Monday, August 22, 2011

Let's have a coffee and catch up, hmm?

1. MFD finally got his beloved Keurig to kick off his birthday celebration. I no longer have to hear his sales pitch that goes a little something like this: "You know, Keurig always makes a perfect cup of coffee. And it really is convenient. I'd drink more coffee at home and not buy it daily. " Repeat a few times nightly.

2. I saw this sky after I made the Keurig purchase. There have been hellious storms and really weird skies recently. ET phone home.

3. Thanks to a tip from Mimi Garcia, I went to Le Dollar Store and purchased plastic baskets in various sizes. I organized the shit out of my freezers (I have a top/bottom in the basement and a side/side in the kitchen. Side/side pic is below) and underneath my bathroom vanities. This photo doesn't do it justice, but take my word for it: nothing is falling out when you open the door, like is with like, and there was much harmony throughout the land. This has sent me off on a reorganizing tangent throughout the house. The man and dogs are none-to-pleased with the uproar. Martha Stewart on the cheap. You know you want to.

4. Geege is super scared of thunderstorms. Tara  lent us her dog's thundershirt so we could try it. We weren't home when he wore it Sunday, but since there was a huge pile of turds on the dining room floor to greet us when we returned, I'm not counting on it as a success. I'll give it another try, but my thumb is leaning down. Sorry for the pink Geege. Dazey is a girl.

5. Gus doesn't give a rat's ass about thunderstorms, but he doesn't like to be left out. This is his "No photos please ok wait yes take it, I love my fans!" look.

6. And finally:
  • Pine-Sol smells awesome, I want to clean everything with it.
  • My BFF Lil Kim is back from a fabulous trip to Africa. I missed her so!
  • Is it September 14 yet? Vacation, I've caught your intoxicating scent blowing up from the south.
  • Why can't I buy the correct replacement lightbulb unless I have the actual bulb with me? I suck at lightbulbs.
Randomly yours on this beautiful Monday,



  1. Oh my, a kiss for the dogs, a scoop of Eddy's for the road and a lovely cup o' joe from the Keurig. I want! :)

  2. everything lia sayed, but signed "shauni"

  3. I love the Keurig - I don't have one and I say the same things to Tom...maybe I will get one for my birthday! :) haha! Here's hoping!


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