Thursday, May 7, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - Things are bound to be improving these days one of these days

Watching UnOrthodox, Hollywood, A Secret Love. We're on episode five of Hollywood. Also the Parks & Rec reunion. I thought it was nice of those people to get together and do that. I love and miss the Parks crew.

Talking like Leslie Jordan. Welll shiiit. How y'all doin? I hope you're following him on Instagram. He makes me laugh every day.

Reading slowly still in quarantine. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday!

Riding in cars with dogs. 

Considering getting a more ergonomic chair to work from home. Do you have one you love?

Collecting flip flops on the ground floor. I keep coming to my desk and kicking them off then there they stay.

Cracking the fuck up. Fucking unboxing videos
Needing to paint my nails, change the sheets, put laundry away, pack up returns, get something printed somewhere, get a plant in the ground before it dies, etc.

Eating taco salad. The best part of making tacos for all is crafting a delicious taco salad. Big into salsa verde right now.

Listening to These Days by Jackson Browne - lyrics behind the Thursday Thoughts

Receiving a lipstick in the first week of May that I ordered last freaking year to support the Women's March.

Disbelieving that so many people are sharing fucking YouTube videos on goddamn pandemic conspiracy theories during Nurse's Week of all weeks. Humans are egotistical as fuck thinking nothing occurring in nature could take us down. You dumbasses. It's a novel virus. IT'S NEW. It has to be studied and understood. That doesn't happen in six months. Science is actually real, which some of you have forgotten in your years studying as facebook experts in microbiology, etiology, all other science-related fields, as well as politics and the Constitution because you are well rounded know-it-alls if you're nothing else. And no, it's not a conspiracy that the quack video keeps getting taken down. It's getting taken down because it is dangerous misinformation that can lead to the death of others. It's being pushed by trolls and you're fucking doing their work for FREE. This is how fucking bad it is - YouTube rarely removes ANYTHING. That is how fucking stupid and bad the idiot video is. So do not post it and say you're just "putting it out there" or whatever the fuck you want to hide behind as the reason for posting it because what you are DOING is spreading FALSE INFORMATION that could get people KILLED. Do not post it, share it, like it. Just fucking don't. Whether you think it's overblown or not overblown, a lot of people are dying from this and I don't want you to have to know someone who dies from it to take it seriously. And yes, I do know the economy is suffering. Believe me, I know that in my own home with my spouse not being allowed to work and making $0 and receiving $0 in unemployment thus far. Just stay in your fucking lane. You don't need to solve this one from your keyboard in your home. You fucking think your tin foil hat is tapping into a frequency of a worldwide plandemic? Come the fuck on now. Stop. It's embarrassing as a human.
thanks for the image Nichole
Appreciating nurses this week and every week, and teachers too. Why do nurses and teachers have to share an appreciation week (nurse image is day, but it's week this week too)? It seems extra important that they get their own time going forward LOLOL. Every time a loved one has been in the hospital it has been nurses that have kept them going with excellent care and knowledge and provided support to family members. And my life would be extremely different without the tremendous teachers I had throughout with the exception of a very few. Sometimes the only thing some kids have are teachers who care - this job is so important. They both are. Pay them more.
Loving this photo my cousin Rob found and sent to me

Thinking I was a little ahead of myself here. This came up last week and I didn't start a blog until 2011.

Wondering when I'll even be on a train next.

Reminding you

Laughing at an oldie but a goodie

What's new?

Linking up with Kristen

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