Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - the new day dawns and I am practicing my purpose once again

Loving that the security guard at the library always chooses one of my book covers or titles to comment on. It makes my day every time. 

Inviting you to MFD's campaign benefit on Friday, April 13. That's right, Friday the 13th. Please come support a progressive candidate if you don't know us and you lean that way and please come support your friend who'd give you the shirt off of his back if you do know us and don't lean that way or don't give a shit about politics. You don't need to live in our district to support him as a candidate or a friend. Thanks in advance for considering it!

Celebrating my birthday all month, starting today. 
Reading some Netgalley book right now but I fucking read a beta copy of a book my friend WROTE. And I liked it so I didn't have to worry about crushing her. Shelby of Big Hungry Shelby, you made me so happy and proud this week.

Watching Gus age and trying to prepare myself for what is inevitably coming in the next year. Of course, you can't prepare.

Considering opening the shore house next weekend. I'm probably pushing it by a week but I need it.

Answering two week old emails or deleting them.

Struggling to keep up with life, retain balance, and protect my peace. I'm asking for a little grace from friends, family, and the universe. 

Preparing for the March for Our Lives on 3/24. I see a lot of people on the Internet also preparing to go to one of these events in DC or closer to home, and for many of them it's the first time they've assembled this way. If you are a first timer and you want to talk it through, email me. There are no stupid questions or fears.

Asking you to contact Amazon if you want them to pull the plug on the NRA Streaming channel and to stop advertising on Breitbart. Two huge strikes. Here's how you can contact them - because they don't make it easy. Thanks to my friend PJ for doing the legwork on the info and sending it to me. Log on to Amazon. Click help on the top nav bar, then Browse help topics on the bottom left and scroll to Need More Help? Then Click Contact Us. At the top choose Prime or Something else. In Section 2 select more non order questions and then under that select Give Amazon Feedback then Opportunities for Improvement. Section 3 choose email. Write your email and let it fly.

Buying something from Dick's for my birthday. Anything. I didn't shop there before. I will now. This is what it takes. Kudos to Walmart for raising their minimum age for gun purchases also. Thanks are in order to both if you have the time and are so inclined.

Avoiding purging the bins around the house that need to be purged.

Reminding myself and you and all of us 

Ecard of the week

What's new with you?

What's New With You


  1. Aging dogs :( The worst. But yay for birthday month, at least that will be fantastic.

  2. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! Second of all, that ecard has been me all flippin week. On Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday, on Wednesday I called my dad in the morning & was like "I thought Tuesday was Wednesday & Wednesday was Thurs...wait a minute it's still only Wednesday, I now thought it was Thursday or Friday." Even right now it still feels like Friday, but at least it is my Friday from work... I hope these last two days go smoothly for you.

  3. Cheers to birthday month. How fun! Also, cheers to the last quote, very true!

  4. Yesterday was the anniversary of Grace's death... I miss her every single day, as you do Geege and will Gus. But what they have given us makes the pain so worth it. I wouldn't give up 1 day with her to avoid the pain.

    So happy about Dick's.

    Wish NE Philly weren't so far, I would LOVE to be there for Mike, even though I can't vote for him. Consider moving to central NJ?

  5. Yay for our birthday month! I'll celebrate right alongside you! I'll be writing to Amazon today thanks to your info here! We were SO pumped about Dicks and about Walmart! Nothing is going to change overnight but these steps are big ones in the right direction!!

  6. I feel so busy...too busy. Like if I don't write my blog posts on Saturday...for the week...they aren't getting done. I hate having noting out for this week. And today I vow to be LESS busy this month. As I stare at my calendar thinking how few days I have free. oy!
    Open the shore! Life is short and having that option is for you to use. USE IT!!

  7. AHHHHHHH I am so grateful that you took time from your life to give consideration and care to my little book. The difference you made in my life this week is monumental, and I won't forget it. Also, Ray thanks you, because you saved him from mediocrity. And Bobby will probably wear a Life According to Steph t-shirt in Book 2.

  8. I so appreciate stores stepping up & changing their policies if the law wont change theirs.

  9. Sending some grace your way. Thank you for the instructions on how to contact amazon. I am going to try to get to Dick's soon and get something to celebrate their smart decision. That book sounds amazing and I cannot wait until it comes out and I can read it.

  10. Happy Birthday Month! Sending you grace and glorious weather so you can open your Shore house early! :D Oh Gus. I understand the heartbreak. Treasure every second as I know you already do. I'm so glad Corporations are doing the right thing, even when our Government won't. I love Amazon but the NRATV and Breitbart support really, really bothers me.

  11. Yay, birthday month! March is the best. So excited and proud of you and MFD for having the courage and energy to run for office...will be at his benefit in spirit!

  12. Going to write Amazon an email right now.
    Ly's hips are bothering her this week and it makes me so sad. She's 6 so I know we've got lots of time left with her (hopefully), but I don't like to see sweet sweet pups aging :(
    Open that shore house ;) Go get some of that balance back in the sand and surf.

  13. i love that the security guard comments on your books. that's awesome.
    yay birthday month!
    aging pets, ugh. so horrible, you can never prepare.
    oh my gosh that announcement from dicks made me teary. go dick's. i never shop there but i will now. go walmart!

  14. I'm going through something similar with Barkley. It hurts.

    This would have been the first march I would have attended but my sister's bridal shower is the same day. I'm trying to think of how to support the marchers from afar.

  15. I agree with Stephanie! : ( Just enjoy the time with him no matter what happens. I love that quote I've never seen it before. Will have to add it to my collection.

  16. I'm not doing very well as of late dealing with my emails. I'm in the same boat as you, deleting old ones that I should have read two weeks ago and deleting ones that are just clogging up my inbox. For something that can be so essential, email certainly can also be a huge nuisance and time zapper.

    There's nothing that can be said to ease your mind regarding the aging of your beloved Gus. All you can do is enjoy every moment with him and soak it all up.

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH. Also, please let me know how I can help MFD from the bold north. I'm looking for candidates like him in our area that we can rally around, but it's not easy so any advice from you awesome people would be awesome. Maybe he could guest post for me??? Also, my heart is with you on Gus. I think him and Lola would be the best of friends (especially after losing one of their pack recently.) Hope you have a wonderful birthday month and definitely throw any ideas you guys have my way.

  18. I'm excited for you opening the shore house! Even in optimism.

    What can someone from outside the country do to support MFD? I tried to donate back when you posted a link but it said I have to be a US resident :(

  19. Shelby has inspired me! Hug on Gussie, love you and sending good juju to him.

  20. Thank you for sharing the info on how to contact Amazon. I have at least a couple of packages from them a week, but I can't continue to support a company who supports the NRA, etc. I will also be purchasing something from DICK's. They've got a fan now. Sometimes we have to ask others for grace - don't forget to grant it to yourself, too (that's the hardest!).

  21. I understand the sadness. Keep every second as I know you already do. I'm glad the company is doing the right thing, even if our government does not. ไพ่เก้าเก

  22. Hang in there, friend. It's a lot right now for sure. Go to the shore house, re-center yourself, take some time to love on the dogs, and take care of you. Thanks for the info on Amazon. I can handle that. ;)

  23. Yay birthday month!! :) And yay shore house!! And yay for MFD!!


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