Thursday, August 18, 2022

Thursday Thoughts - But my heart keeps calling me backwards as I get on the 707

Colorful food. My favorite.

Looking for a contractor who works in NE Philly. Dependable, responsive, can work for a woman without being an asshole, and all that jazz. The time has come to put the 1960s blue bathroom out to pasture and get some other interior projects lined up as well. I want to get on someone's schedule ASAP.

Reminder. Via

Wellness. Two months in a row for massage for wellness, and the next booked for September, friends! See my sister in law Sarah at Blossom Massage & Body Work in Langhorne where Chuck E. Cheese used to be. You will not regret it. Lobby lights.

Rethinking what I own and preparing to do a major pare down.

Superb weather this week. The air feels like silk. Windows open is my best life.

Juggling schedules for the next month with MFD of which of us is where when taking care of what.

Counting down in shore weeks. Two more turnovers before Labor Day weekend break.

Understanding this in my bones.

Mr. Teeth's daily food games.
Aging dogs. Mae is losing her sight pretty rapidly we think, and she's confused and aggressive. We have an appointment for her at the vet in a few weeks but until then are trying to talk when we leave the room and approach her when we enter. She bites, and it leaves a mark even with no teeth. Much different than when Gus lost his sight and hearing. 
As for the other two...Bruce turned 5 Monday and Billy was unsuccessful in murdering people on the steps but successful in getting to a long-desired place.

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Jet Airliner by Steve Miller Band

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