Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Goals

Hello & happy Friday mon frers. Well, another season is upon us. Summer 2015 officially begins on Sunday. You know I do my seasonal goals - check back tomorrow for how I did on my spring goals - so you may have expected to see these today. I'm predictable, I know. I like it that way. My summer 2015 goals:

1. Make homemade cinnamon ice cream.

2. Have dinner at Tallulah's Garden and Vetri.

3. Have lunch at Pizzeria Vetri.

4. Read an Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot book. 

5. Purge and organize: utility closet. 

7. Visit The Clay Studio.

8. Conquer fears: cook on the grill and swim in the lake. 

9. Increase weights and maintain exercise schedule.

10. Watch a sunrise and sunset in a beach town in the same day. 

Happy happy birthday to my mom today! Love you Dalai Momma! And happy birthday to my cousin Ashley as well!
On a serious note, I wish for peace for the families of the Charleston victims, as well as the AME church community and the community at large. Hell, I wish for peace for all of us. We'll only get there if we can meet in the middle and stop being so ignorant and violent and cruel to each other. On the national scene and in my Facebook news feed, when a black person commits a crime it's described as animal behavior and there is rage and ideas that their actions are the reason people are rascist. When a white person commits a crime, they are described as mentally ill and we're sad about it or possibly worse - we're silent about it. Even though the motherfucker in this case was clearly a rascist and in fact killed those poor people because of the color of their skin. Judging by the lack of commentary I've seen on it, people must be largely okay with that. And that is fucked up. It is past time to have an honest discussion about race in this country. And God be with us all through that. 

Now back to BSing...what's on your summer to do list?
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  1. Those are great goals! Looking forward to hearing how the ice cream turns out. I would love to make my own ice cream. Sunsets are my favorite so I fully support that goal! Happy birthday to your Momma!

  2. I love the sunrise and sunset one - that will be gorgeous!! Happy birthday to your sweet mom! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom!

    Also, good for you for trying another Agatha Christie. I've not found one I loved but I tolerated a few. :)

    Yay for summer! However, it's been in the upper 90s and 100s this week so if this is spring I'm nervous about how hot summer will actually be!

  4. 1) i love your goal list. i needs me one of those because the #1 priority on my goal list is: enjoy this time off while it lasts. doesn't bode well for the other things that need to get done around here!

    2) the charleston thing - that is some fucked up shit. i can't believe racism still exists in 2015 and worse, that crazy mofo went into a CHURCH filled with people of worship, who welcomed him with open arms yet he shoots all those people up just because they were black. that kind of bullshit is very very rare in canada; at most some residents have (quietly) petitioned to not build some kind of place of worship (mosque, church, temple etc) in an area because it would increase traffic but has nothing to do with the people of the church. most of the time that shit goes up anyway and they just rage internally for a while but then get over it and find a different route to drive.

    i pray for those poor families and the community.

  5. Beach sunrises and sunsets are my favorite, you should get some good one's on your vacation!

    Happy Birthday Mama!

    I'm kind of shocked the kind of violence that happened in Charleston hit so close to home. I guess I shouldn't be based on the "country folk" i know that live in the south.

  6. I'm trying to put together some local LI things to do this summer. There are a few museums that I have never been to and some more things to do out east. I was thinking how it's the perfect time to go into NYC because it's so empty in the summer but it's also so freaking hot. I need to steal #5 and do that for my basement again. I agree with you about the SC shootings. I couldn't get those victims out of my head yesterday.

  7. Homemade cinnamon ice cream sounds amazing!

  8. Happy birthday to your mom!

    I love your summer goals. Lakes I have no fear of--I spent my childhood summers swimming in one--but the grill is something entirely different. Maybe next summer. This is the summer of Willard. That's enough for me.

    The Charleston shooting. Scott and I were talking about it last night and I can't believe something like this has happened yet again. I cannot comprehend that level of hatred. And I agree--the discrepancy in the way we treat crimes committed by black v. white v. other races is something that needs to be discussed. It's beyond gun control at this point. We need to discuss persistent and rampant racism (and sexism. Let's not forget the guy who shot up the gym full of women as well as the one who went on a rampage one or two years ago because he couldn't get a woman to go out with him) as well as the media handles such crimes. Something needs to change.

  9. Home made ice cream!! yes please!! Happy Birthday to your Momma.

  10. Make sure you take pics of the sunrise and sunset on the same day!! Swimming in a lake scares the crap out of me but the grill isn't so hard after the first time;)

  11. Sounds like an enjoyable summer! I hope to do lots of fruit picking and visit the pool a lot. I echo what you said about Charleston and how we need to address justice and issues of race around justice.

  12. We live in a sad, messed up world. That's all I keep thinking in regards to Charleston, and when any tragedy like this happens.

    I like your goals list- especially conquering the fear in swimming in a lake. DO IT! :)

  13. love your summer goals- especially about conquering fears. that's always a good one!

    your sentiment at the end is written perfectly. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  14. I should just steal all your goals- you do such a good job in keeping them practical, attainable, varied and exciting at the same time. Good for you!

    Charleston is heartbreaking. Thanks for putting your wise words out there.

  15. Happy birthday to your momma!

    Love your list, especially the food goals! But I thought you successfully made chicken on the grill? Did I make that up? I'm mainly just hoping to enjoy a lot of time outdoors enjoying the warm weather-hiking, camping, festival-ing, and of course beaching. Since I'm not going on vacation, I'm going to enjoy what's available locally!

  16. Great list! I can't wait to see your sunrise and sunset pics! We don't get to see the sunrise here. It's blocked by mountains. Making pottery sounds awesome too! My kids want to make ice cream this summer, so we'll see how that goes. Haha!

    I totally agree with what you said about Charleston. I'm just done commenting on anything these days because it gets so heated and annoying. I got shit for my three sentence Caityn Jenner praise in a post a few weeks ago. People think they can spew hatred behind their computers then be friends in real life like it's nbd. Nope. Of course you can have your difference in opinion, but I don't have to be "friends" with people that are downright ugly inside.

  17. Love the beach sunrise/sunset goal! It's a great one, and hmm, maybe I'll attempt to do the same...

    On Charleston, you're completely right and I've noticed the same thing. It also bothers me that "mental illness" is pushed as an excuse for psychopathic murderers. I don't like to armchair-diagnose, but clearly anyone who is capable of picking up a gun and shooting someone (or multiple someones) with intent to kill is NOT RIGHT in the head. That doesn't make their acts any less CRIMINAL, and I do not pity them one bit. Sure, maybe this shooter was a sociopath, psychopath, whatever. But he was also a white supremacist and now ("allegedly", fine, I am a journalist after all) a damn murderer. He gets none of my sympathy—all of that goes to the victims, their families, and the community that SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE MOURNING the loss of their friends and neighbors right now. And to your latter point, in the media circus surrounding these types of things I generally prefer to not read commentary/opinion (only factual updates from reliable news sources) for at least a few days, but I tweeted this out yesterday because it rang so true. Thought you might like to read, if you hadn't seen it yet:

  18. Charleston is just sad. The kid is clearly racist. And fucked up, and a terrible person, and I wouldn't even call him an animal because animals are too good for that. I hope he gets the chair, I really do.
    But, as far as the lack of commentary, no matter what you say about any racially charged situation, you get hit with 'shut up you're white you know nothing.' If you aren't going to make 'white people' a part of the conversation, how do you expect anything to change? My thoughts anyway.

    On a lighter note, enjoy your fabulous goals list! I expect utility closet before and after pics, of course.

  19. Love this list! Homemade ice cream sounds amazing, and YES to conquering fears and learning how to cook on the grill. If you succeed pass along your secrets lol :)

    Happy Friday <3

  20. I should shoot my address so you can fly up here to bring me some of this fancy ice cream you speak of. ;)

    I meant to clean my storage unit last weekend....but yeah, that never happened. Some other time, you know, with all the spare time that I have. Perhaps next weekend.

    Have a great weekend girl!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Shit sorry I commented from the wrong gmail account. Happy birthday to your mom! Hpe you get to spend it with her this weekend. Didn't know you were afraid of cooking on a should try it at least once. I love how food tastes off the grill but can't say I enjoy grilling...thankfully K is happy to man the grill.

  23. Nice goals, I love cinnamon ice cream!! And Happy Birthday to your Mom :)

    I'm right there with you in regard to Charleston. It's not just Charleston though, it's everywhere and sadly it's here in AMERICA. We have a huge ass problem and we're not fixing it. Seeing the hate flood on social media the past couple days has shown me that we have a lot of work to do. Talking about it is the first thing. Thank you for addressing it, the hate and racism.

    Have a beautiful weekend, Steph!

  24. Umm I want some of that homemade cinnamon ice cream when you make it, please! I didn't realize spring has about come to an end. I am not sure I did much with my goals haha. Guess I will address those next week and pick up some summer ones.

    I just cant even digest the Charleston thing.Like WTF???? It is 2015 people.

    Happy Birthday to your mom! I hope you have a great weekend!

  25. When Ferguson happened, I was not surprised it happened in my city. And that was a sad consideration, because we do live in such a racist/racially conscious area. Why?! I still cannot fathom that something like skin color is still an issue. It makes our job seem even larger in teaching our children differently. I feel like we are getting there, but then when things like this happen, it makes me wonder. We still have a lot of work to do.

  26. PREACH. Ugh. people are annoying me with this thing, but I can't get into it. It is crushing my soul though.

  27. I love the list. I made a disgusted face when I read the lake one ha. I'll do it...most of the time... Lakes really gross me out though. Some are fine but I can't deal with the algae & things I can't see ha.

  28. I've read several of the Hercule Poirot books and I really enjoy them. Agatha Christie was a great writer, IMO.

  29. good luck with your summer to do list :)
    i agree with what you said about that guy.. i barely even heard about it when we were in europe because people were being so silent about it on social media and i wasn't checking my email (thus not seeing the daily skimm). ignoring it won't make it go away, people!
    happy belated birthday to your mom!


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