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My great friend and personal product guru Jill, a professional makeup artist and cosmetology educator at PB Beauty School in NJ, is back today! Beauty is her passion and she's gracious enough to stop by here once a month to share her knowledge and favorites with us.Last time she covered bargain beauty buys and this time she's talking about LUSH. 
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Let's talk skincare. I am sure all of you have a beauty routine of some kind involving a facial cleanser of some sort. I used to use bar soap before I got into the beauty industry so my skincare regimen has changed dramatically over the years. But the biggest change came just within the past 2 years. I was turned on to a company called LUSH by one of my students and I, as well as my skin, have been singing their praises and reaping the benefits ever since.

What is LUSH and what makes them so extra special? Here are a few great reasons.

My absolute favorite thing about LUSH is that they DO NOT ANIMAL TEST! I am an animal lover and think it is completely unnecessary for any company to practice animal testing. They have a very strict policy and will only buy products from companies that also practice safe testing alternatives. I am not an expert in the area but I do know that with advances in technology laboratories have been able to develop tests that will exhibit the harmfulness of a product on a human and the environment without needing an animal. To learn more about their policy and their slogan visit:  LUSH.

The ingredients they use are almost all natural. They have little to no synthetic ingredients. Think about that for a second..... that is amazing! They use only the freshest of ingredients including fruits, veggies, and essential oils. They make the most wonderful fresh face masks. They only have a shelf life of about 2-3 weeks and must be kept in the fridge because the mask isn't being packed with preservatives and chemicals to last longer. To see a full list of the ingredients they use, you don't have to look much further than their website: Lushopedia

They are huge on charitable contributions. They have donated over 10 million since 2007 to grassroots charities. They sell an amazing hand and body lotion called  "Charity Pot" in the store and use 100% of the contributions of the price (minus taxes of course) for charity. The price ranges from $6.00-$25.00 depending on the size of the container you purchase. I love a company that is so popular doing the right thing and giving back.

ON top of all of that- the packaging is simple and made of 100% recycled plastic. They will even reward you for returning 5 empty and clean pots with a free fresh face mask.
I am going to share my LUSH routine with you guys and if you get into one of their stores or have a minute to shop your website pick up one of their products. You won't regret it!

I use this facial cleanser every single night, it is gentle and smooth, smells nice, and works great at cleaning my skin and removing makeup that a wipe didn't get completely : 9 to 5

One night a week I give myself a facial mask, I have used this on other areas of my body that just felt rough including my hands and elbows. It is absolutely amazing, makes the skin feel so smooth and it has a beautiful glow to it after. My must have mask is : Mask of Magnaminty (Steph's note: I had to run out and buy this on the day Jill sent me her blog post!)
After my cleanser or mask (depending on the day) I will use a toner water. This is great for helping to remove dirt deep in the pores and will also help to close the pores to keep dirt and makeup out. I prefer a spray toner and so the ones LUSH sell are ideal for quick and easy usage. The one I prefer is: Eau Roma Water 

After my toner, I will apply my moisturizer. I have dry skin and have a sensitivity to many moisturizers but this one is perfection and has never given me any issues. I also will use this on many of my clients prior to applying their makeup and they always comment on its fragrance. My top moisturizer is: Celestial
The last piece of my facial routine is my lip scrub. I can't imagine life without one. I think it tastes good and it makes my lipstick lay smoother on my mouth. I have tried many of the lip scrubs they offer but my favorite is : Bubblegum

My product collection doesn't stop there, in the shower I use Ocean Salt for my body exfoliator and have since turned everyone in my life on to this product, including my boyfriend who uses it on his face as well.

After a long day working in the salon atmosphere my body is aching and I don't always want to grab for the aspirin. I found a nice alternative in their massage bar. It has a combination of a perfect cinnamon smell and a massaging feel from the beads on the one side. It is very soothing and I have gone through 3 bars in the past year or so.

 In honor of my good pal Steph's birthday I am going to keep the gift giving going! Here is how you can win a $25 GIFT CARD to LUSH.
To qualify: 
1. Follow me on my instagram @kicksandlipsticks
2. Tag me in a pic of your LUSH favorite or a new LUSH product you're trying or would like to try
3. Use the hashtag: #Lushtasticgiveaway
The photo with the most likes by April 7th wins!
wearing my most favorite mask!

LUSH is full of goodies that you and your whole family, kiddies included will love. If you are already a LUSHie like me then please let me know some of your favorites! If you haven't tried them before give them a shot and check back in to let me know what you've used! 

Thanks so much to Jill...I had to rush out and get MagnaMinty the day I read through this email. I hope you win the $25 LUSH giftcard!

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  1. HUGE fan of LUSH products. They always smell so yummy and LOVE their stance on testing.

  2. LOVE LUSH thanks for the giveaway! Jill, have you tried the Angels on Bare Skin? I have rosacea and super sensitive cheeks and I've heard that's really good.

    1. I haven't tried that but I'm going to now! I have a lot of redness in my cheeks so I'll give it a go

  3. I love that there is no animal testing and the charity aspect of this company. I am pretty basic in my "beauty" regimen, but the lip scrub is very intriguing!
    Great presentation.
    Love, Steph's Momma

  4. I've bought a few LUSH products before and have loved them (mostly bath bombs for the child and some bar soap for the husband). Will definitely be checking out the face wash and toner water, though, since my makeup remover never gets everything off completely and the Alice Cooper look does not work for me.

    I love this series!

  5. I've never even heard of them before but I'm always more prone to go with a company that is good in environment & animal friendly! I'm checking them out

  6. Sounds like some amazing products and now I want to try just about everything but definitely the ocean salt and bubble gum lip scrub. The massaging soap sounds great too since I'm one of the few people that prefers bar soap over body wash. Where can you purchase this product line?

    1. You can visit lush.com or do a location search to see where there is a store nearest to you! I hope you have one that you can go to, you won't be disappointed by them

  7. Ocean Salt is my life right now! My sister got me a bundle for my birthday and I love all the goodies...it came with whoosh, ocean salt, a bar soap and a cuticle cream. Oh, and a shampoo bar! It leave my hair a little fluffier than I prefer, but it is super cool and still blows my mind. And the bath bombs...I have a problem I think...

  8. Great breakdown of one of my favorite places! Lush is a wonderful brand. I used to live around the corner from them in Portland and I frequented that place alllllllll the timeeeee. Everything is so well made.

  9. I love Lush!!! My favorite product is their ultra bland. It is so gentle and just gets rid of all my make up. I will have to try some of these that you mentioned. They are opening a store in my area FINALLY later this spring and I cant wait!!! I want to go play in one instead of just ordering online,

  10. I've never tried Lush. I'm intrigued! I try to use natural products or products that do not contain harsh chemicals or parabens. I adore that Lush considers the environment and animals. I wish more people would hold into account the ecological footprint we have on this world.

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