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4 healthy snacks to try this week

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When eating healthily, keeping up with your 5-a-day can be challenging. Preparing your own snacks is not always convenient or practical. You need something that can be stored and eaten quickly, without spending time preparing. Keeping a stock of healthy snacks in the fridge or cupboard makes for an easy alternative when you need something fast and healthy. Try one of these 4 healthy snack ideas to help you stay on track with your eating habits this week:

Oat and banana muffin

These muffins are quick, easy to make, and much healthier than store-bought varieties. They are great for an on-the-go snack or breakfast if you want something more substantial. They are naturally gluten-free, so they are suitable for most diets. You can add any nuts, seeds, or dried fruit that you like, but make sure you keep the ratios the same. You can replace the banana with other fruits, such as apples or strawberries. You can tell they are still warm as they will have a slightly doughy texture, but they will set as they cool. If you have some spare time in the morning, you can make a large batch of these and store them in an airtight container to enjoy throughout the week. 

Hummus and pita wedges

Pitas are one of the healthiest types of bread but are often overlooked as a snack. Pita wedges make a great accompaniment to hummus and are very easy to make at home. Pita wedges are best eaten warm, but they can also be eaten cold. If you want to keep them warm, put them in a warm oven. You can use store-bought hummus or try making your own using chickpeas, tahini, garlic, and olive oil. You can also make your own hummus using a blender or food processor - try this pickle hummus recipe. If you are using store-bought hummus, try to pick a brand that uses natural ingredients without preservatives or artificial flavors.

Edamame beans

Edamame beans are a great source of protein and fiber. They are easy to make at home for a quick and healthy snack. You can choose to boil or steam the edamame beans, but cooking them in the oven makes for a convenient and mess-free option. The edamame beans can be eaten as they are, but they taste great with a bit of salt or a light sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Putting the beans in a bowl also makes a great accompaniment to other healthy snacks, such as a salad. 

Greek yogurt with fresh berries

This classic healthy snack can be eaten almost any time of the day. You can swap the strawberries for other berries, such as blueberries or raspberries, but avoid blackberries as they are more sugary. Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein, and fresh berries provide fiber and vitamins. You can add granola or nuts to make it a substantial snack, but try to keep it low in sugar. You can also make your own granola at home using a healthy oil, such as coconut or sunflower oil. 


These 4 healthy snack ideas will help you feel energized and healthy throughout your week. They are easy to make and can be eaten anywhere, so make sure you have a few of them in your fridge. Avoid the vending machine, and make sure you choose snacks low in sugar and high in protein and fiber.

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