Monday, March 14, 2022

TWTW - birthday weekend #1

Friday Up early to work early, also folded endless laundry and changed sheets. I had lunch at my Mom & Rich's for my upcoming birthday and Pop's, which was actually Friday. My nephew was there too and my uncle stopped by. It was a nice break in the workday and mom sent me home with cookies and Easter candy and of course my birthday gift. Friday night my brother and Aubrey and my nephew came over. Dad & Carol ordered Chinese food, Carol made cupcakes, and it was a nice end to the week. I got to see my nephew twice in one day and he is a riot and so loveable and smart. We missed my niece but she was out having fun!
Saturday Was absolutely miserable. The weather was cold and wet, I had gotten about five hours of shit sleep the night before, my stomach was off, and I was filling out identity theft paperwork because someone filed a tax return in my maiden name. My credit and identity are locked so that's as far as they've gotten. I opened birthday cards and won $30 off a scratcher from Carol's parents. Whoop! We packed up the car and made our way back down to the shore where nail polish birthday gifts awaited. GBBO all day and night, picked up library holds, unpacked, Randazzo's hoagies for dinner, too many cookies, and I fell asleep on the couch before 7 and didn't get into bed until 4:30. 
Sunday Another frigid day and we are well over winter. I read the newest Harlan Coben that comes out tomorrow, watched endless GBBO, and rested. A total reset and time to re-think who and what I give my energy to. This is required periodically, and if I'm not forced into it by a life circumstance I do it around my birthday. If I don't do it I keep doing things that do not serve me just because I've always done them or because it is what others expect. We took a quick jaunt down to the beach when MFD got home but the blowing sand was too much. I hope that was true winter's swan song. Salad, frozen pizza, and more GBBO to round it out.

Birthday Eve! If you're new around here birthdays don't always mean grand plans, but they do mean doing whatever I want including nothing. And they always include not working on my birthday so I'm off tomorrow. 

Annnnnnd I need to go to Target because I left my wireless keyboard in Philly. Hiss. 

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