Monday, March 26, 2018

TWTW - still feels wintery

My ideal Friday night at 41 is to make a vat of iced coffee and read a book. Check and check this week.
Saturday I had Bruce off to Camp Bow Wow at 8 and MFD and I met Debbie at the train at 9. We met her friend Steph and our friend Dan in the city and saw some other friends along the way at March for Our Lives. Great crowd, great student speakers. You can feel the change coming.
Loved hearing this old song along the way.

To the people saying kids shouldn't have a say for a million bullshit reasons that really at the root is them not wanting to lose their power or to kids doubting themselves...
We picked Bruce up and got home around 2:30, then were soon off to Shawn's surprise 40th over in Jersey. 
Followed up by a benefit for Jenn's Vision, also in Jersey - catch Amanda with the eye protection goggles! Great job Jenn! It was nice to see friends in both places that I don't see in person often.
I was zonked by the time we got home around 11. Mae was done with the day too.
Sunday morning I attempted to sleep in but Bruce wasn't having it. I got sheets in the wash but that's about it before MFD took over the living room. I was hangry and sequestered in my room while MFD filmed a video but escaped to Marshalls to score a $24 mirror for the shore and a dog bed. Then I lounged with the dogs and ignored the shit laying all over my house and tried to ignore the campaign finance guy at the dining room table. Not easy. Why does anyone run for office? It's a fucking nightmare. The system is stacked against regular people. 
Debbie and I headed to Ardmore for Press for Progress, an event to celebrate International Women's Day (March 8), to hear from local women entrepreneurs making their communities better including our friend Jen who owns Fuel Cycle Fitness  with her husband in Ardmore (local friends, check it out!). We met some great women, and I shared my hot yoga horror story with the owner of Positivity Yogis and she had the exact same story so we are convinced the same instructor terrorized us. If I was near Havertown, as an inflexibile non-yoga loving person, I would 100% go to Positivity because her vibe was great. It's all about the energy people put out, you know? It's nice to be at a woman-centered event hearing from women who empower other women and give back to their communities in such a variety of ways and take inspiration from such a variety of things. It truly shows you there is no one path in this life, and that we all need to do it in a way that makes sense to us but that we can support, empower, and accept each other even if we approach life differently.

Weekly food prep: breakfast is scrambled eggs with swiss cheese. Lunch is a quasi shrimp fried rice - still cleaning out the freezer and pantry. Dinner is spaghetti with veggie meat sauce from the freezer. I also cooked beef marrow bones in the crock pot for 48 hours to make bone broth for dogs and humans.

After this weekend, I'm hoping to catch up on my sleep this week. Too ambitious?

How was yours? 


  1. i had a choice yesterday between tidying up my GD dining room table or lie on the couch to read..obviously i made the right choice (reading). sometimes you just need to lay around.

  2. My weekend was busy-ish. On Saturday I marched in our local march in the cold, wet, blustery weather. It looks like you at least had sun and blue skies! LOL! Oh, well. It was great to see the turnout here despite the dismal weather conditions. Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon walking... 11 miles. When I got home, food, hydration, ice packs, calf compression sleeves, and a well earned nap was on my agenda!

  3. Still so much winter, bah. Spring is coming, I'm sure of it. We are on the hunt for a big mirror over our vanity, will check out Marshalls.

  4. When you say vat of coffee - you aint lying!!!! That's amazing!!!!
    I have to laugh though when a coworker said about all the kids protesting, "isnt this the same generation that has been eating Tide Pods?"... that did give me a chuckle.

  5. Your Saturday was crazy busy! I love seeing all the ages marching and protesting and resisting. It's children and teens and young adults and regular adults and the older generation. It's awesome.
    Your shrimp fried rice looks aweeesomeee.
    I really enjoy hot yoga (sorry you had a bad experience!), but I haven't been in forever.

  6. The March was amazing and I was literally brought to tears so many times. I can't figure out why attacking and mocking survivors is the new go-to move of the NRA. Frankly, I just think it amplifies their message. You have to be a real shit to tell them they wouldn't be famous if they hadn't gotten shot. No shit. That shrimp fried rice looks delicious.

  7. Good Lord Bruce is adorable, even if he won't let you sleep in.

  8. Love that baby shark quote. I ignored all the messes around my house this weekend and only cleaned the floors and the kitchen.

  9. Sounds like the ideal Friday night to me as well. I was in my hometown all weekend for a shower and hated that I missed the march - unsurprisingly the small, Eastern Kentucky town did not participate. I'm SO proud of these kids.

  10. sobbing over all of these baby sharks out here. so, so proud.

  11. LOVED seeing all the marches and crowds this past weekend, now let's hope it actually leads to something getting done. And I need to come steal that vat of iced coffee - YUM!

  12. The marches this weekend were so inspiring, glad you got to go see it in person! Ugh I cannot imagine the stresses of being the spouse of someone running for office, I hope you get your space and your sleep back soon!

  13. I'd say catching up on sleep is a perfectly reasonable goal :)

    If I get home past 9pm, I feel completely off for the next day.

  14. Love that the Philly march had such a great turnout! Crazy that people seem to think a person's voice shouldn't matter at 16 or 17, but the second they turn 18 they're totally mature enough to send off to war.

  15. Busy busy weekend my friend! Bruce is too cute but let Mama get some rest on the weekends! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis


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