Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - I need a long winter's nap

1. Amanda and I were talking about the Golden Girls, which I'm watching from the beginning on Hulu. GG is one of  her favorites. Literally every night this week I come home and read and have tea and watch the Golden Girls like any normal 70 year old woman. Anyway when we were talking I mentioned how I missed Dorothy, and Amanda said the same about Sophia, and I said I love her and Dorothy but Dorothy the best. She was like that's because you are Dorothy. Which is true. Amanda went on to say that I am Monica Geller and Dorothy. Also true. So, my exact composition in TV sitcom characters:
Monica is blurry because she's a gif but I hate gifs. Love label makers, hate gifs. 
2. Does anyone want to read Behind Her Eyes or Pretty Little World ? I have copies of them and am happy to mail/give them to you under the condition that you mail them to someone else or share them in person with someone else, with the same instructions given to the person you pass them on to. I don't want them mailed back to me, but I do want them shared with as many people as possible. Let me know. I already tried to pawn them off on my co-workers. No takers. EDITED TO ADD these have been claimed! Stay tuned for more in the future. 

3. Look how lame my book photos are. Are you following That's What She Read on Instagram? Jenn's book pics absolutely always draw my eye. The only time I am tempted to pose my life on that social media platform is around books, and usually after I see one of Jenn's photos. 

4. As long as they're not sleeping, my dogs are very easy to whip into a frenzy of excitement over nothing and I love that about them. 

5. Tuesday's post about meeting a Muslim neighbor cost my heart a lot to write and I don't have it in me to go anywhere else on the burned down house front this week. Maybe because there are too many places to go? Protections stripped from transgender CHILDREN and indigenous people abused and shamefully pushed off treaty lands for the zillionth time in this country because greed and oil are more important than water. Anyhoo if you read Tuesday's post, thank you. If it made you think, I'm glad. If you skipped it or hated it, how about this weather we're having?

6. For Black History Month, one of my favorite poems by Maya Angelou. 

7. I forgot I took photos of the peacocks running amok at Grounds for Sculpture with my camera instead of my phone so I never included them in my initial post. They are such gorgeous creatures. Peters was having a field day with her spirit animal.
8. Nineteen days until I turn 40. Yesterday seemed like an opportune time to re-order my anti-aging night regimen. And a new backpack as if I was in elementary school. Yin and yang. Speaking of buying things, I am thisclose to buying a pet sling for when Mae won't walk on the beach when it's cold. I thought for a minute about people judging me, but then I thought of the lady who bikes around town at the shore with her cat in a covered house attached to the back of the bike. I said to myself self...get the sling.

9. Reminder:

10. E-card of the week: me, crawling towards my birthday month

Later hosen, 

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  1. Thanks for sharing that instagram! Just followed!

  2. Your Muslim blog was awesome. Hearts 💕 do need breaks from political horrors. Love the peacocks. Love the dog ecard. My first born is going to be 40❣️ Have a glorious day. Love. Your. Momma.

  3. If know one else has claimed the books I'd be happy to take them. I will definitely pass them on to a friend or a little free library. :)

  4. Love the dog meme and the loose peacocks!

  5. Get the dog sling, dammit.

    *I don't know how I missed your post on Tuesday, but I did.
    The hate and prejudice and anger toward Muslims makes me so livid. I grew up/live in a very very white Midwestern town. We have 16,000 people here and I doubt there are 1,000 black citizens. (Our Latino population is growing, which has people in full on racist mode, but that's another story for another day.)
    Anyway, when I was in 6th grade we had a new family move in next door. The middle daughter, whose name I learned was Maria (Mar-ee-uh; like the video game guy but "uh" at the end), was playing in the backyard one day so I went and introduced myself. Obviously we became friends because we were in 6th and 7th grade and neighbors. First of all, I had NO idea she was Muslim until one day she had to go home and pray in the middle of our game. Ten minutes later she was back in our sandbox with my brother and I. My parents never said a thing about her religion. Her parents never turned me away at the door. (In fact, when I was sick her mom would send soup over.) Until they moved away, I saw Maria every day.
    We're Facebook friends and we chat on there a lot. She posts so many things about the terrible things happening to Muslims and it kills me. I've reached out multiple times since the election to let her know that she's still got her 6th grade friend, but it turns my stomach that she and her family live in fear of their own government. Disgusting. There's no way we can put up with and allow this kind of fear mongering against our own citizens and neighbors and friends.
    (Sorry for the novel... I know you were avoiding politics today..)

  6. i have never watched golden girls all the way through. i've seen bits and pieces. i am definitely most like monica in friends but not totally. i'll take behind her eyes if no-one else asked for it already :) i will happily pass it on. my book photos are always pretty blah too, especially with zero natural light in my current living situation. you can only take so many dark photos of books lol.
    definitely buy the sling. i would totally buy the house on a bike for my cats if they would tolerate such a thing.

  7. Peacock = Peters is perfect. Babies also celebrate with you without regard for cause of celebration. Happy Thursday!

  8. Would totally take perfect little world! I want to read that and so does my mom. Off to read your other post now!!!

  9. Golden Girls is such a classic, it is definitely a favorite of mine. My mom and I would watch it all the time together.

  10. I've already started getting the birthday month emails, so I assume you have too. Come on MARCH! :)

  11. Oh you definitely need the sling. I'm eventually getting Hawkeye the same stroller as my parents have, no shame in my game.
    eeeek the birthday approaches! But that also means treat yo self month so that'll be fun.
    You are definitely Dorothy, I see that. I'm a Sophia, let's get real here.
    Those peacocks are amazing!!

  12. I am a combo of Monica and Minerva McGonagall (from Harry Potter, which I know you don't like) plus Miranda from Sex & The City, so I totally feel you. Also, I've been on vacation, so I haven't read your blog in forver so I just wanted to say HI and also, I'll go back and read what I missed now.

  13. Some of the photos on IG that people do with their books. They are gorgeous... but I'm like, Who has the time? ;)

  14. Oh Golden Girls. I remember faithfully watching when I was a child. I loved them all but admit happy, dippy Rose was my favorite. I'm not sure what that says about. me! Still I Rise and Phenomenal Woman are my two favorite Maya Angelou poems. Buy the sling for Mae. I love seeing the lengths people go to make their animals happy because that's what good people do.

  15. Thank you again on your post on tuesday and for the reminder that this is about trans CHILDREN! I need a sling for my tiny pup that only wants to be held when I am trying to cook or vaccuum. Get it!

  16. This made me lol "Literally every night this week I come home and read and have tea and watch the Golden Girls like any normal 70 year old woman". I hate to say what I'm about to say because everyone always yells loudly at me when I do but I've never seen GG! But likening any of it to anyone on Friends makes me more inclined. Love that you are a Monica.

    I ALWAYS think that about dogs!! I love how I can be like "what's that?" and he's jumping around looking for whatever the hell it is he's supposed to be excited about. ha!

    LOL to your Tuesday thoughts - the 'weather' go to.

    Peacocks ARE beautiful - I wish I saw them more!

  17. Bummer that the books are already claimed because I really want to read Behind Her Eyes! I think that's a really fun idea though, to keep books moving around so that lots of people can enjoy them!

  18. And henceforth you shall be known as Morothy.

  19. I love Jenn's IG.

    Dorothy IS the best.

  20. I just bought myself a backpack too. No shame in that.
    That picture of the dog in the burning room...I feel that way about SO MANY THINGS.
    And good for you, sending books to others. I love giving away books I love. I mean, I'm likely not going to read them again.

  21. Hahaha both Mac and Zoe can get excited about anything if I use my "baby voice" with them. I love that you are sharing books with the condition that they are shared again. Jenn's instagram is always so pretty with her books! Yay for birthday month! I hope you plan to do it up big!

  22. I've always known myself to be a TV character combination of Monica Gellar (I got a label maker for my birthday one year), Grace Adler from Will & Grace and Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. I don't know which GG I am, but I'm learning also thanks to Hulu. Oh, and I just learned there's a GG-themed cafe here in Manhattan, so I know what's on my to-do list this month.

    Over number 5, I'm sick and disturbed and so angry. I read Tuesday's post but a comment didn't come to me. At least, here's this: thanks for attending and sharing your experience with us.

  23. Megan from can I decide another day? suggested to my book challenge group a book exchange. One reader from Switzerland and I have already swapped books. I have a list of books that I'm happy to mail too - they are just going to be donated if no one claims them. I've posted that list in my challenge group. I think I'll post that list next week to the blog.
    I follow That's What She Read's ig, and yes, her book pics are so very pretty.

  24. Get the sling.

    I am a combination of Sophia and Dorothy...

  25. So, Buzzfeed posted an article about Golden Girls a few weeks ago and it made me realize that while I've seen a bunch of episodes, I have NOT seen every one. So I did the EXACT same thing you're doing and started it on Hulu. I watch a little almost EVERY night and OHMYGOD -- what an amazing show. And? I'm Dorothy, too. Hands down.

  26. yes, yes, yes, yes. To all the things. I have it all queued up on my Hulu playlist so that's awesome. I'm so angry and upset at the news EVERY DAMN DAY. It's hard to balance everything to feel some sort of normal. Thank you for sharing your activities. It continues to give me new places to seek out conversation.


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