Friday, March 18, 2022

Poking that trip planning muscle memory

Happy Friday! Happy almost spring! 

So great to see people out there planning trips, holidays, family visits, short breaks, etc., after the completely disrupted travel over the past couple of years, with the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic sweeping across the world. Many countries either closed their borders or heavily limited passage across their borders, and states within the United States enacted quarantine periods upon arrival or return. With vaccines being rolled out around the world and immunity or resistance against Covid-19 on the rise, travel is back on the table for a lot of people. If you are like me, you both can't wait to get away and also feel rusty in your travel planning and execution skills. Things that felt so natural now feel foreign. We'll start at the top, yes? 

Decisions, decisions
Choosing a travel destination used to be as simple as deciding where you want to go in the world and checking if it was in budget. At this current point in the world, you need to consider a fair amount more aside from where to go. Do you want to fly with airlines still not back to regular service? Is there a war nearby? What is the Covid vaccination rate on the ground? If traveling internationally, you also need to  look into that country’s travel rules and entry requirements. Some places are allowing travel as usual, while many others require certain steps to be taken by visitors like full vaccinations against Covid,  PCR tests to ensure you are testing negative for Covid before your flight, etc.. Make sure that you meet each country’s entry requirements or are willing to be vaccinated and/or tested before settling on that location.

Can't escape vaccines even on vacation
For certain countries, you are advised to get certain travel vaccinations before entering the country. This can protect you from illnesses that are present in that country but not your own, reducing your chances of getting ill. Common examples include cholera, diphtheria, or hepatitis A and B vaccinations. Make sure you get these well in advance of your trip.

Itinerary Queen
I have always been an itinerary queen. I love creating them and I find they help me see and do everything I want to and make the most of  my time away, if that's the kind of trip I'm taking. This doesn’t have to be regimented and militant but if you have traveled with me, you know some days it can be and is LOL. Mine usually have where I'm staying, driving/travel times, tourist attractions, excursions, and definitely restaurants like a good BBQ Restaurant in the area if you're in that kind of place or seafood restaurant if you're in that kind of place. You get the picture. 

Book in advance
Some attractions can see long queues or may be sold out on certain days. I book as much in advance as I can so I know it's done and I'm getting in, and it's nice that they’re already paid for before you even leave.

Right now, I need to do less thinking and talking about trips and more planning of the one we're going to do this summer with my Dad & Carol up through New England. I'm still not into possible airport fuckery so driving feels right right now.

Do you  have any trips planned/in the planning process? 

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