Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - spring will be a little late this year

1. There are few seasonal things that annoy me more than a March winter. The calendar start to spring was Tuesday, and this was the scene Wednesday. It's nearly April. My soul is yearning for spring. While I am thankful for my workhorse winter coat and boots, I am sick to death of wearing them.

2. My nails are calling for spring though, dressed in OPI Excuse Me Big Sur. It took me a weather-related 2.5 hours door to door to get home on Tuesday night and the first thing I did was paint my nails in case we lost power. Priorities, right? Nothing makes me feel less put together than having janky, chipped nails.

3. My fear of losing power priorities were not all vain. I busted a move through five loads of laundry Tuesday night just in case, which meant I had to force myself to put it all away on my lunch break on Wednesday since I was working from home.

4. Thanks as always to the nurses, doctors, EMTs, police, fire, and all emergency personnel who have to make it to work regardless of weather. True VIPs.

5. I saw this this week and it shocked me. Since I am always reading I rarely think about never reading.

6. I hope people show up across America for our kids on Saturday for March for Our Lives. If you are not going to DC,find a March For Our Lives near you. I will be in Philly. Bucks friends, there is a march in Doylestown as well. The Doylestown events are favorites of mine. There are also events in West Chester, Media, Norristown, Pottstown, Allentown, Wilmington (DE), Lewes (DE), Rehoboth Beach (DE), Audubon (NJ), Princeton (NJ), Ocean City (NJ). Put your zip code in on this link, find a location you're comfortable with near you, and show up if you can.
7. Corporate dems, watch yourselves. You literally have no excuse for backing these rollback regulations aside from money you got from lobbyists. It is irresponsible and repugnant. We're coming for you next...
8. After we get these people out of government.
9. Reminder: thanks to my mom for sharing.

10. E-card of the week:
Spring is that you?  I only
ask because you look
strangely familiar . . . do
you have a twin named


  1. Cannot imagine life without reading! Reading 'Water From My Heart' right now and thinking about you frequently because of the coffee!

  2. Great nail color. Glad I'm not among those people who don't read! I admit to not setting foot in book stores though because I don't buy them. Library only. I have heard that before about reading for an hour a day in your field but... reading about law sucks man, I don't want to.

  3. I don't read much myself. But I read to my kids all the books they want. My little one especially loves books and he can't leave his room without a book. Its adorable. I was a ferocious reader as a kid not sure where I lost it. But I hope my kids never lose it.

  4. That Toby meme is hilarious!!!!!
    The statistics of books & reading are shocking to me as well... but I live with a man who has never read a book in his life so I guess it shouldnt surprise me.

  5. Walk out at one of my schools/district tomorrow!! Stay tuned...... :)

  6. That infographic on reading completely surprised me. That is insane. I love reading and I love book stores. I guess I sort of thought that there would be more people that felt the same way ha ha. Huh.

  7. This winter has lasted a million years... I'm thankful for my winter clothes and my 4-wheel drive, but I'd be equally thankful for sunshine! That infographic blew my mind - 80%? Wow. I love the inspirational advice graphic. Number 1 is something I have to work on daily.

  8. Reading has always been a huge part of my life and it makes me sad that so many people are missing out on the joy. The Toby meme is great and I love the inspirational advice your Mom shared. All are great but #5 might be my favorite.

  9. I wish that infographic shocked me, but I actually know a few people who have never read a book for pleasure. Sadly, they are also the most uncreative and unimaginative people I know.

    I love the nail colour!

  10. Damn Toby! Haha! The reading statistics are insane to me! I didn't read anything not required in college because I had too much to read for classes...but ever since then....books are life!

  11. I saw that Toby radar meme while I was watching The Office last night. SO PERFECT.
    Those reading facts are startling, but I'm not sure why... Most of my friends and my husband do not read. It makes me sad. I bought him a business book for his b-day so I'm trying to influence him ;)

  12. Janky nails are my nemesis. I'll keep them buff before I let em go janky.

    Love the last inspiration. Strong souls shine......let's shine on friend.

  13. Oh, Toby... He brought 6+ inches to Louisville, which is unusual. But, on the flip side, it was one of the loveliest snows I've ever seen here.

    Yeah, March weather is very similar to a two year old toddler. April is on its way!

  14. Wow, those stats about books are really sad! What is life without reading?! I am so ready for spring too. I feel like I could scream at the thought of more cold days and seeing all of this snow. Speaking of reading, I'm reading a novel set at the Jersey Shore and last night I watched a movie set in Puerto Rico because I am vicariously living through those characters!

  15. Those book stats make me sooo sad. I couldn't imagine not reading although I guess my brother isn't a reader. Hope that winter storm wasn't too bad for you guys. The ice is finally melting here and I just know that we are going to get hit again.

  16. Repugnant is one of the best words to describe these people. I just can't. How quickly we forget (or don't care) about what happened in the past. And all for dollar signs. The government IS a circus right now and it's freaking exhausting!!!
    I'm definitely ready for Spring. I hope Winter got the last little bit out of its system because I'm now OVER it. I need warmth and sunshine and to GET OUTSIDE!!!
    I can't imagine never reading another book again after highschool. That's insane to me.
    Here's hoping the snow boots get put away FOR GOOD this time!!

  17. I think you yearn for spring the way I yearn for fall. I complain to no end about how hot it is in October here. Cold Marches don't bother me.
    It is shockingly sad how many adults don't ever attempt to read a book.

  18. I, too, am sick of the freezing weather at the end of March. Especially with Easter this weekend. Brr!!! I love # 9!!!

  19. Wow crazy how winter is still in full force with heavy snow! It looks pretty but I feel your pain. Let the Spring weather begin already! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis


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