Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sin is coming and it smells like liquor, smoke and sweat.

You. You there, walking along 16th Street to work. This man has something to tell you.

This is the 16th & Market Preacher. He actually gets on the R7 at 30th Street and commutes in to this corner. It must be a haven of wickedness and a choice spot for declaring doom.

His sermons always heat up on Thursdays and Fridays. As I've heard him say before, "The Sinning Days are upon us!" He hates the weekends and their opportunities to sin like I hate clowns and litter.

Today's condemnation from the corner: "You buy your whiskey, you buy your cigarettes, you buy your sex, you pay to sin! Sin is coming and it smells like liquor, smoke, and sweat!"

Alrighty then! Happy Thursday Sinners!

And on a QUITE different note...a very happy birthday to my stepmom Carol. Loving, caring, generous, big hearted, kind, smart, helpful, wise, pretty, great gift giver, best veggie pizza maker, fun and funny. I hope you're enjoying your week at the shore!




  1. Happy birthday Carol!

    You can tell Preacher Man that I've never paid for sex, thank you very fucking much. Well, not money. But I've paid. Oooohhhhh, I've paid.

  2. Hahahaha! He is awesome, no matter what you say. Lolol The best was when he was spouting out a litany of abberant sexual practices.. after each one I got a little perkier and more perkier. I don't think it had the effect he was hoping for....

    Gena I don't know you, but awesome comment.


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