Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What I use: makeup and face products

No affiliate links because Homey don't play that.

I should preface the makeup portion by saying I might wear makeup twice a week and that's usually on the weekend. Like Monday, yesterday, and makeup. When I do wear it, I wear some of these items (i.e. under eye concealer and lip gloss only, or mascara and lip gloss only, etc.) or on a rare day, all of them.

1. If there is a product I absolutely should use every day, it's under eye concealer. I had someone at Sephora test them on me a few years back and this was a great match: Yves Saint Laurent Anti-Cernes Multi-Action Concealer in pink beige. It is $38 and worth every blessed penny. When this runs out I'm going to try the it Cosmetics under eye concealer though, I've heard good things.
2. I basically use two eye shadows regularly and a third every once in a while. My regular shadows are Foxy from Urban Decay and Peach Beige from Sephora. Sometimes I'll wear my other favorite, Half Baked by Urban Decay.
3. If I use eye shadow, I use primer. Urban Decay is my favorite.
4. I use Prestige eyeshadow in Ebony as a liner. I am the freaking worst at eyeliner.
5. Eyelash curler is e.l.f. It's like $1 and it's just as good as the shu uemura $20 jobby. I've owned both. I can never find it online so I look for it in all stores and snatch them up as I go.
6. Recent convert to Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - I'm going to take it a step further and say Better Than Erryting. I have tried one billion types of high end mascara and pretty much all the drug store brands. I've been using drugstore for a few years now. This one knocked my socks off. Thanks to Jill for the info on this.
7. I wear Sugar Fresh lips daily. Ruby is my actual daily wear, but it was in my purse. This is petal. I wear that a lot too.
8. I also wear F-Bomb by Urban Decay, a recent gift from Jana.
9. The thing I wear the least: it Cosmetics CC Cream. I have never been a full face person. But when I do wear it, I'm loving it and I love the high SPF.
10. I need bronzer with no talc. Jill recommended this to me and I love it: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Airbrushing Bronzer.

I have NARS Orgasm blush if I need it but I really don't wear it.

Face at uh, sometimes absolutely nothing. When I do the routine, it's this:

Step one: Neutrogena deep clean makeup wipes or Posh Pore-Fect face wash bar (not pictured)
Step two: Spritz of Teddy Organics rose water (not pictured)
Step three: Posh Impish Eyes
Step four: Posh Never Grow Up Anti-Aging Serum, let it sink in for about 10 while I wipe down the sink and toilet and pick up around the bedroom
Step five: Posh Never Grow Up Face Cream and StriVectin-TL tightening neck cream

Face in the morning
Step one: I alternate Posh BFF exfoliating daily facewash and Posh Pore-Fect face wash bar (not pictured). I also love St. Ives blackhead clearing scrub and St. Ives even and bright scrub and rotate them with the pricier BFF exfoliating face wash.
Step two: Posh Impish Eyes
Step three: Neutrogena clear face SPF 55 (I use a R+F one when I am continuously reapplying all day)
Step four: Posh Night & Day you are the one moisturizer

Do we have any product overlap? 

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  1. i only wear concealer during the day. i ordered a tinted lip balm and knowing me, i'll probably wear it for the first week, forget i have it and then by the time i see it again, it'll be expired.

  2. I have the sugar tinted lip balm. I like the color it gives me without the trying-too-hard of lipstick, but mine is an orange-ish scent and I don't like that at all.
    I applaud your "homey don't play that".

  3. Love UD eye primer and shadows, have been using them for years! I am intrigued by this rose water spray. Do you notice a difference when you use it? I had been using a rose water witch hazel but I ran out last week and haven't replaced it yet. I have been wanting to try it cosmetics stuff for awhile, maybe I need to grab that cc cream. Under eye concealer is my downfall. I haven't found a single one that doesn't crease on me, even though I set all of them.

  4. I love when Jill does the makeup posts, because I get totally overwhelmed when I go into Ulta or Sephora. I am trying to love the Better than Sex mascara because it really does make my eyelashes long and I can tell a huge difference from drug store mascara, but I always feel like it is clumpy and I have spider lashes. Is there a trick I am missing?

  5. Urban Decay's eye primer is the best! I use it every day and I love it!

  6. I wear my make up much like you do, somethings sometimes. I rarely put on full face, usually just eyeliner and mascara for me. A little blush in the winter when my sun kissed beach glow fades.

  7. I wear makeup every day. I need to. Not a ton of it - it only takes me about 5 minutes to do - but I feel like a cast member of The Walking Dead without it. My skin isn't great so I need to cover all that mess up and I just feel better with some eye stuff. I'm SO GLAD MAKEUP EXISTS.

  8. I love the Urban Decay naked basics palette. It's my everyday go to. Have it on right now, in fact. I must put that mascara on my list for when I run out of my current one. I can't use drug store mascaras because there's something in them that I'm allergic too...makes my eyes crazy dry!

    I use the Origins face wash and moisturizer. I'm a pretty big fan of all of their products.

  9. I wish I didn't have to wear makeup everyday but I do. Otherwise, I'm just very scary looking. I have been wanting to try that CC cream from IT because of the high SPF. Glad to hear you like it.

  10. OMG. My glitter spray that you gave me for Christmas to "set" my makeup and sparkle my d├ęcolletage! I love it. Sparkle and shine especially when the sun hits me!
    Love. Your. Momma!

  11. I'm like you - makeup is occasional, not usual. Although I'm bad about removing it properly so most days I have some remnant of yesterday's eyeliner. I don't do full face - it's too much of a hassle and I'm not really that good at it, but I really like eyeshadow and everything lip by Burt's Bees. I have no clue what brands I use for most of my stuff - I just know I like the mechanical pencils for eye liner so I don't have to sharpen them!

  12. You are my kinda people - just the minimal things & products. I dont see how some people have hundreds of eye shadows & blushes & lipsticks & creams & BLAH BLAH BLAH. Just give my face some color to make sure I dont look dead & give me a wipe to take it off.

  13. I've been searching for a good nighttime moisturizer, right now I just use a make up wipe to get my make up off and call it a day but I need to start paying a little more attention to my bedtime routine. Going to look into the products you mentioned!

  14. I always love seeing what makeup and face products people use. I'll have to try that mascara!

  15. I just ordered a whole bunch of make-up in hopes of someday "doing it right." (i.e. cover my acne/scars without looking cake-y... haha.) So much of your make-up & cleansers are cruelty-free which is awesome- I'm going to have to try out that mascara!!

  16. The UD primer potion is my end all and be all product! So jealous that you are able to go fresh faced most days. My adult acne and dark undereye circles prevent me that joy :-P

  17. I ALMOST bought that mascara. But for $23, I'm struggling. I like the NYX pinup whatever it's actually called.

    I'm so glad you're loving F-Bomb!

    1. After that post, I googled for a dupe and read that the e.l.f. mineral mascara was a good one. At $3, it was worth a shot! I have short, light, thin lashes (triple whammy) and this is only my second day with it, but it darkens, separates, and lengthens nicely... doesn't add much fullness, though. I need to splurge on a nice concealer. Or else get more sleep :)

      (thought it would make sense to reply to Jana since my .02 somewhat applies to you both!)

  18. UD Foxy, Half Baked and the eye primer are also favorites of mine. Can't live without a good eyelid primer if you are a smokey eye girl like me. I also just tried physicians formula butter bronzer and love it, will be in my friday faves this week. I love everything I have tried from it cosmetics so far!

  19. I love these kind of posts. Right now, I don't wear much make-up most days since I work from home. When I worked in an office, I did put on a full face, although it never made it through the day. Now I'm more into skincare because I'm getting older and should have taken better care of it. How do you like the Posh Impish Eyes and the StriVectin-TL tightening neck cream?

  20. I seriously don't know what I'd do without my UD eyeshadow primer! That stuff is the best! I also love the UD basics, it's a great palette for an everyday wear!

  21. I'm really picky about mascara and will use only one brand, but every once in a while try something else and I think that one might be the next one I branch out and try-- everyone raves about it so much! Love that palette and the primer!

  22. Yes I live by the Urban Decay primer! I have the Basics 2 palette and there's a grey one in the middle that I wear all the time. I'm also terrible at eyeliner so I use the dark shade in there for that, too. And I still haven't found a foundation that doesn't make my face look like a mask so I have opted out of that whole shebang.

  23. I use Better Than Sex Mascara, too, after trying a whole bunch of different brands at Sephora. It's definitely my favorite. It can be clumpy sometimes, but I don't care and it's not usually a problem.. I just want giant black lashes. Sugar lip balms feel so nice on my lips; I think I will be purchasing another soon. I used one up and never got a new one, but Burt's Bees doesn't feel the same.

  24. I've had a post like this sitting in my drafts for months. I kinda forgot about it until just now.
    I need to get that Too Faced mascara. I'm a little bit of a mascara addict.

  25. I need to get myself some of that rosewater!

  26. The Better than Sex Mascara is amazing to the point I don't wear it unless I'm going out and getting dressed up. I love a good skincare regime and haven't tried any of your face care products.

  27. We have the same blush. I seriously hardly ever wear make up these days. It's a rare feat for me...

  28. I love Naked eye makeup, and I'm trying the mascara. The mascara struggle is real.

  29. that CC cream is the best. I've tried a lot of different products and it's just awesome. i even (stupidly) bought really expensive stuff and it's just not worth it. Can i ask a dumb question... why do you need no talc in your bronzer?

  30. I think I have less makeup than you yet wear it everyday except on vacation ;). I have the Urban Decay Naked Basic (love it). I like Maybelline Define a Lash and Cover Girl Cheekers blush. It's as flattering as Nars but cheaper.

  31. i need extra help with the under eye area, i might have to try that one or the IT cosmetics. I have heard amazing things about the IT cosmetics cc cream but... ouch price. i'm not really a full face everyday kind of girl either (or i use my recent find LA girl bb cream for $5, that doesn't hurt as much) and when i do feel like wearing a full face, i want more than cc cream, so i just don't know. yayyy for trying the better than sex mascara! i am such a drugstore cosmetics girl but i honestly don't know if i'll ever go back.. it's amazing. i am very intrigued by all of your night time products. i wash my fave and put a moisturiser on, that's about it, but i feel like i need to start doing more soon because i'm almost 30, not that that matters but you know, and i spent approx 90% of my first 25 years in the sun with a hole in the ozone layer, so... i'm gonna look like a leather handbag here soon. and not a cute one, like one you find in goodwill that's been through 3 hand-me-down's already. so yeah, off to check out that stuff.


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