Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Snippets of the weekend 2.6.2023

Weekend started bright and early on Thursday with a 9 am flight to Atlanta after two nights of very little sleep. I saw an old train co-commuter douche causing issues on the flight there with very high maintenance white man shit and my blood was boiling. Gwen's flight landed around the same time so we met up at the Marta and took the train to our hotel (Marriott Marquis) to drop our stuff off and grab lunch at Gibney's Pub. It was raining and that was close. They had no lemons, fries, or White Claw, but we made it through. Mimi arrived soon after and we relaxed in the room then hit Kuts steak house for dinner, also very close due to torrential rain. I was very happy to go the fuck to sleep and slept 10 freaking hours.
Friday we walked to breakfast at Atlanta Breakfast Club and it was fantastic - food, service, music, vibe. I got the chicken and waffles topped with peach cobbler. I am not a typical waffles person but the chicken was seasoned amazingly and I'm glad I did it.
We walked back to the hotel - why were we unaware Atlanta had hills? - then off to Cabbagetown to see amazing street art in the neighborhood and through Krog Street Tunnel. I'm sharing here for my own keeps despite some shadows due to time of day. Skip down past a bunch of collages if you DGAF.

We got coffee/beer at Krog Street Market, then drove to Ponce Market and did a walk around and had lunch at Minero's, which we all thought was Miner's LOLOL
Then it was time to lay down for a minute. Gena & Greg arrived and settled in, Tess arrived and her and Mimi went to get ready, and we walked over to the State Farm Arena. I cannot believe how orderly and nice everyone was. Super different experience than events in Philly LOL. Once inside we split up for our seats. Gwen and I loved where we were, and there was a standing/seated table area right behind us and we spent a lot of the concert there singing and dancing. It was so great to see Bruce with the band again. I saw them on their last tour in 2016, then saw him on Broadway in 2018, and hoped like hell Covid did not kill my chances of seeing him again. He played for 2.45, never left the stage. Still great at 73. We all met up after and hit up Gibney's for two nightcaps. Fantastic day.

Saturday we walked to Apache for brunch. I had eggs over medium with fried pork chops and another stellar food/service/music/vibe situation. Loved it. 
We had tickets for the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, and we did that an hour earlier than planned so as to only do the hill back to the hotel once LOL. An important and heavy experience. To know that it was not that long ago. And how far we have not come.

Back for a period of rest before walking literally next door for dinner at Pacific Rim Bistro. Something Gwen ordered arrived at the table on fire and it was hilarious. We sat in the lobby bar after dinner before saying our goodbyes. This is us in the elevator: 47 floors of a hotel and we were in 3622 and 3621 without planning it at all and checking in a day apart. 
Sunday alarms started going off at 4 and that is just unkind. Mimi dropped us at the airport and the goddamn guy from my train was on the flight again and talked the ENTIRE time and everyone was so mad. MFD picked me up, I had groceries delivered, slept for four hours on the couch, and we ordered cheesesteaks and watched the entire second season of Hacks.

These ladies are my first internet friends that I've known for 23+ years. We used to try and get together yearly, and that spread longer a lot of times over the years for us as a group. Super happy to have weekended with them in May and again this past weekend and we floated Groundhog's weekend next years too, closer to Gwen this time. I was also happy to see Tess in person for the first time in years and meet Gena's man Greg in person, and he fit right in with us. A great weekend with forever friends I adore. 

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