Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thursday Thoughts - Heartaches come and go, and all that's left are the words

Working in town yesterday. I miss being able to quickly walk to my chiropractor, to get my eyebrows done, grab lunch, a little longer walk to my acupuncturist, and see art and movement and all sorts of people along the way. If only I could work there without losing two hours a day or more to commute. It's not feasible daily with the way we have adapted our work life and times over the past two years. I was the only person in my office yesterday.
Speaking of lunch, the crispy chicken salad at Sweetgreen is amazing

Going to the chiro and acupuncturist is part of my regular wellness plan, but this time I went specifically for arm numbness. My radial nerve is compressed. Hopefully with the intense acu I had yesterday and stretching it will go back to normal and I won't need to escalate

Seeing signs of spring
Reading this as of last night. I didn't feel like reading at all most of the week and this sucked me in immediately which is always good when I'm in a not reading mood
Despite what the essential 80s music form of power ballads led us all to believe, most heartbreak is not romantic but rather attributable to the ways of the world  and the casual disregard people have for each other on small and large scales. 
Why in the shit fuck is anyone voting for a party who posts shit like this on Twitter? Do you guys know Critical Race Theory is not like...the mere existence of Black people? The insane personal and systemic racism on display in this farcical Supreme Court justice hearing yet you do not want any sort of high level (like, grad level, like above most of our heads without teaching level...not babies learning critical race theory or kids in schools) thought put into that like...critical race theory. I see exactly where you're coming from. 
The Judge is imminently qualified. The hearing is ridiculous and insane and feeds right into the mediocrity of the white men in government and puts the worst of our racism and misogyny on display. There is nothing more to say. 
North Korea? Not today. 

Meeting a coworker for lunch today. Getting back out there more regularly and it feels good. Lots of time with fam and friends coming up in the next few months too.

I always vote for patent leather, even in my athleisure shoes aka the only shoes I wear now.

Aldi pizza - recommend, for the price point and ease

Middle fingers in the air to gas stations that put one amount on the sign and charge a different amount if you are paying credit without large CASH PRICE sign. Who in the shit fuck has enough cash on them to pay for a full tank of gas right now? Probably a lot of you but not me. I'm lucky if I have $10 in cash, ever. 

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Don't Know What You Got Til It's Gone by Cinderella

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