Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - neon sign on the horizon rubbing elbows with the moon

1.  Last night I got to see Lola Jean and Baby Seeve (as she says) and get peanut butter eggs Carol made that I then ate for dinner like a rabid child in a specially handmade frock. Only I was in my car outside of Target.

2. Bruce loves toilet paper like it is a glorious gift from the universe put on earth just for him to attack.

3. From the I Am An Idiot File: the lease on my car is up in May, and having never leased a car before, I thought you turn it in right at the end and had no idea why they were contacting me in advance. Wait, the inspection is up a month before the lease? Cool. Cool. Mad dash to make a switch this week. I need to pay better attention to when things expire as if they’re dairy, which I’m vigilant about.

4. Related: I hate cleaning out my car, and every time I have to trade one in, I vow to not store things in there next time like I live in it down by the river, then I break that vow the first day I have it.

5. Good: getting this awesome gift from Sara, it made my whole week. 

6. Sad: Linda Brown, the little girl at the center of Brown v. Board of Ed that ended legal segregation, died. 

7. Bad:  No charges in the murder of Alton Sterling. Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal (explained with a simple diagram). Your president's silence on Stormy Daniels is deafening. People attacking Parkland kids who lived through a school shooting. Lowest of the fucking low, you guys. Seriously.

8. Local friends, consider this a personal invite to MFD's campaign fundraiser on Friday, April 13, near our house. Adults $45/pp, kids 13 and under $10/pp. Can I count on you to be there? You don’t have to live in the district, vote like us, or vote period to attend. I would love to see you. Please RSVP by clicking here and entering the corresponding amount (ie one ticket $45, two tickets $90, two tickets plus a kid $100), then choosing pay at the door if you can, or completing it via card online. Thank you for your consideration. We need to get a head count in soon.

9. Reminder:

10. E-card of the week:
Sanity is knowing you
are going to be
batshit crazy and
this too shall


  1. I always vow when I get a new car that I will not store things in it and wash it inside and out monthly. I have enough stuff in my car to live in it for at least two or three days and it hasn't been cleaned since last summer. Besides the dash that is. That thing gets cleaned nearly every day because I keep a Swifter 360 in my door compartment and clean at red lights like a psycho.

  2. I always vow to keep my car less cluttered inside & get it washed outside more. That never happens. In fact, I've lived in Texas for 6 years now, with 3 different cars, and only one of them has been through a car wash down here one time. Granted I've had it done a couple of times when I get back to MN, but I hardly ever go through a car wash... And the clutter, it piles up fast.

  3. Haha John’s truck is a total mess, I don’t know how you guys do it, drives me so crazy. Obsessed with that photo of you omg!

  4. surprisingly, my new car is still clean. by now it's usually like my dining room table.

  5. I had no idea car leases worked like that. But yay for a new car? lol.
    Love that quote from Dracula. And I love that it's FROM Dracula, lol.

  6. I am so embarrassed of my state for the Alton Brown situation. Our AG is bat you know what and is planning on challenging our sane centrist democratic Governor next cycle. I have no hope as our state is beet red even though our current governor is doing a bang up job, but I will fight hard!
    I had no idea leases worked like that. I had so much stuff in my trunk I missed when my car was in the shop, I vowed to never do that again. we shall see. Have a lovely day!

  7. Those peanut butter eggs look divine as they are my favorite Easter candy. I always promise to keep my car orderly too but it never happens. :D Max and Bruce would be best buddies. He loves toilet paper so much that I no longer keep it in its holder because someone unrolls it and eats it. And YES to #7.

  8. What did you think about leasing? I've never leased either but I'm probably going to need a new car sooner rather than later, and it's tempting.

  9. Scott just spent an entire day (literally, sun up to sun down) cleaning his truck in preparation to trade it in. That kind of effort is no joke, so I feel you.

    Scout will destroy tissues like it's his job but I've never seen him go after toilet paper.

    Homemade candy is one of those things I miss about Easter at home!

  10. Good to know every kid around that time had a poncho like that...hmm... I may need to knit one for the future generations ;)

  11. My car looks like I live it. Complete with a blanket and yoga mat in the backseat. Dog fur in the hatchback. It’s a complete home on wheels.

  12. I listened to that song today in my car, windows down, and very loudly.

    I need to make a donation to MFD's campaign since I can't attend the event. I know you shared a link at one point to do that but can you send it again?

  13. 5: I love that! So beautiful. 7: Unacceptable. In every single way.

  14. such a pretty post dear i like it,best wishes for you.. online shopping in pakistan

  15. Haha love that eCard! Good luck this weekend with MFD's campaign fundraiser party! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis


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