Tuesday, May 26, 2020

TWTW - Q9 Memorial Day

Friday Lunch time activity was painted nails (OPI Madame President, Sally Insta-Dri White On Time, Zoya Sia). Interminably noisy work was being done in front of my house all day. My sister-in-law got the initials of my niece, nephew (not pictured), me, and MFD in before the cement set. 
Friday after work and dinner we walked up to the boards and it was sad. Empy parking lots, closed stores and rides and restaurants. Very not Memorial Day at the shore vibes. Of all the Life is Not Normal things I've seen, that was one of the hardest. 
Saturday I was up at the ass crack to walk B&B, then lay back down to read and listen to the rain and thunder. That was nice. I got up and we hit the beach for a while. I thought it would be chilly and overcast but it turned hot and sunny quickly and we had a few good hours down there. It was so fucking nice to see people with their families. We widened our circle to our immediate family outside the house this week and it's been wonderful. The afternoon was for resting and reading, then Aubrey made dinner and I did more reading at night. Good, restful day. 
Sunday A very windy and cold bike ride to get OPC from Local's. My niece and I did an alley walk to Peace of Wood to pick up paint kits. Aubrey and my brother spackled and painted in the afternoon while my nephew was napping. MFD arrived later with the old dogs and we ordered pizza and mozzarella sticks from Randazzo's and chilled out.
Monday started off with a bike ride, OPC, and then I came back and made deviled eggs and macaroni salad. I got Gus's CBD oil dropped off by a local store (The Road to Living Well, if you are looking for CBD for your pets they ship and my dogs do well with the Bluebird) then headed to the beach for a few hours to read and watch the kids play while MFD went fishing. The wind was a whipper though and I was happy to come home. I always look frightful on the beach and the mask I pull up when I am passing people closely on the access or the boards adds to the fright night appearance. After the beach I picked up a DIY sundae bar from A La Mode and my brother grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. I collapsed on the couch around 8. Being outside so much makes me tired in a good way. Plus I feel every piece of candy I've eaten in quarantine when I ride my bike into the wind. Friends, I've eaten a lot of quarantine candy.

I could use 50 more weekend days but I'm back at work today. 

How was your weekend?

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