Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - say what you wanna say and let the words fall out

1. Every day is International Women's Day in my house, but today is the official day. Press for progress, women.

2. What a feminist is/is not.

3. What a feminist is definitely fucking not.
And sorry, I can't resist. But I'm with you Amy Siskind. Remember when people when nuts because Obama wore a tan suit? This guy’s got dick pics about to be released, attempted to pay off a stripper, likely violated election law in the process, and then neglected to sign the contract so it’s all coming out anyway.

4. Birthday sneakers. Blue? Gray? Neither? The blue are a more me color but I think I like the execution of the gray better. ONE WEEK OUT, people. Birthday. One week.

5. Thanks so much for the supportive words on yesterday's post. It's very freeing to put it out there, warts and all, and own your fuckups and still feel supported. Especially when reporters call wanting to talk to your husband specifically about everything he’s ever done wrong. What a world we live in. Truly, from both me and MFD...thank you. And try it, living your full truth. You'll always have support from me.

6. Me: let me open the shore house this weekend! March: Sit down. Yesterday's scene. Another storm forecasted for Monday. MFD was out for hours shoveling us and neighbors out. I was working and if we’re speaking freely which we always are here, avoiding the shoveling.

7. Some days I just fucking can't. This is happening, and it's not happening only to the criminals everyone loves to wave around when they say they don’t like immigrants. This is happening to human beings doing everything right. Read the whole thing here on janefultonalt instagram. I couldn't even go back and screenshot it again. I ask the same, Jane. Can this be my country? I mean, it clearly is. How can this be my country? Clean DREAM Act now. And stop the demonization, torturing, and harassment of immigrants. Is ICE the SS? What in the fuck is happening while we sit in our houses and bitch about stupid shit? Get on the phone or the ResistBot. Make the calls. You know what to do. 

8. Show Us Your Books on Tuesday - sneak peak: I stayed up until 2 am to finish this book. That's a sure recommendation. Bruce apparently likes to read too. He prefers kindles.

9. Reminder.

10. E-card of the week. Chill, nor'easters. 
I'm preparing for the upcoming Nor'easter by not living in the Northeast.
Today is my Mom Mom's birthday - I grew up at that fierce knee. She has more to do with who I am and how I am than even my parents. I've missed her every day for over 20 years now, but I've always felt her when I needed her. They do not leave us, only their bodies do. 


  1. The blue shoes seem perfect for you, however I feel you can wear the grey ones more [I personally don't like to wear blue shoes with jeans, but THAT's just me]. Love the quote about being tested. I've said it to myself recently and to a few clients.

  2. I like the grey, but you know how much grey is in my house, it's my thing. Blue does seem more you. HOW ABOUT BOTH, how's that for birthday?

  3. I like the blue. I think there's enough grey in our lives right now. (Yes, the grey executes better, but the blue is what we need.) Steph's idea above isn't a bad one. It IS birthday month and international women's day (officially). I was just commenting on Monday how weird it is that the Clean Dream Act has gotten lost in all the other nonsense these past few weeks... which I'm sure is... by design.

  4. For heaven's sake, it's your birthday - get BOTH colors!

    And that Instagram post shakes me to the core. What has happened here? Who are we? This cannot be happening... and yet it is.

  5. I saw that book on a recommendation post from Buzzfeed & wrote it down :)
    I am usually a color girl in tennis shoes but that gray ... I love me some gray....

  6. I say BOTH sneakers because it's your birthday.

  7. That ecard is me, one of the reasons we moved south. Now we deal with tornadoes and hurricanes. No where is safe! I totally have One of Us is Lying on my TBR and I am glad it got your seal of approval. I really like the gray shoes if you are keeping just one. But you know, its your birthday sooooooo YOLO get both! Haha!

  8. I like the blue but I'd probably wear the gray because I am vain and the blue will clash with my clothes. :D But these aren't for me - they are for you! The world is off its axis because some days I feel so fiercely proud of the women (and men) stepping and making change. And other days I see shit that makes me weep for humanity. ICE has become the new gestapo and it sickens me. They are not going after criminals but good people who are easy targets. We must speak out for those who cannot. I love that quote by Brene Brown. She's got so many good ones.

  9. When people close to me say their not a feminist I want to shake them and be like, "YES YOU ARE. Do you think you deserve a fair and equal pay? Do you deserve the right to pursue the career and passions and hobbies that you love? YOU. ARE. A. FEMINIST."
    And I do most of the housework and I wear make-up and I certainly don't mind flirting, but I never question my role as a feminist.
    Love those blue shoes :)
    Gosh, my heart breaks for families being torn apart and discarded by this sad excuse of an administration. Certainly not the America people deserve :(

  10. I hate that being a feminist has such a negative connotation to it - and how most of the time people don't understand exactly what it is to begin with. I love the grey, and think you'll get a lot of use out of them! Sometimes I get so angry at the current administration and everything surrounding it, and then some I'm just so sad that it has been brought to this. I'm so glad there's good people running (MFD!) to try and change the course.

  11. Sending you hugs on the missing your grandma. Mine died in 1996 and I miss her every day. I vote grey shoes. Sorry about not being able to get to the shore and all the snow. Happy International Women's Day! I cannot wait to read your review of the book.

  12. All these things. I say get both shoes. LOL

    It blows my mind that the current White House resident seems to believe that not only are immigrants all criminals, but also apparently all criminals are immigrants.

    And I'm very proud of myself because I read a book before you did - and I'm glad you liked it!

  13. I like the blue. But blue is my favorite color.

    I'm glad you liked the book. I did, too, and I'm looking forward to your thoughts.

    Everything about the current administration is reprehensible. They have no respect for people, law, common sense or decency, and certainly not the country they colluded with Russia to lead.

  14. I looooove that image in #9. I might have to steal it.

    Anxious to see your reads on Tuesday. We seem to have somewhat similar taste in books and I'm in need of some good recs right now.

  15. That ecard is me.
    I'd go with a pink hue of the shoes, so if you like color, go for the blue. You know you.
    Oh Bruce.

  16. I like the grey shoes - I always go for the neutrals!

  17. I love all the feminist/International Women's Day stuff in this post! I still can't wrap my head around people (especially women!) who proudly declare that they are not feminists. I have to assume they've been taught that feminism is something it actually isn't (as pictured in #2). That's my hope, anyway.

    I'm glad you loved One of Us Is Lying! I need to get to that one soon. I also need to write my reviews this weekend since the link-up is quickly approaching!

    I like both shoes, but I'd probably go with grey. I have a grey pair of New Balance shoes that I still love (I've had them for at least 7 years or more) because they're comfortable and go with pretty much everything. That's just me, though. If you want the color that speaks to you, go for the blue. Or just buy both. :-)

    Also, your Kindle ... I wish I could put emojis in my blog comments because that would be the only way I could accurately represent what my face was doing when I saw that. Geez!

  18. Yes on all the feminist comments. Also, ugh, wtf, I live in NC and it even snowed here last night! WTF, Mother Nature? I am certainly going to have to be a Southerner for life because I'm done with winter.

  19. LOVE those pics/descriptions about what being a feminist is and isn't. AND CERTAINLY ISN'T. It's so important; I hate when it's associated as being a "bad F word." (Ps, can ya tell I'm behind on blog reading?)


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