Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday Thoughts before Memorial Day

1. On Monday we salute those who died defending America's ideals and protecting American interests around the world. While this one day out of 365 days is set aside in memory of those who died so that we may live freely, every day is the day to honor them by not taking your life and your freedoms for granted. In this fraught political landscape, it is easy to forget why this country was born, how it was made, and that while we might be royally pissed at our government, we still have the power to change it if we stop talking and actually take action. And collectively we have many things to be proud of. The bravery, skill, and sacrifice of our armed forces is at the very top of the list.

2. I also always want people to recognize the distinction between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. They are different. Every day is the day to thank a vet. Every day is the day to call your government reps and tell them you want vets to walk into any medical building in this country and receive immediate medical care, free; and that you want a place for every vet on the street to lay their head. Bonus if you tell your Congress person on the phone that while Congress does not deserve a pay raise ever again, the military does. ANYWAY. Monday. Monday is the day specifically set aside to remember those who did not make it home. It's a day to remember our dead. Freedom is certainly not free.

3. I'm about ready to call fuck this shit o'clock on this week. Debbie and I are heading down the shore with the dogs for the weekend. The weather will finally cooperate so I can sit on the beach and read a book for hours. Even if I have to do it in a sweatshirt.

4. The online Stella & Dot party I'm hosting is still happening. Click here to shop, 40% of the proceeds go to Paw Works, a no-kill animal rescue in Los Angeles. Do it for the doggies! The new thing for June is spend $50 and get 50% off the big ass getaway bags that I am in love with.

5. Boom. Thanks to my friend Brian for sharing.

6. Morning boys. Mae does not show her face until she's ready to show her face.

7. This week's library haul. I'm still working on one to finish from the last time I went. I'm hoping to read a lot this weekend. New episode of The Armchair Librarians drops today where Jana & I discuss Julie Murphy books. Thanks to those of you who submitted questions for our interactive episode, we record that tonight.

8. I typically hate everything about Tuesdays. This Tuesday rocked it - we went to Pho Saigon for dinner, got the final piece of shore furniture for the year from IKEA, then checked out the Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square. More on that tomorrow. I did hate that the delicious Vietnamese Coffee I drank at 7:30 kept me up until after 2, which made me too tired to zumba last night. I did get to see my Lola instead though, so it all worked out in the end. Well, it worked out mostly to the end. See next.
9. If we're friends on face space, sorry for the screenshot but I am too tired after this shitshow debacle to care. I hope you at least get a laugh out of it. I got plenty when I was laying in bed with paint in my hair and so caked on my hands and nails that I couldn't get it all off.

10. E-card of the week:

What are your Memorial Day weekend plans?

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  1. Oh dear - that paint story is enough to make anyone go insane!! You are going to have such a fun weekend at the shore! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I just finished The Nest last night and really enjoyed it. I hope you have a great long weekend at the shore!! That paint story sounds like my personal version of hell.

  3. I think some people get caught up in having a three day weekend and forget why we have this three day weekend and the real meaning behind it.

    I saw the paint story last night while I was curled up under my blanket with a book and I said to myself, poor Steph!!! Cleaning up paint has to be the worst! The life coach made me laugh! I hope you enjoy your weekend at the shore and may the paint debacle be just a story to laugh at now!

  4. Oh no the paint story.... I am so sorry that happened! I really want to go to the beach and do nothing but read, jealous. Is MFD wearing the infamous white fur blogger rug at IKEA? Lmao... looks nice on him:)

  5. The evenings have been beautiful. Weather wise. Your last night paint situation. Jmj. Love the e card ! Life coach lol! The red poppy days are more frequent because greed monger congress pad their offshore bank accounts and those of the 1% who control our world. Lights and Angels to stop that shit. They are going to come back in lives like those they have screwed. Royal F-ers. Happy Friday eve. May be my first dip in the healing ocean oasis. Thanks to the universe. Love. Your. Momma.

  6. I'm jealous - enjoy the weekend on that beach with books. That sounds heavenly.

    Preach it on the military - how we dont take care of our vets but politicians just keep living the high-life? SO MESSED UP!

  7. OMG, your paint story. What a nightmare. I don't think you will be sitting on the beach in a sweatshirt this weekend. Looks like it's going to be in the 80s! I'm heading down that way too. Have a great weekend!

  8. Love the life coach quote lol. So true! Wish more people would listen.
    I agree with taking some time to remember those we lost on Memorial Day. Sure it's time off of work and lots of fun things happen, but we need to take the time to commemorate those who didn't make it back home.
    Have so much fun at the shore! I'm jealous!!

  9. Pho! I seriously could eat it all the time! And that sucks so much about the paint spilling in your car! Hopefully you were able to get all the paint off your seats!

  10. I just got The Nest at the library and I hope I have a chance to read it (I just started something else due back in five days; the library struggle is real). I LOLed and your night last night, I am so sorry... how is the car interior? Also I have two questions for the interactive ep if it isn't too late - 1) since your dogs always make an appearance, please pronounce Geege for those of us who don't know how you say it and 2) what books do you recommend to random small talkers who find out you like to read and ask for a rec? I know those aren't necessarily favorites but what are some stories you always want to pass along?

  11. Whoa... that paint story SUCKS. It always feels like shit (or paint...) hits the fan when you're most tired and anticipating relaxation...
    I'm definitely jealous of your shore/reading get-away this weekend! Thanks for the mini-lesson on Memorial Day vs. Veterans Day!

  12. That last ecard is actually just too real. I'm actually staying up north this weekend to teach a few classes for the likely 3 people who won't be down the shore, but I hope you have a lovely, peaceful weekend. And thanks as always for your reminder to everyone on the true purpose of this Monday.

  13. Amen to 1 and 2 (and 5.) These kids (and they are kids) literally die for us and we pay them like $45,000.00 a year. Oh and a 'deployment bonus.' Cool. And then we don't take care of them when they come home. Fucking 10+ term Congressional assholes.

    This topic gets me really mad.

  14. Omg! The paint story made me laugh but I'm sorry for your car. The life coach card is a joke, but... I kind of think more people need to hear it. Going to the beach tomorrow! Along with everyone else. :D

  15. ohhhh no. the paint. oh so much no.
    Freedom is certainly not free. Preach.
    i like to think i remember, and am grateful for, the ones that did not come home but fought for my freedom.. regardless of which country they were from and which country i am. but just like other days throughout the year, i like to be reminded, if that makes sense. memorial day, anzac day and remembrance day.
    i hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  16. LOL, ecard so accurate! ha! Love the reminder of the difference between memorial day and V day. Freedom is certainly not free. Your Tuesday sounds nice!!! And replacing a niece for some exercise seems okay to me. :) Love the little dog pics :)

  17. 1 and 2 are lovely. :-)

    I adore the beach reading picture and, of course, the pug picture. I always look forward to pictures of your dogs. Creepy? Hopefully not. Haha.

    I see The Girl in 6E in that stack! (Though I remember you telling me it was waiting for you at the library recently.) The Nest is also on my "To Read" list, but I'm participating in Erin's "Read My Books" challenge next month, so I'm trying to finish up all of my library books by the end of May. My library is awesome because you can pause your holds, so I'm currently paused for The Nest. I'm at #6 on the list, so it probably won't take too long to get it once I reactivate my hold on it. (I started at #145 or something insane like that, so that's pretty good!)

    I love Vietnamese food! Eric and I have a local favorite place that we try to hit up pretty regularly. Few things are better than a huge bowl of pho and some taro bubble tea. Yum!

    That paint incident is awful! I would have completely lost my shit and started crying (because that obviously helps in those sorts of situations). I'm so sorry that happened! :-(

  18. I listened to the podcast yesterday and I love it! Keep them coming, girl!

  19. I love Pho restaurants (we have a good selection around here) and the iced coffee is amazing but only at lunch time for the latest....I've even had coffee ice cream at night and that kept me awake the whole night so lesson learned.

  20. LOVE Pho.
    Hey, I must be qualified to be a life coach too.
    And sitting on the beach in a sweatshirt doesn't sound that bad. At least you won't be burning up.

  21. I haven't had Pho in a long time it looks so good!

    Enjoy your shore time, I hope the tropical weather misses your beach.

  22. Thank you for pointing out the different between Memorial and Veteran's Day. I think a lot of people truly don't know. I don't think I've ever tried Vietnamese coffee, how is it different? That paint story had me rolling, but I'm glad you were able to get it all off! Enjoy your beach time!

  23. Noooo the paint can story makes me want to cry for you. One time I left my windows down all during a monsoon, and then like an idiot I dumped cat litter all over the seats to soak up the water. And it just turned into this cakey disgusting mess. It was awful.

    Someone told me "Happy Memorial Day!" this week and while I know she meant well I kind of cringed. So much meaning behind the day and I always hope people remember that!

  24. Yay to Paw Works!!! So far $100 donated in May and $75 in April---love how we can buy cute baubles and help cute animals! Thank you!!!

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