Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why would she name her blog weinerwhistle?

1. Weinerwhistle is the best word of our time. Many moons ago (i.e. 2009) on a rampant drunken weekend in Atlantic City for the Stringband Show of Shows I pulled weinerwhistle out of the depths of my blackberry brandy addled brain and used it as every other word for about six hours, then when I returned I honored it with a Facebook page. It was called Weinerwhistle is the best word of our time, and it's now pretty defunct and about to be archived by Zuckerberg.

Anyhooooo. The page's description was cheery and fitting: 
Weinerwhistle...say it aloud. Doesn't it make you smile? It rolls right off your tongue. Initially the founder of the word weinerwhistle (my mother) intended for it to mean "scary mary" or someone who was being a "fraidy cat" in any given situation. But I use it as often as I can to mean whatever I want. And you should too. Weinerwhistles of the world unite!

It made me think of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, which I was fortunate enough to see on Main Street while attending the University of Delaware. Behold its magestic beauty (not my pic):

2. The name I really wanted for my blog was taken, and I was using not having a name as an excuse for why I wasn't starting a blog. Then I was whining (being a weinerwhistle if you will) about not being comfortable with the wordpress or blogspot platforms. Then I blamed it on not having enough material. Then blah blah blah. Bottom line I had to pick a name and start the blog. There comes a time to shit or get off the pot. I'm shitting. Don't worry, not really.

3. I asked a friend what I should call it, and she replied Weinerwhistle. Dunzo. Mrs. B's blog can be found...right here. Get it?

Let the blogging begin. Thank you Mrs. B, and thank you Mom. Don't kill me for this post-Royal Wedding Party picture. It makes me laugh and laugh.

Sayonara for now.


p.s. The blog title font is Permanent Marker. I picked it because I liked the idea of writing weinerwhistle in permanent marker.
p.p.s The post title font is Walter Turncoat. I picked it because it was called Walter Turncoat. Forgive if either are difficult to read.


  1. Fantastic. Laughed and Laughed at Loopy's picture. Truly a wonderful tribute to the originator of the word Weinerwhistle. Can't wait for more!

  2. So glad you've started a blog. Can't wait to read more!

  3. You have caught the true essence that is Laura. Loved her outfit she wore to bowling in March! Can't wait for the next blogging. LW

  4. What I really love is that after I signed in here, I get a message that says "you are now following weinerwhistle." Hooray!

  5. Still laughing at the Fears I Will Never Face. Will have to read it every time I am on here. Another great entry today bubble umbrellas rule. LW

  6. After yesterday's email I had to come check this out, I love Weinerwhistle!


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