Thursday, May 28, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - Somewhere out in the back of your mind Comes your real life and the life that you know

1. After a few months of quarantine, as we're starting to emerge in small ways I think - I hope - many of people that did not already know this are having this realization.

2.  We are fucking serious about not running out of coffee. Thanks, delivery.

3. Yes, I did purchase tie dye bandannas to work as masks. I can't even go into the amount of tie dye items I own. 

4. I hate when things arrive busted. Especially super huge things one has spent a lot of time researching and looking for to fit and serve a function in a small space.

5. It's been a good week. I've been happy to be around my widened circle of brother, Aubrey, niece, nephew, mom, Rich. Frank and Amanda and Eva came for a visit yesterday too, which the beach is wonderful for because it's outside and spacious. Seeing people has been so good, but difficult to adjust to - like how do I interact in person again? Eating ice cream has not been difficult.

6. I'm probably happiest in my tiny 400 square foot shore apartment.

7. Bruce has extreme separation anxiety, which he had as a puppy and we broke him of. It's back. 
8. What else can be said? I am guilty of saying the system is broken. The systems are not broken. The systems were designed by white males to benefit whiteness and patriarchy. The systems are working as they were designed to. White people, we need to tear them down and build anew despite that meaning that we enjoy no more added unearned benefit of whiteness. We can't just post about it online to virtue signal - we need to be about it in person to people who are comfortable in participating in the overt, socially acceptable white supremacy below. Also. AOC's tweet is real. If police benefit all of us in every community, there's no fucking way they should be political or belonging to one "side" who will back the blue no matter what. When MFD ran for office, you know who treated me like a piece of dog shit at the polls on Election Day? Who attempted to intimidate me? The people from the Fraternal Order of Police. And I'm a white lady. No fucking thanks to police being political. Something has to give. And don't let me hear anyone talking about looting and rioting in Minneapolis - especially white people. We have plenty of business to mind and PLENTY of our own behaviors to police. You know what? People are fucking done. This is what rage over systemic oppression looks like. This country runs on money. Target brings about a zillion to Minneapolis. If Target called for the murderous police officers to be arrested, they would be. So I fucking get why Target is getting burned down. White people, if you need resources to learn let me know and I'll share what has been helpful to me - we were all raised in a racist system and every white person has some shit they can work on (do not talk to me about black people being racist ever, that shows me you have not done the very basic work to understand what racism is and what it's about) with fair warning that I do my learning through books/reading. If you're buying books on race please support Harrietts Bookshop - she ships everywhere and it's a small business owned by a black woman that opened its doors just prior to the Covid shutdown. We need this place to survive. If the book you're looking for is not on the site, email her. Also check out this thread on twitter.
9. Reminder:

10. E-cards...I got this from my Dad, I guess.

Also to close, I see a lot of people like "summer is cancelled, everything is cancelled" and it's not. 
Things are bad enough. We don't need to make them worse. 

What do you have to contribute this week?

The words following the hyphen are the song I am listening to when I start the Thursday Thoughts post. This week is Rooms on Fire by Stevie Nicks. Her birthday was May 26.

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