Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - in the zone

1. Have you guys seen Shades of Blue? I love Ray Liotta and I have to say, J Lo is not bad. I like the cast in general as well as the story.
2. Self birthday gift: I am on the himalayan salt lamp train. Weird looking, right? I don't care if it's hocus pocus, it makes me feel calm and I like it. It reminds me of Cocoon or something.
3. Mae is so bizarre. She burrows herself under things like my head then gets angry when she's jostled around.
4. Speaking of Mae, the streak of weird dog shit continues. Tuesday night MFD said she puked three times. When I got home, she was being weird but not puking. I called the vet anyway and they were closed, advising me to take her to the emergency vet if she started up again. Well, she started all right. While I was laying on the couch, she puked the most rancid-smelling poop-like puke all over me, twice. Lori referred to it as a volcano of stench and that is indeed what it was. All day yesterday I kept gagging just remembering it. MFD stood over me with a look of shock approaching laughter on his face. My favorite 10 year old sweatshirt went right in the trash, Mae was whisked off to the emergency vet, and I spent the night cleaning because it needed to be done and I was worried so it kept me occupied. They got home after 1. No blockage so I don't know what's up aside from inflammation of the bowels, water in the bowels, and dehydration. The vet said, "expect diarrhea." Can't wait! And yes, MFD did transport her in a laundry basket. First timer at the emergency vet.
5. Preach.

6. Since we're on the topic...something I think people miss about feminism: it's empowering women to make choices that you as another woman may not make for yourself. You recognize that we are all capable of making our own choices and that our choices will not be the same. There's some weird fem backlash going on now among women my age or younger that are somehow under the impression that you can't like to cook and clean and run the household and also be a feminist - that there is no place for you to want what has traditionally been defined as a woman's role and also be a feminist. That is completely untrue - feminism is about equality and women making the choices that work best for them, their health, and their families. It is NOT about having someone else make those choices for them - even other women. I love this article my friend Yuki shared with me. Check it out. 

7. Totally digging my new Molly & Rex soft cover notebooks. They fit in the back pocket of my purse perfectly, they're nice to look at, and they're flexible. I picked two up from Marshalls this weekend. You can find them on Amazon too. I am not even a dream big type of person - that's not something I'd typically say seriously - but I love the flexibility of the notebook. And the colors.

8. Did I mention we got tickets to see Paul Simon at the Mann in June? We did. But I've had Barry Manilow's I Write the Songs in my head for days.

I write the songs that make the whole world sing
I write the songs of love and special things
I write the songs that make the young girls cry, 
I write the songs, I write the songs. 

9. Show Us Your Books was this past Tuesday. I have a book hangover and more than 20 new books I'd like to read from the 41 other posts. You readers rock! I also interacted with some authors that day with always makes me fangirl. I see some people talk about how everyone is reading the same books. The way to inject new life into the linkup is to choose at least one book per month to read that you did not get from the linkup or from a blog period. That infuses new books in every month. Just a suggestion! If you ever look at my posts or Jana's, you will note that at least two to three books come from outside of the linkup.

10. E-card of the week...Appropriate given all the dog fuckery that's gone on recently.


  1. I love shades of blue - it's so different to see J.Lo in that kind of part and I love it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. The feminism thing- it's about equality not superiority. Let's get our yin and yang working together. Teamwork. We can all be leaders at certain times. Get rid of egos. Ok!
    Awesome about Paul Simon. I had a Barry Manilow song in my head yesterday - that could you feel the magic at last song. Thrilled to be sitting out with the pups before Lola gets here! Carpe Diem this warm March day. Love. Your. Momma.

  3. Is it terrible that "I Write the Songs" makes me think of that Full House episode where Stephanie keeps singing it? Curious to hear if the Himalayan salt lamp works! I'm down for any kind of woo-woo stuff that actually makes me feel better. And how sad is it that I skipped posting for this month's Show Us Your Books because I actually didn't finish a single book in the past month? I'm in the middle of way too many at once.

    BTW, I freaking love that when I searched Amazon for "Molly & Rex Notebook", it also thought I might be interested in search results for "rex notebook", so it showed me a bunch of T-Rex journals. Oh, Amazon, you just get me.

  4. So sorry about the old dog stuff.... our dog is really old too and having all these weird dog illnesses. Thank goodness I haven't had to deal with that level of puke nastiness yet though!

  5. 1. The pic of Mae in the laundry basket is SO CUTE!
    2. I hate that she's feeling bad. Did they give a diagnosis? Sounds like pancreatitis which is a total B. Hewitt kept getting it and I ended up changing his food. He's not had it since!
    3. I'll be googling the salt lamp today!

  6. Dog vomit/diarrhea is the worst, anytime one of my dogs start doing the I'm going to puke sound I jump up and get them out the door even if it's the middle of the night. I don't want to clean up dog yuck if I can help it and it's probably the fastest I move ever. Ha

  7. Poor Mae. I hope she's feeling better soon. That SUCKS. MFD.. No laughing allowed on that volcano of stench. I saw Paul Simon was touring!!!!! He is one of my favorites.... I don't know if I could make it through a concert for sentimental reasons so I will have to live vicariously through you!!

  8. Poor Mae :( Hope she's feeling better soon!
    I didn't start Shades of Blue because I was unsure how I would feel about JLo. May have to check it out now.
    Sort of really jealous of your Paul Simon tickets not even going to lie...

  9. Ahhh - poor Mae. I hate when my fur babies are sick. Those pitiful eyes in the basket.
    Harvey loves to get on my pillow & wrap himself around my head. Not fun for a 65 lb dog... who thinks he's a 10 lb puppy

  10. Hope Mae is feeling better. Cajun likes to eat goose and feral cat poop and then puke it back up in the house. There is nothing quite like the stench of dog vomit! I should buy stock in carpet cleaner.

    1. I think she's back to normal now...and that she probably ate poop. GAHHHHH.

      I keep trying to email you but I don't have your email address! I hope you don't think I'm not responding.

  11. Darn you Paul Simon, two shows in Austin, one in Dallas, and nothing in Houston? Such a bummer. At least I can live vicariously through you! Did you see the shirt that Matt McGorry designed for International Women's Day? It's pretty funny and spot on to your point.

  12. I have not seen Shades of Blue. And I kid you not one of those crystal lamps was on the front of a Bed Bath and Beyond flyer I got in the mail last night and I thought to myself...its not weird if it works. So now I know that maybe it does in fact work!

    I hope that Mae is feeling better...and that the smell leaves your mind soon. Gracie has puked up shit smelling/looking stuff before and I am like soooo you can shit through your mouth apparently. Who knew?!?!

    I try to save the link up books for at least a few months later so that people aren't like ughhhh another review on this book?! Haha. It doesn't always work out that way though.

  13. I'm loving Shades of Blue. One moment you love them and the next you are thinking "who are these people"? I'm happy to have a new show to love.

  14. I love salt lamps! They make me feel peaceful too, for the same reason that when I'm stressed I need to go and light a bunch of candles. I think it's nice glowing things. Maybe it's a caveman thing? Eh, that's probably a reach. I really hope Mae feels better soon and doesn't ruin any more of your clothes, and the sooner the world catches on to the fact that feminism is about choices the better as far as I'm concerned.

  15. Omg you poor thing! Gagging the next day made me lol tho. I don't know about these salt lamps, must investigate. The Simon and Garfunkle farewell tour in 1983 was my very first old hag!!! I still remember how amazing it was though.

  16. My book to be read list always grows after your linkup but I've rarely come across too many of the same book posts. I will say I'm glad everyone is reading the Nightingale, so good. I usually find myself bringing random old books to the linkup.

    I've heard great things about salt lamps, glad you enjoy yours.

  17. I always think women who say they aren't feminists just don't understand what that word means at all.
    Poor Mae! And poor you, I can totally imagine it and it makes me want to gag. I hope she's better soon. um... diapers? Good luck!

  18. omg, poor Mae! (And you and your sweatshirt). That sucks and even though that's all kinds of gross, she must have such an upset tummy. Hilarious about the vet's parting words. Oh goody... lol. Love the pics of her sleeping on your head! When we move Chandler when he's sleeping he does this deep-bellow noise that I'm pretty sure is the sound a finger flipping someone off would make. Preach on all your feminist words. I hate to be judgmental but I think any woman who says she isn't a feminist is an idiot. Esp. if they're notably into politics, seeing how you can vote on those thoughts thanks to feminists, idiots. A ball-busting career woman and a stay-at-home mom can be equal in their feminist badassery.

  19. I cannot believe you just put Paul Simon in the same sentence as Barry Manilow.

    Glad Mae is better; did the diarrhea arrive on schedule?

    Salt lamps really do change the air.

  20. I'm with you on the feminism train: it's about the FREEDOM to pursue what you want to do without being told what you should do.

    On the salt thing, have you heard of these relaxation flotation rooms (sensory deprivation tanks) filled with salt? Some friends told us about them, and I kinda think I'd be into it.

  21. Oh no! So sorry to hear about Mae. I couldn't help but chuckle at your descriptions of the incident and then see her in a laundry basket looking all nervous. How is she now? Hope much better! xx

  22. Sorry to hear about the pet puking!

    I agree with you, feminism is the freedom of choice. For instance, I kept my maiden name after I married because I wanted to. I do not push my belief on others or think less of anyone if they take their husband's last name b/c that is their choice.

    I haven't a clue as to what that Himalayan Salt Lamp thing is... You've piqued my curiosity, so i'll have to Google it. Have a good one!

  23. That sucks that Mae had such a terrible puking episode, and hopefully the runs haven't started yet! There's nothing worse than dealing with a sick dog, especially they can't tell you what's going on! I've heard such great things about Shades of Blue, but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet! And that's a great idea on how to not see the same books each and every month during the linkup. I feel like my TBR list has grown so much over the past few months since I started joining y'all, but I haven't had the chance to read much on it yet.

  24. Oh the dogs. That sounds so terrible...hoping she's better soon!

    I've wanted a Himalayan salt lamp for awhile. With the amount of stress/pressure I often feel, it can only help. It reminds me of the cocoons/caves on Under the Dome.
    Did you just get it on Amazon?

  25. Poor Mae!! I hope she's feeling better. I need to know more about this lamp. I haven't seen Shades of Blue, I'll have to check it out. You know I agree with your thoughts on feminism. Wishing you a happy & healthy weekend!

  26. I personally don't mind that alot of us read the same books. for me it's nice to hear 2 or 3 different perspectives on the same book. sometimes the ratings are similar, sometimes they're very different which i appreciate. but I also like your idea of reading one or two "original" books from outside the link-up.
    ps- best wishes to Mae! i swear when my dog is sick i cannot focus on a single other thing because i'm so worried!

  27. I'm surprised by the good things I read about Shades of Blue. I'm not that into cop shows, but I might check it out. Go J.Lo! I hope Mae feels better! I feel like there's been feminist backlash for about ten years now. Someone told me a few years ago they were shocked that I was a feminist because I'm a SAHM. I really pissed her off when I said my husband was a feminist too. And then I have a twenty-something friend working in a male-dominated industry saying she's not a feminist. Um...? I just really hate that these idiots don't understand the definition. I could go on for days...

  28. That meme is epic. Hahahah!

    Those salt lamps are cool and oddly calming. I have one too from Arizona a friend brought back for me.

    I must watch Shades of Blue, my mom said it was a good show as well.

  29. Poor Mae. I hope she's feeling much better!

    I completely agree with you regarding feminism. I always assume that a woman who proudly claims that she's not a feminist doesn't really understand the concept.

    Regarding the link-up, I'm honestly kind of surprised that people are bothered by the fact that some books are showing up on multiple blogs. While it would be a little weird (and possibly a little boring) if everyone read exactly the same handful of books in one month (if you want to do that, join a bookclub!), I think it's interesting to see different perspectives on the same books. I also love having the opportunity to discuss a book in more detail with a blogger if I've already read it because, as I know you know, no two people ever experience the same book book in exactly the same way. (Though I've seriously been slacking with responding to comments/commenting on blogs lately ... But that's another story.)

    I do use the link-up for recommendations, but I think you can get a lot out of the link-up whether you add one or one hundred books to your "To Read" list. I try to read a combination of books (like you suggested above), but I think my last post isn't a very good indication of this since every single book was a book I found through this link-up and/or through another blogger.

  30. Poor Mae! I totally transport the pups in laundry is just easier. Except Luna...there are no laundry baskets big enough for her!

    I love the salt lamp. I might need one.

    I cannot STAND when people assume I am anti Feminist because I choose to be a stay at home mom. I support a woman's right to be whatever she likes. Career Woman, Stay at home Mom, ten kids or no kids! You have the right to choose....and I will fight for your right to choose EITHER OPTION. I don't know why people don't get that....

  31. I just got that same notebook from TJ Maxx. I loved the colors and how every page had a different design.
    Snuggly Mae is so cute!

  32. oh, poor Mae. hope all is okay!
    preach to everything you said about feminism. i hate that people think it's this or that, like a feminist can't stay home with her kids and cook her husband a meal... feminism is the right to make that choice, just like it's the right to make the opposite choice.
    i love your new notebook! i want one. i have not watched that shades of blue show, but i might check it out. ray liotta is so fabulously creepy.
    i love the show us your books suggestion of reading something new each month that you didn't find from a blog or the link up. my reading is all over the place, sometimes i read things people recommend, other times i read what is on my kindle or shelf, or sometimes i buy new books and read those because they are pretty and shiny and new. but i'm gonna try and make sure there is something new/different on there cause that's a fun suggestion :)

  33. I'm totally down with the salt lamp - got one myself a couple of weeks ago. No clue if it's doing anything but I leave it on 24/7 and it makes a fabulous night light. Mae snuggles. I die - so cute. Glad she's better . . . sucks she wasn't feel so hot. But look how cute she is in her laundry basket. Love that you are giving some light on the real feminist outlook - choices!

  34. Hope Mae's ok. Puke and diarrhea are not fun, not at all.


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