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Is Learning to Drive An Important Life Skill?

I'm taking a post-birthday day off from writing, so I'm here with a post written by my friends across the pond that piqued my interest as I read it, and I figured it might pique yours as well. My Mom Mom never got her license, and my stepmom doesn't drive. They both got/get around just fine. When I go to other countries I rarely rent a car. Hell if I could afford it I'd be driven everywhere by a driver. Not driving is better for the environment, but most people don't live in a place where public transport or biking is feasible year round. Something interesting to think about.


Not everyone can drive. Some people actively avoid learning to drive because they simply don’t see the point. They take the view that there is always public transport available and if they need a lift anywhere, a partner, friend or family member will oblige.

Living in a city means it is fairly easy to get around – public transport is usually very efficient and readily available – but there are plenty of reasons why learning to drive will make your life easier. Driving certainly isn’t an easy skill to learn. Before you even think about taking the practical drivers test, you have to pass the theory test. This can be difficult for some people, but with the help of websites like you can complete plenty of practice tests in advance. And, once you have accomplished all this, you will soon discover that being able to drive is a real asset – here’s why.

Living in a Rural Area

If you live outside of the city, it is a lot harder to find regular and reliable public transport services. In some rural villages, there might only be two buses a day to the nearest town, which would be highly inconvenient if you only need a few items. Being able to drive will make life a lot easier. You won’t have to rely on the kindness of other people and trips to the shops will be relatively hassle-free.

Ascending the Career Ladder

There are many jobs where a driving licence is essential. Imagine trying to secure a sales position or applying for a promotion to regional manager without a drivers’ licence. You would stand zero chance of being offered either job. Even if a job doesn’t explicitly ask for a full drivers’ license, it is definitely an advantage to have one. Many employers expect their employees to be able to drive, particularly if they have more than one office or the job involves meeting clients.

The Horrors of Public Transport

Public transport is expensive, overcrowded, and not a 24 hour service. Travelling during peak times is likely to be painfully slow and very uncomfortable. And if you need to get home after the last bus or train has departed, your only option will be a costly taxi.

Flexible Schedules

The great thing about being able to drive is that you are free to travel whenever it suits you. So instead of waiting around for a bus to show up, or rushing like mad to catch a train, you can enjoy a nice relaxing morning before getting into your car. You are also free to come home when you have had enough of being out and about. The increased flexibility of car ownership is certainly a lot easier when you have kids.

Family Life

It is hard enough being a parent without having to negotiate public transport with babies, toddlers and older kids in tow. With a car you can carry as much equipment as you like and go places at your leisure.

Not being able to drive can be really inconvenient, so instead of thinking about it, take the plunge and book some lessons today.


If you didn't have to drive, would you? 

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  1. Interesting post for me. Houston, TX is quite possibly one of the worst cities for public transport options. The possibility of not driving and not having a car was never even a thought. Houstonians drive everywhere.

    After moving to Sydney, I didn't own a car for the first five years, and I was fine. I got a car after moving to the suburbs. We still only use one car between the two of us - my husband and myself. We own two, but one of them is inoperable at the moment. Let's call it my husband's stress relief/project car.

    Even though people complain about public transport, from my personal experience, Sydney's is fantastic. Trains, buses, ferries, a light rail. Plus, there seems to be plans for expansion and growth in various stages of activity. Currently, the light rail is expanding in the city center. Where I work, they have just released the plan of construction that is to begin in 2017 for more stops to branch off of one of the existing train lines. I find the cost to be perfectly reasonable when compared with the costs of car registration, insurance, and petrol (that's what these folks call gas.)

    I do agree with the points made about living in rural areas, family life, and that some jobs require a driver's license. But, the other two just takes a small amount of planning. With phone apps that give up to the minute information about public transport, I've never been too burdened to work my schedule around it.

  2. Growing up in rural PA, you learned to drive when you were 12 and had your license by the time you were 16.5. It was an absolute necessity. I've only used subways when on vacations in cities and can't imagine NOT being able to drive.

  3. I have never had a job or lived in a place where public transport was convenient or essential so I have been driving since I was 16, I can't imagine not having a car. I can understand it though for people who live in Boston or other major cities.

  4. My mom is legally blind and I know what a struggle it has been for her throughout her life in not having the option or ability to drive. The second I was old enough I got my learners and license and it was so nice to then be able to take her places she needed to go. I can't imagine how difficult it would be if I didn't have that ability/luxury.

  5. I never even thought twice about not getting my drivers license at 16, it was such a huge rite of passage to start driving and not have to rely on others to tote me around anymore. I still can't imagine not having that independence. Even if I lived in a big city with plenty of public transportation, I'd want my license for when I need to get out of the city. Awesome post :)

  6. I tried to go without a car when I first moved to Florida but the public transportation is horrendous and unreliable (may never even show up) so definitely need a car if I want to keep my job.

  7. I hear people all the time talk about not driving - I can't imagine. I GOTTA drive. I live too far out from things NOT to drive

  8. Hmmm this is an interesting topic. Other than living in downtown Atlanta, I have had to commute to work. There is basically no public transportation here in the Birmingham metro and I live 28 miles from my office so I have to drive, there are no other options. I think if I lived somewhere like NYC maybe I wouldn't need a license but if you ever want to live in another part of the US you probably need your license unless you live within a few miles of your work.

  9. Yes to driving. Having to depend on someone to take me places. In case of an emergency. Driving my parents to Doctor appointments. Oh yes, and my kids ! Driving them places and myself to work. And driving was a part of my job that I held for 26 years and the job before that. Driving is essential to me and most.
    Love. Your. Momma

  10. I love to drive, always have, even with a stick shift in the city!

  11. Will be traveling to Dubai early next year, have heard mixed things about getting around. Some people have said that you either need to be part of a tour or rent a car. Can you give some advice on this. like if there are buses that can catch from one place to the next?? Thanks for the tips.

  12. Thanks a ton for sharing these driving tips! My dad just bought a sports car. I know basics of driving but to drive it, need to get professional driving lessons. Recently joined a Port Macquarie Driving School for my training.

  13. I am agree with you, which you have written here. Driving is really change your life and also save the time and money specially on the tour. Find the best luxury Cars For Rent In Dubai at lowest price.


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