Monday, August 15, 2022

Snippets of the weekend 8.15.2022

Shopping at Primitive Beach Boutique (new this year, my first time there), The Islander (a forever favorite, closing this November after 46 years as the owners are retiring), and HomeGoods on the way home (soaps and luggage). A quick in and out at Aldi. Two Shipt deliveries from Target - one for what will be the last or second to last round of shore household products for the season, and one for a new coffee maker after MFD inadvertently cracked the coffee pot.
Library holds finally in. Two books and the start of a third. A spectacular Friday night on the beach, with a big pod of dolphins going by.
Catching up with departing guests who have been with us six seasons now and leave gifts and the house in perfect condition - extra appreciated since I subbed as the cleaner this week. A recycle bin left like new? This is the stuff dreams are made of. I've been looking for a napkin holder and love the super durable one I got from Primitive Beach Boutique!
A quote from a man on windows during turnover - an appointment they never confirmed with me - so I told him I didn't have time to chat as I was the cleaner but here are the windows, I want Simonton, and want the sills and trim redone around each to match the ones we replaced in 2020 and the ones I have on order that are almost a year from order to installation (hence getting new quotes for the remaining four). I told him I understand rising costs for labor and product and supply chain issues. Did he not completely disregard everything I said, question my window and replacement requests, and follow me back and forth between two bathrooms as I scrubbed toilets and showers? I told him to forget the quote. He would not pull this with man.

A perfect 2-7 pm beach day Saturday at perfect peace forgetting about the world after a less than ideal week. We have entered the very close to DGAF part of the rental season. Dinner from Boyar's, lukewarm how I like it. Reading on the porch and catching up with guests who checked in who have also been with us for six years. Nine hours of sleep and I never moved until I woke up Sunday.
The last episodes of The Offer, salmon and salad. Finishing this book (heed the trigger warnings that preface it), and starting another. Windows open and summer breeze.  

In addition to snippets here, I've taken to doing weekending reels on Instagram if you are interested. 

Happy fifth birthday to Bruce Springsteen today! Birthday cheeseburgers for all coming up.

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