Friday, May 8, 2020

Things I've been looking at on the internets

My googles are getting a workout. Some things I've looked up this

That there ring light to share with coworkers for use on video calls to help with lighting

Ergonomic chair

Folding ergonomic chair (don't bother, no options)

Yardley Italian restaurant - after patronizing it for over 20 years I could not remember the name "Carluccis" off the top of my head

bloombox to see if they had mulch for delivery

Britney Spears shaved head - to do side by sides with coronacuts in pictures


Bekins Moving Solutions - you never know when I woman might want to say F it and move to the shore

PetFinder - because why wouldn't someone who already has four dogs look at more dogs in need of adoption? 

Romeo & Juliet Claire Danes Leonardo DiCaprio

Best kitchen tools

Mother's Day images

Jeggings - my six year old, $30 pair couldn't hold up to increased Quarantine wear

Scrunchies. No, it's not 1990. Yes, I did purchase the

SEO in Mississauga - SEO is work stuff for me

Cruelty-free lip balm since Bruce and Ben ate my lip balm

Weather for the next 25 days

Pug garden statues I need to get out of this house

Hollywood cast

License to Drive dad

Has your internet behavior increased? Decreased? Changed?

Happy Friday!

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