Friday, March 4, 2022

Friday Five - marching on

1. Re-upped my soap and incense yesterday from local shops. I have returned to burning incense intensely over the past two years. Thanks to seventh grade me for falling in love with the ways of incense at the I-95 marketplace and all stages me for never fulling letting that love die. 

2. I also got a Here Comes the Sun from Bungalow Bowls. Blue Majik makes me happy and is the reason I can't make the sometimes switch to Playa Bowls. They don't have it. 

3. Toilet, shower curtain, and all other easily moveable shit gone from the small bath upstairs in preparation for tile painting Monday. This weekend I need to try to pry that towel bar off which appears to be stuck on with fairies and also remove what remains of the ceiling light fixture without electrocuting myself. Good luck to me! I also have awnings scheduled to go back up at the end of April, electrician to swap out some light fixtures in a week, and I need to start bugging my window people for when the next set of windows will be installed. Shore chores are moving along. I'm waiting for that oh shit we said we would do that/deal with that in the spring remembrance to come. 

4. After a few warm days, the cold days seem colder, right? Like I've already lost my ability to withstand cold. I'm ready for winter temps to go. Nothing below 40, please? Come on, give a little gift

5. We were all exhausted last night. It is such a relief to get a full, deep night sleep after a few nights without one. 

Happy Friday everyone. 

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