Friday, April 8, 2016

I love the nightlife

Just kidding, I hate it. I am much more of a day person. This post is about how I spent my nights this week. I've covered the day before in Play by Play: My Day in Pictures. I copied this idea from Dani @ Faster than Forever, and you can see her post here.

I try to do the following things on weeknights because I don't want to spend my weekends cleaning:
1 - Spend 20 minutes on my daily dos, which means picking up around the house, putting stuff away, wiping down counters and baths, dealing with the dishwasher and laundry. I am usually successful at this five days a week.
2 - Tackle one small-ish task. Some nights I tackle zero and some nights I surprise myself and get a lot done.

You only see one mention of reading, but that's a nightly thing for at least five minutes before bed. I also turn on my Himalayan salt lamp and diffuse lavender oil. You might think these are woo woo things but I sleep solid as a rock since I got that Himalayan salt lamp.

Sunday night
1 - Setting up the outlines of blogs for the week and watching a lot of Shades of Blue
2 - Final kitchen cleanup, broke my coffee spoon rest and I'm keeping it anyway
3 - Sunday night ritual: mask
4 - While the mask is doing its voodoo, I lay out my clothes & bracelets for the week
5 -  The dogs come upstairs but are otherwise not interested in what's going on
6 - In bed before 9, always a Sunday night goal

Monday night
1 - First Mister Softee sighting, he drives by the house very fast because he has been at war with MFD for 10+ years
2 - Zumba. First time back in a few weeks and I was sucking wind.
3 - Villanova game. I couldn't fall asleep until 1 a.m. after that buzzer beater.
4 - I meant to do things after zumba but I basically sat on the couch all night with the dogs.

Tuesday night
1 - Finally assembled the burritos I made on Sunday for the freezer.
2 - Things that should've been on my wrestling a gator post: wrapping gifts. I am the worst at it.
3 - Did about an hour of work in the basement and unearthed this 1987-1989 notebook between me & Jen. LOL
4 - Geege hurt his paw when him and Mae got in a food fight and was limping around and being pitiful.

Wednesday night
1 - First week of flexing my hours to make a 6 pm zumba class on Wednesdays
2 - Things come home from the shore in that tote and
3 - Things get repacked to go back to the shore in that tote. MFD is heading down Friday.
4 - Picking up around the house, done pretty much daily. I didn't do Monday this week.
5 - Cleaned out the fridge. How does it get so grody?
6 - Cut up cantaloupe.
7 - Argued about politics and taxes at 10:30 p.m.
8 - I diffuse lavender next to my bed at night.
9 - Had to stay up until 12:15 to finish this book. I was over it.

Thursday night
1 - Vacuum upstairs. Blah.
2 - Record for over an hour with Jana and end up recording on my side. I have no idea what happened but it stopped at 42 seconds. Sometimes technology bitch slaps you to remind you you are not the fucking boss. But a new episode of The Armchair Librarians did drop yesterday, so check that out!
3 - I had other things I wanted to get done but the tech fail killed my soul so I painted my nails (Humidi-Tea) and read, both of which always make me feel better.

And today? Today is Friday. And it's Rex Manning Day, which is a cause for celebration.

What do your weeknights look like?
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  1. My weeknights look pitiful compared to yours. I do try to pick up a bit as soon as I get home otherwise it doesn't get done. I am trying to read a bit more too lately but usually after 5 minutes I am dozing off!

  2. The Villanova game was reeeeeally incredible! My BIL played football for them when he went there so the whole family was rooting, and I think because of that, my husband won his bracket. Woohoo!
    Love seeing "day in the life" kind of posts! :)

  3. We are so similar in our nightly routines. I try to dedicate at least 20 mins to daily pickup and then if I have time do a more in-depth task. This prevents me from spending my entire weekend doing those things, because I generally like to relax on those days. Have a great weekend!! :)

  4. Oh my gosh, that buzzer beater was AMAZING!! My husband and I were jumping up and down. What a great game! Have an awesome weekend.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  5. This is so interesting. I should document my nights because I always want to know where my "free" time goes (I think it gets sucked away in the vortex of social media...). Also, can the story of MFD and Mr. Softee be on the next MFD-themed post? This sounds good!

  6. Why is cutting up cantaloupe so awful? The rind and the guts smell so bad in the trash. Barf.

    I am intrigued by the oils but am also worried that it is a lot of hocus pocus, because there are some crazies on my Facebook feed selling them.

  7. Such a great game, wowzers!

    Love this post idea. I'll have to try this once we have a new place...someday ;)!

  8. I am interested in that lamp. The pups and Rich need to be able to deal with it. I finally got them to agree to the fan going all night.
    My days and nights are kind of the same and of course I love it. I am on the cusp of cancer. I am definitely a hermit crab !
    Not looking forward to this SprinTer snow tomorrow! Thank Goddess it's April. Love. Your. Momma. Nova Nation celebration from home ! Your brother is going to the parade!

  9. I'm dying over the Rex Manning Day... you are on top of your game to know this :)
    Poor pug leg - hope its better.
    Yeah - you could even paint the end of your spoon rest to make it look like its SUPPOSED to be a short one. You were just telling me about your spoon rest. I must have jinxed it.

  10. Happy Rex Manning Day! I laughed out loud at the Mister Softee, my law clerk asked what was so funny. I was like... I can't even explain it, you have to understand MFD and I can't sum that up in just 2 minutes.
    I'm super convinced I heard an ice cream truck this morning. Like, exact sounds but... it was like 7:30 am.

  11. Girl... kudos to you for getting shit done during the week. Im so serious. If I had half your inspiration I'd be life-ing a whole lot better haha

  12. My week nights currently look like karate, t-ball, karate, t-ball. I actually enjoy getting out of the house at night after working at the house all day.

    That notebook is awesome, I bet there's all kinds of good stuff inside!

  13. I love this! I miss my evenings SO much since I've switched to working late afternoon/evening. It's great to have mornings but evenings are my favourite. Have a great weekend! :)

  14. You are quite productive in the evening/night! My evenings consist of a random mix of laundry, kitchen cleanup, reading, napping, playing Dice with Buddies, reading blogs, composing blogs, and responding to blog comments. Every once in a while I have to do something work related, but I try not to. I'd rather stay late at work, get that stuff done, so when I'm at home I can simply be at home. I admire and envy your routines.

    PS Now I'm going to have this lyric in my head ALL day long, I can just feel it! "I love the nightlife, I got to boggie, on the disco 'round, oh yeah..." Thanks chica... LOL! ;) Have a good one!

  15. Awwww poor Geege had an ouchie!Apparently I need to get a Himalayan salt lamp. I really should be splitting my chores up throughout the week so as not to spend 3 hours Saturday morning doing them but my weeknights mostly look the same - get home at 630pm **hopefully, damn traffic**, promptly change out of my pants, cook dinner, wash dishes, say hello to the dogs, watch tv with chris, fall asleep on the couch between 8-9pm, move from couch to bed whenever Mac barks to tell us it is time for his nightly bedtime potty and treat.

  16. I love the idea of conquering one task i REALLY need to do that. You are pretty productive! There is at least one night a week that I paint my nails.

  17. Oh my gosh Rex Manning day - love that movie!! Very productive night, Quite the game on Monday night! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  18. I enjoyed this post a lot!! I am getting much better at spending a little bit of time each night picking up/wiping down what needs done... Much better than spending an entire Saturday and/or Sunday cleaning the world! Still working on the food prep part but I'm a work in progress ;)

  19. How did I miss Rex Manning Day? AGAIN?

    I am so envious of your 9PM Sunday bedtime. I would love that but that's when Erica goes to bed and I need downtime after she's asleep before I can comfortably sleep.

    So aggravating about last night but at least now we get to try recording on a weekend!

  20. That's a good idea to get smaller chores done throughout the week so it frees up your weekend. I've been recently leaving it all to do on a Sunday which does not make for a very relaxing way to end the weekend!! Had no clue you had a podcast. How did I miss this and you're already on to episode 5? Congrats on that!!

  21. Thanks for the shout out!
    Your Sunday nights look so relaxing! But question- what does a Himalayan salt lamp do? You get a lot done on most weeknights. Technology fails kill me- I wouldn't want to do much of anything after that either. Have a great weekend!

  22. I feel like such a lazy bones during the week compared to you, get it girl! I really need to get better about tackling household chores during the week so that my weekends aren't all about errands and housework. And congrats on your podcast! Sorry about your mishap last night, but it'll all work out. I need to tune in! Happy Friday <3

  23. Love this look into your weeknight! My weeknights are pretty much the same (these days), which is bath the kids or clean up the kitchen (my husband and I take turns), then shower, episodes of The Walking Dead, laundry, and then reading before falling asleep in bed after too many episodes of The Walking Dead. This post reminds me that I wanted to update my "day in the life of" post.

  24. Your Sunday nights sound very similar to mine! I always hope to be in bed by 9! I don't do much during the week after work. It's a whole lot of blogging and watching tv and hanging with the dog and husband. Not very exciting but still fun!

  25. I'm glad to see "grody". That is a word that has fallen out of my world. Thanks to you, I'm going to try to bring it back. I think if I created this post, there would be lots of cats, baths, and books.

  26. I really love this idea for a post! You have the most creative ideas!! (Of course, I'd have to admit how much West Wing I actually do watch.... cue embarrassment.)

  27. You're so organized and productive! I start off so strong Sunday and Monday, Tuesday night I'm pretty good, but by Wednesday my evening motivation totally fades! I couldn't sleep after that Villanova game either. Too keyed up!

  28. Reading and painting your nails is the best way to handle a tech fail :)

  29. what a fun idea for a post! I know you are a morning person so it's nice to see how you entertain yourself all evening. So organized and disciplined!!!! Love it.

  30. You do so much at night! If I'm not going to dinner or a movie with friends (which is only about once a week, twice if I'm feeling craaazy) I'm in pjs and in front of the tv or computer after the kids are in bed. I'm so lazy at night.

  31. i am crazy lazy in the evenings, i love how you get so much done. i do the 20 minute to do thing though, or my daily dos or whatever so i don't have to waste my weekends cleaning.. i think i got that from you a while ago. it's brilliant. then i sit on the couch and do none of the things. sorry about the podcast being lame but i am so excited because it's thursday and i get to listen to it on the drive home today! yay!

  32. Poor Geege. You ar every productive. I usually just get home from work, walk Seamus, workout for an hour or two and then I crash catching up with shows and the internet. Wrapping gift is my nemesis too, hate it.


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