Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - you better put your kingdom up for sale

1. Made up existential crisis of the week: what if I had to choose between these albums and could never hear songs from the other again, as long as I live?
2. Nails: Essie Warm & Toasty Turtleneck, one of my favorites. I got them done this week to clean up my cuticles. I hate getting my nails done by someone else but try to do it once every two months for a clean up. As they were drying, someone walked in and asked me if we do eyebrow waxes. I was like well I don't work here but they do wax eyebrows. All of the girls in the salon loved it. 
3. How you know your husband is home from his trip even if you don't see him. 

4. Anyone interested? My friend Mrs. Tiff Dee is selling these through her KEEP Collective biz. She's raised $210 so far for the ACLU by donating her commission on every bar. If you want her info, let me know. They're custom so they're not on her site. 

5. This is the political portion of Thursday Thoughts. I could write a blog post on this shit daily but I'm not going to do that. So it lives here, every week, in one or two or three points. It's time for trump to release the tax returns he promised to release. We already know he doesn't pay taxes, that's not what's hiding. If there's nothing in there that will harm the country, it seems like a no brainer to me - it would go very far to quell the fears of people about foreign influence and interference in this administration and stop some of this shitslide. Then you have the elected officials who voted against forcing him to release them...what are THEY hiding? Why was it important for all other presidents to release their taxes BEFORE taking office, but now that this guy is in there, it suddenly doesn't matter and is an invasion of privacy? Newsflash: if you run for president, you know you're going to have to release your taxes. Why the fuck are we still chasing these down? Call your rep today and demand they support a push to release them and for a full investigation of the administration's foreign ties. Find your rep in the House here and in the Senate here. Should foreign interference not merit the same exhaustive investigation a blow job did back in the 1990s? Anyone remember that? As for his response...First, it's nonsense, not non-sense; second, I do believe this twitter account is unsecured. Hillary who? You're the president now. This is all on you. The only people talking about Hillary still are you and your cult members. But her emaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllsssssssss. Sorry, it was three members of YOUR campaign that  resigned due to foreign ties during the election. Not three members of your opponent's. Get it together. 
6. Have you ever seen Red Dawn? Wolverines.

7. Now we all know every damn month is black history month and women's history month, but to play along in the designated BHM...Sometimes people say that slavery was so long ago and black people need to get over it and we're equal now and and stop with the black lives matter shit. Then you read something like this, where black women of above average intelligence were being sterilized without their permission - in 1961 in Fannie Lou Hamer's case. That's less than 60 years ago. Less than 60 years ago. We have not come that far. Can we stop pretending the playing field is level just because it looks even where we're walking? The opportunities, by and large, have not been the same. The treatment has not been the same. It takes nothing to admit that and to work hard within yourself to do your part to change that.
8. I have unfounded and irrational anger at egg whites. Like when I see them in a recipe I feel stabby. Same with egg white omelets. No thanks. Is there a support group for this?

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  1. if a recipe calls for egg whites or egg yolks only, I'll skip it. What a waste! That said, if a recipe calls for egg whites to be used in one way and then later to add the yolks, I'm down with that.

  2. my recipe last night called for egg whites only and I was thinking "ain't no way I'm going to just throw away the yolk" so I cooked it and made my husband eat it LOL

  3. You better put your kingdom up for sale. Singing it. And it's up for sale, for sure. End greed for power and money. NOW.
    Ok, then. Love the nails. I should get a mani
    Pedi , too. It's been awhile. Happy Mike Doyle is home and lol at the evidence ❣️❣️
    Egg whites. Ew. And I don't like separating eggs. They belong together. I always bypass those recipes. Have a glorious day❣️
    Love. Your. Momma.

  4. At least the dishes made it to the sink?
    Scott is threatening to haul me in for a manicure. My cuticles aren't as nice as his and he thinks this is a problem.
    Egg whites are awful. Like, how is that a recipe? And I always think of all those yolks going to waste.

  5. Would love bracelet contact. I'm thinking my staff and some of my babies need those. The refusal to release tax returns is stupid. I think he's made it such that everyone will review with a fine tooth comb if they are ever released. Glad MFD is home safely.

  6. The mentions of Hillary, the tweets of nonsense, the's all a distraction and I can't handle it anymore. The administration is already starting to implode, which is nice, but I still find myself DAILY screaming about something and wondering how we've gotten to the point that party lines are more important than protecting citizens, animals, the environment, and everything else they're seeking to destroy.

    I plan to get a pedicure sometime in the next few days for similar reasons you got your manicure. My feet are rough looking.

  7. I agree about bringing up Hillary--that's over and done with, BUT if you want to bring up Hillary, let's talk about the investigation into those emails his peeps were so quick to jump in on, but now there shouldn't be an investigation into his ties to Russia??? What the what??? Dude is a mess.
    I love your nailpolish! The color is perfect!

  8. I'm on board the egg white hating support group.

  9. I still am amazed Trump was allowed to even continue running without turning in his tax returns. That's so bizarre to me. SOOO bizarre.
    Ricky can NEVER get the dishes in the dishwasher. Ever.... but truth - if he does, I usually have to put them 'right' anyways :) haha

  10. I had so many things to comment and they all just went out the window with the dishes in the sink. I cannot stop laughing.

  11. That is exactly how I know when my husband is home!

    I am so happy to see someone else that is anti-egg white! It makes me stabbing and I'm not even sure why other than I feel like maybe it's a waste? Or maybe it's just because it seems ridiculous? I don't know but it really bothers me too!

  12. I always have so many things to comment on these posts but YES about the egg whites and #7 is just gut-wrenching. We have not come that far, indeed.

  13. That's too funny that somebody walked into the nail salon and thought that you worked there!

  14. so, that bar thing, does it come with the thing that goes around your wrist come with it? i would totally wear something like that especially with the proceeds going to aclu. are they very expensive? it doesn't count as shopping if it's basically a donation, right?
    i am so embarrassed reading that tweet. non-sense? seriously?
    omg yes with egg whites!!! i'm like nope. not happening. i hate separating eggs and i also just hate the egg white bandwagon like yolks are bad. my favourite dessert is pavlova and my mum said it was easy but the recipe says egg whites and i'm like nope. i'll just buy meringues from trader joes and pretend i'm eating mini pavlovas.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your bracelet!!! I'm so obsessed. I need to triple check but I think we hit $250 in donations, and a friend is matching for her friends that purchased!

    EGG WHITES MUST DIE. I tried to get on board with them for the pre-wedding diet and hated every second of it!!!

    Also I have to get my nails done or my cuticles would take over my entire body. I don't know how to care for them properly myself (or I am lazy? spoiled? hm.).

  16. Those bracelets are awesome. I don't have any KEEP jewelry, but those might be enough to convince me to get some...
    Between the email shit and birth certificate crap and every other backward theory thrown at democrat politicians... I can't figure out where the logic is in overlooking this refusal to release tax information. It blows my mind. How ignorant and defiant and self-destructive must you be...?

  17. I'll join your egg-white support group. Trump. I don't get it. At all. Leaks were awesome and encouraged when it was happening to the DNC but now it's un-american. Dude, it's the most American thing EVER! And the Hillary blame is just weird. He is trying to deflect and blame others because that's what he does. And I am appalled by the shoulder shrug from Republicans. I keep thinking if this was Hillary how different their response would be. And whether it is Trump or Clinton, they should be appalled. This isn't about party lines. I keep thinking of Red Dawn too. Clueless. He is so fucking clueless.

  18. I always know Chris was at the house if there is a trail of cups and dishes left out. At least yours made it to the sink, sometimes Chris's are sitting on the counter and I am like ugh WTF doesn't he know what the dishwasher is for??? It's like I am the only one who has access to open it and put dishes in there. And dont get me started on egg whites. SO LAME!!!

  19. Love that nail color. And Born To Run. Hands down. That is one of my all time favorite albums. I fell in love with it the first time my dad every played it for me. I actually hijacked my parents' vinyl of it when they decided they didn't want/use their record player anymore.

  20. Rumours is such a classic album! I listen to that on a regular basis.

  21. Yes, I've seen Wolverines. I've even seen the re-make.
    Your first question that you posed to yourself. I do that kind of stuff to myself as well.

  22. I have to know, which album would you choose?

  23. I would love to get one of those bracelets. Can you please send me her contact info? Thanks!

  24. The mistaken identity thing at the nail salon... I get stopped every. stinking. time I'm at Babies R Us and am asked for assistance. I want to say to them, "Lady, do I look like I know ANYTHING about babies? I'm just trying to match the number from the registry with the item on the shelf so I can get this gift and get out of here..." LOL!

    Yeah... which album would you choose? I'm intrigued.


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