Monday, February 13, 2023

snippets of the weekend 2.13.2023

Friday was a glorious day - got work done, was alone all day with pets - took a long lunch walk and dipped my feet in the ocean - tried out a new bakery two blocks from my house, read a great book, took a nice sunset walk, and got a lot of sleep.
Saturday I read and walked most of the morning. MFD arrived in the afternoon. I saw his new car and we headed right upstairs to clear the main floor out of everything except four pieces of furniture. Lots of up and down to the second and third floors. When we got hot and took sweatshirts off we realized we were wearing the same tees.
We took a walk on the beach and saw a ton of dead sea things much to the delight of the dogs. This happens in the winter a lot after beach replenishment work. It's like a purge since stuff has been moved around off-shore and while sand was being brought in. We went to the Anchorage for dinner. MFD had creamy dill pickle soup as a starter and it was freaking delicious, as was my burger and fries. I might try and replicate the soup at home next week. We drove by the Wonderland ferris wheel lit up green for the Eagles. Back at home I started a new book and painted my nails.
Sunday I woke up early despite staying up late to read. I ran errands with no phone which feels wild these days especially when store cards etc are in my phone wallet LOL. I returned a library book, put gas in the car, picked up a bakery order at Baked by the Ocean in Marmora, stopped to grab a bottle of wine, and picked up a few things from ShopRite. Back at home I made spinach dip then packed up and headed back to Philly. A bit of rest there and then off to Frank & Amanda's for the Super Bowl. We had a good time. Better luck next year Eagles!

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