Monday, August 22, 2022

Snippets of the weekend 8.22.2022

Mid-day trek to the shore on Friday, stopping at the library before I got to my house. Puttering around in the afternoon and flexing my hours to work at night. A nice sunset walk to break that up.

Saturday turnover a little heavier on the cleaning to help our sub cleaner out. Grateful for another long-time departing guest leaving the house in good shape and leaving some gifts behind as well. 

A little under two hours to Melissa's house and an afternoon and evening with two of my BFFs, their kids and Jim in Melissa & Jim's awesome backyard. Always a lot of laughs with these ladies, and a fervent wish that everyone has friends like the friends I have. I hope we can keep this new tradition going.
I got home around 11:30 Sunday and spent the day reading - finished a book and read half of another - and doing laundry. Dinner was Chinese courtesy of Dad & Carol.

In addition to snippets here, I've been doing weekending reels on Instagram if you are interested. 

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