Monday, February 20, 2023

snippets of the weekend 2.20.2023

Friday I painted my nails at lunch and worked until just after 3. We headed to Dad & Carol's in rain and holiday weekend traffic, coming through at the right time to see a magnificent on the road sunset. We were welcomed to our B&B with pillow candy and signage. Carol had pulled pork and salad and snacks out. Stephen & Aubrey and the kids arrived soon after us. We were all up Saturday morning by 7 for Lola's pancakes. 
We headed out to Cape Henlopen State Park and walked up one of the observation towers and around the historic parts from WWII, then down to see the lighthouse. It was low tide and I got some great rocks and pics. We headed back to the house to eat, read, relax, and play Barbies. LOL
In the afternoon we bowled and snacked at Lefty's, and most did the arcade while Aubrey and I took a quick walk over to HomeGoods. Stephen, Dad, and Carol took the kids to the pool while me, MFD, and Aubrey lolled around watching TV and reading.

Sunday we had coffee and bagels and around noon we headed into town to walk around, do the playground and some shops, and have lunch outside. We hit it at the right time because it was chilly by the end! Back to the cars through the troll hole sidewalk. The town is really cute and I love walking around down there. We drove around some of the older houses on the way back to Dad & Carol's and plan to do some wandering around those streets next time we're down. Denny & Fran popped in when we got back and then MFD and I packed up and hit the road. We made it home before 7 and I was in bed by 10. 

 Another great family weekend in the books! It's always nice to be together and it was great to be outside so much in February, which always feels like a gift. Thanks to Dad & Carol for hosting us!

No three day weekend here, you know the drill.

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