Saturday, June 13, 2015

Your dogs and summer heat

I got this email from our vet last week and I wanted to share it with you. It's important to pay extra attention to your dogs as the temperatures rise. My pugs do not do well in the slightest heat or humidity so I'm sensitive to this, but some newer pet owners might not be.

Message from VCA Knightswood Animal Hospital

Did you know that your pet's normal body temperature can range from 99F to 101.5F? Factor in their limited ability to release body heat and a pet can suffer heat stroke quickly, even in 80 degree weather.

Heat stroke is a term commonly used for hyperthermia, or elevated body temperature. If a pet's body temperature exceeds 103F, it is considered abnormal or hyperthermic. Body temperatures above 106F without previous signs of illness are most commonly associated with exposure to excessive external or environmental heat and are often referred to as heat stroke.

The most common cause of heat stroke is leaving a dog in a car with inadequate ventilation. The dog's body temperature in this situation can elevate very rapidly, often within minutes.

Other common causes of heat stroke include:
- Being left in a yard without access to shade or water on a hot day.
- Excessive or vigorous exercise during hot temperatures.
- Dogs with a restricted airway such as pugs, boxers, and bulldogs are at greater risk.

Hyperthermia is considered an immediate medical emergency. If you are ever concerned, please contact your vet's office.


For some other summer issues your dogs might face, check out this post Summertime Hazards for your Dog post at Life with Lolo.

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  1. This is so important. I think more people are aware now because of the social media campaign that I see in my news feed every day, but people have to understand that it's not "just a dog" and assume that they will be okay. My mom is even one to change the pets' water a couple of times a day, especially when it's warm..and they're indoor pets. This is a great and important post.

  2. These are our furry kids! Great reminder.
    Love, your Momma

  3. Do any of the kids like kiddie pools to lay in and cool off in?

  4. Such a good reminder on a day here when the heat index was close to 110. Lady had to take a break on the sidewalk before we even got to the grass. The heat takes so much out of her little self!

  5. Such great reminders! Gotta keep the fur babes cool!

  6. My granddog is a boxer - good advice!

  7. Thanks again for the shout out! It's nice that your vet sent that out, most people I bet don't even think about it. Is it bad that I'm kind of ready for summer to be over already so that I don't have to worry about that for Gunner!

  8. I run a rescue and you wouldn't believe the number of calls I get (mostly from my out of state foster moms/volunteers) asking what to do because they found a dog in a hot car AGAIN! Thank you so much for sharing a friendly reminder to all your awesome blog followers. :-)

  9. This is an excellent blog prompt for me, since a lot of people I know that lurk on my blog are dog people. My BF asked me to walk the dogs last night at 8:30 and I'm like NOPE. 1- It was "feels like" 97 degrees outside. 2- Everything outside had been baking and even though the sun was down, I'm sure the sidewalk/streets were still a mabillionty degrees hot. I did take them this morning though and we were all miserable because it was humid and "feels like" 79 degrees (and it actually was 79 degrees). 3- I had already removed my bra. #bitchplease


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