Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday Thoughts on April eve

1. Covenant House PA made that $100,000 goal I mentioned. Thank you again to those of you who pushed for that! We all have a no money down opportunity to help this week! Covenant House has been chosen as a finalist in the IKEA Life Improvement Challenge, which gives IKEA US co-workers the opportunity to nominate a local charity to win an IKEA makeover of a space that helps to improve the lives of others in the local community. Co-workers and customers vote for their favorite charity, and the winner receives an IKEA makeover to help them in the important work they do to improve the lives of others in the local community.  You have the opportunity to vote for a makeover of Covenant House's common space...I've been in it. It could use it. These kids deserve more. To vote, click here, then when prompted, choose to see the PA - Conshohocken Store Projects and vote for Covenant House PA. I mean, really...who better to win a Life Improvement Challenge than a place committed to improving the lives of kids that have been forgotten by others? Covenant House helps these kids build a future that includes self love and respect, honesty, and trust; productivity in school and in the workplace; and permanent housing that is not on the street. This is the space as it exists now:
2. So Operation Purge and Reconfigure the basement is moving along. Tuesday night I got a wild hair up my ass and rolled up the rug and moved a couch from one room to another by myself. Then MFD got home and started working with me and witnessed two to three hissy fits about the fucking TV from the land before time that is being removed by Sunday or...else. The wood tables are going too. Sorry for the shitty, dark photos, and it's not remotely done, but it's in progress and progress feels good. Top two when I started and bottom two when we called it a night.

3. Two places that have killed it for me customer service-wise recently: Zulily and Wayfair. Both have credited my account and advised me to donate the items that were not working for me, and they did it with a lot of niceness.

4. Last day of my birthday month. I still haven't gotten to Abe Fisher. I'm coming for you, delicious foods. I swear.

5. Heeeee.

6. Seen on the train platform this week:

7. Since we're on the subject of reading, I finished Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly and My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga this week. One about women tortured in the Ravensbruck camp in WWII and one about teenage suicide partners. Just a little light spring reading. Please pass the book with photos of baby animals and no words. Show Us Your Books is on Tuesday, April 12.


9. Wear bracelets on weekdays and take picture proof, one of my spring goals, is on track...aside from Day 1, of course. I always fail on day 1 of something like this or a spending freeze. LOL. Instead of sharing all at once, I'll probably throw the pics for the past week in a Thursday Thoughts post like so.

10. E-card of the week...Tuesday morning a woman on the train was telling anyone who would listen that she had to come into work even though she has the are not that important, but you are now much hated by your fellow commuters. Stay home!

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  1. That bag spotted on the train...did you tackle the woman and steal it from her? No, probably not. But, did you want to?

    The Armchair Librarians is on my iTunes!!!! I doubted that would be the case because the minions of the iTunes world know that I'm in Australia, and they make me login to Australian iTunes (not USA iTunes), and sometimes I can't get something that is only released on the USA version. But, The Armchair Librarians are worldwide sensations!

  2. Ohhh good to know about Zulily and Wayfair! Love the book bag! Yay for The Armchair Librarians!!!! Newest subscriber over here!!! People that come in to work contagious or spreading their germs out in society in general piss me off! Stay home!!!!

  3. I love that instead of returning items that told you to donate them, sometimes I don't order things online because returning is such a hassle.

    I love the bad, I give people books all the time it's one of my favorite things to do.

  4. Ewww to the flu! Definitely stay home lady!
    Good for you on the purge and re-org of the basement. I saw your insta photo of the battle between the hoarder and the purger haha. I feel like Zulily and Wayfair ALWAYS say to donate their's not worth it for them to take it back. That's the way I got 3 headboards from Wayfair (and then ended up selling them on craigslist because the only issue was rusted rivets on the headboard). They really do kill it with the customer service. But I feel like I have wanted to return a bunch of their stuff...especially zulily because the quality is hit or miss.

  5. Looking up your podcast!

    And I don't get why people think it's okay to be around others when they're sick...not only will you feel awful, you'll infect everyone else (maybe I'm just sensitive to this because I work in a germ factory).

  6. Ahhhh! I need to listen to your podcast! So glad Covenant House met goal!

  7. Voted! Under more than 1 email address. Allegedly. Hope they win!
    Loving the basement progress so far, yay for getting it done. Is that tv super heavy? I had one like it in college and had to make some boys move it in for me because I couldn't lift it to save my life.
    Psyched to listen to your podcast on itunes! Hopefully any of what I said was helpful. Tara and I took a break and planned on starting back April 1, but I now realize that's tomorrow so HA.

  8. Oh LORD - I HATE when people come to work sick. I get so freaked out about that.
    YIPEEE for the Covenant House - that is such great news!!!
    I gotta check out the latest podcast :)
    I love good customer service places. That makes me want to shop at them more when they handle their customers fairly

  9. Awesome for Covenant House. Also Zulily and Wayfair. I swear everything that comes out of Trump's mouth, Ted Cruz thinks but doesn't say. It keeps getting worse.

    Ugh on sick people going out to infect others.
    Fortify yourself with the white light !
    Love. Your. Momma

  10. We had an old land before time tv for a long time, so glad it's gone. Well done with the organizing, lady you are rocking it out. WOOHOO for Covenant house, hope they win!

    Definitely want to check out your podcast, sounds fabulous!

  11. Is that the couch they were coming to pick up? I thought that was MFD leaning on the TV until I noticed the feet! Also, I hate it when people commute/come to work all infected. Right now Bronchitis is going around my office and I want to stay home just so I don't get it. LOL @ Trump/Joker and caption.

  12. Ugh, to the sick co-worker, because the majority of people where I work are short term contract employees we have no sick time. And if you miss time odds are good that you won't get called back for another contract. Which creates the worst combination for having a bunch of sick folks at work. Hoping that Covenant House wins a well deserved make over!

  13. I voted!!! that's so awesome. I'm about to start purging and i can't wait to just get rid of IT ALL. #5 lol the caption was perfect too.

  14. I voted, too! :) And YES to Zulily- they've done the same for me in the past and I couldn't believe how nicely they handled it all.

  15. That's fantastic news - I'm so glad Covenant House meet their goal and I did vote for them to win the IKEA makeover. :) I LOVE the Trump joker picture. He is truly the most unattractive man. Blerch.

  16. The basement is looking good. I'm sure you feel relieved that is out of the way. How do you have a window in the basement?

  17. Ugh I hate it when people go to work when they're sick. An every day cold is fine, but the flu, stomach bug, strep throat, etc... please oh please stay home! YAY for Convenant House, that is absolutely amazing! I also love hearing about great customer service, other than Nordstrom very few companies seem to know the meaning of it these days. Go Wayfair!

  18. love that book bag-- the quote is so true! I'm glad to hear you had a good experience with Wayfair-- I've never ordered anything from there but have been tempted a few times. So awesome that you guys have the podcast up and running on itunes! And what a blessing that Covenant House reached their goal-- hopefully they can win the Ikea contest too!

  19. Voted! And going to check out the podcast. I'm also super relieved you didn't get rid of Dutch. PHEW!

  20. So the lady on the train had to get all the side eyes. I imagine everyone stepped out of her way. I hate when people go to work sick or send their kids to school sick- not cool!
    I'll have to check out your podcast!! My husband is a podcast listener, he swears we should do one together.
    Loving your bracelets!

  21. yayyy i am totally going to listen to your podcasts!!! i can't wait. and i'm gonna vote for covenant house. they definitely deserve it. that trump/joker thing is hilarious.

  22. That's so awesome that Covenant House hit their goal! They're going to put that money to good use, I know! That picture of Trump as the Joker is hilarious! I can't stop laughing! I have Lilac Girls from Netgalley so I'll be anxious to hear what you think!

  23. So excited about your podcast! I'm gonna go download it right now. Zulily is the best! I love that both places told you to donate your items. That's pretty amazing. I just voted for Covenant House!


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