to call and re-confirm my reservation, but that'd annoy the crap out of me.
    Good luck to MFD.
    I like your point on burning out. Right now my rage is coming in waves, which is helpful. Once that wave is at its peak I try to find a solution- whether it's donating, volunteering, or sharing information.

  22. I hope that this Standing Rock trip is less eventful than the last... by a lot. Don't forget to take care of you while you're fighting the good fight. Self care is more important than ever if we're going to make it through 45.

  23. I ranted about the double-confirmation in a blog post before. If I make an appointment ore reservation for something (hair, massage, restaurant) - I don't mind you calling to confirm, but just tell me to call back if I need to cancel. Don't tell me I now have to call back to DOUBLE confirm. I confirmed! I hate having to call people on the phone/speak to humans so this system REALLY irks me.

  24. hope MFD is doing okay! I know i'm late but yeah. hope he stayed away from the propane tanks.
    definitely trying out the book of the month club using your link. free books, yay!
    yes to everything on #1. i have no words, i really despise mitch mcconnell.


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