Monday, March 7, 2022

TWTW - marching in

Friday Despite wanting and needing to end early, I worked until after 5. I unpacked my Sephora birthday gift to self - 40s is serum season, engaged in more birthday behavior by ordering some nail polish from Beyond Polish, and went out for a quick walk on the beach. Leftovers for dinner, reading and lolling around at night. My brain was absolutely exhausted from the week. 

Saturday I slept in until 8:15 and eased into the day with coffee and reading. I cleaned out the bathroom and reorganized shit in there. Naturally most of my sunscreen needs replacing this year, so I made a note of that, then went to the library, dropped donations at the Humane Society (where I saw part of a boardwalk boat), picked a few things up at CVS, and took B&B to the beach where Ben showed off and I had my first shoes off day. In the afternoon I did some shore paperwork, made lists of projects and needs, and chilled.
We went back to the beach for another walk, I had soup for dinner, and finished a book. 

Sunday Another 8:15 wake up. I cleaned the bathroom, did dishes, packed up a lot of winter stuff to take back to Philly, Pulled the light fixture down from the ceiling in the small bath, and pried the last towel bar off minus one screw that is held into the wall with the grace of God and I don't know what the fuck else. I gathered laundry from the main house, took all trash out, emptied the fridge, ran the dishwasher, removed nail polish, packed up the car, waited for a break in the rain to walk the dogs, and headed back to Philly. Lots of lolling around, MFD made salad and rolls and filets for dinner, and he watched something on a Russian who was jailed in Siberia for eternity that made me anxious AF over what his happening there. I got in bed around 10 but like a fool started reading my book in earnest at 11 and stayed up until 1:50 to finish it.

Small bath tile is getting painted at the shore today! I'm as excited about this as a woman in her mid-40s would be. 

Show Us Your Books is tomorrow. See you here for that.

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