Monday, February 27, 2023

snippets of the weekend 2.27.2023

Friday started early with final prep work for floor replacement at the shore - the installers were at our house before 8 am and the banging commenced. I cannot believe the difference, it is fantastic. All the baseboard and moldings were replaced also, and they were cobbled together and measured incorrectly and just a complete fucking mess. I am absolutely thrilled to have this planned to be done in 2020 project actually done albeit in 2023, all by 5 pm. MFD was supposed to come down to be here for this as it was going to happen Monday but I was here and he had things this weekend so I just stayed. 
Otherwise it was a small amount of putting shit back, a large amount of looking for a chair I'd like to jam in next to the couch as well as new contact paper for the kitchen island, staying inside due to shitty weather Saturday afternoon., and Facetiming with MFD.

Finished Joshilyn Jackson's newest, read the extremely overindulgent newest from Bret Easton Ellis, and started the fourth You novel by Caroline Kepnes which I am struggling to finish. Yawn. I also watched all of season two of Euphoria.

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