Friday, April 22, 2016

Can you be a podcaster and not listen to podcasts?

If you're me, you can. I listened to Serial because who could resist the siren song of Adnan's story, but other than that I've turned most podcasts off after a while. Frankly, I'd rather write or read than listen in my spare time. 

I have never done a video blog (vlog for those not in the biz) and am never planning to do a video blog because 1) I don't really like videos and 2) I am not really video friendly. I'm not a fashionista, I never blowdry my hair, and I might wear makeup once or twice a week if the world is lucky. I'm not knocking myself, but my appearance is honestly not at the top of things I think about unless I am unfortunate enough to see someone I haven't seen in a while when I am out in public looking like I just crawled out of the sewer where I was living for 37 days. 

I also never even considered doing a podcast because 1) I hate the sound of my voice when it's recorded and 2) What the hell would I even talk about and 3) I have no interest in working the technology and 4) I use like like a crutch and am pretty unapologetic about it. 

But I guess this podcast thing is a case of never say never, because here I am doing The Armchair Librarians with Jana. This is her baby, and she asked me to join her on it. I am pleasantly surprised at how much fun it is to record once a week, to just have 30 minutes to an hour to discuss one of my favorite things: books, reading, and all the things in between...we're not professionals and staying on course is not really our strong suit. Sometimes I forget we're recording. So thanks, Jana, for this. 

If you like reading and books and hearing friends talk about it, give The Armchair Librarians a go. I haven't listened, but I imagine it's like eavesdropping on a conversation, which let's be real all of us like to do. Jana and I met in college in 1995, lost touch for a while, were reunited through facebook, and happily found out that we both blog and read like our lives depended on it. 

How do you find this podcast? If you have a podcast app on your phone, it's searchable on iTunes. You can also find all the episodes on our website by clicking here. Jana usually puts a new episode up on Thursdays, which means one dropped yesterday. 

Before you listen ... the first four (five?) episodes have some hinky audio issues. And honestly, the audio will never be perfect. We're not in a studio. We're two women leading full lives approaching 40. Ain't nobody got time for a background perfectly devoid of noise. 
The Armchair Librarians Podcast with me & Jana of Jana Says...episodes release most Thursdays

Visit our website for episodes:
The Armchair Librarian

Searchable on iTunes or click here:

If you already listen, thank you! Is there any general topic related to books or reading that you'd like us to cover, or a book you'd like us to read and discuss?

Not a podcast listener? Join us for book talk the second Tuesday of every month when we co-host Show Us Your Books. Do you like neither and want in on this in some way? We need a designer for a logo - the one we use now is not doing it for us. 

That'll do it for the week. 


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  1. Serial is the only podcast I've ever listened to and as much as I enjoyed it I think a big part of it holding my interest was because I was stuck in Thanksgiving weekend traffic for six hours. BUT I love books and I've been wanting to try to listen to more podcasts when i'm stuck trying to workout on the treadmill- so I will definitely listen!

  2. I love you 2 are doing this. I look so forward when my I pull up my iTunes podcast & there's an update there :)
    Here's a topic for you - Books vs movies ... you can do a few topics on that one.

  3. I for one appreciate your podcast and have been tuning in faithfully every week! It really is like ease dropping in on a conversation.

  4. I really like the podcast! It's really fun to hear your voices after reading your blogs for so long! I love listening to you all talk about books it's a really fun podcast!

  5. I'm not a podcast listener in general but I really want to listen to you and Jana because A) I love the topic and B) I know it's going to be a hoot. So glad you have the website up because that will just make it really easy for me to listen during lunch.

  6. I keep meaning to download this and forget! It took me awhile to get into podcasts, and I have to listen when I can't do anything else (like when I am driving to work). If I listen at home, I am usually on the computer or doing other things, and stop paying attention. If you ever decide to get back into them, and want something short and funny, Mortified is a good one. It is recordings of people reading from their teenage diaries and it is fucking hilarious. People probably think I am a crazy person, sitting in traffic, laughing like a lunatic in my car.

  7. I need to listen to y'all's podcast! My husband and I both listened to the first season of Serial and loved it, but we couldn't really get into the second season. I can't resist listening to people talk about books though!

  8. I love when your dogs bark in the background. I never, ever edit it out because it's like they want to be part of the conversation and I can't deny them that.

    I'm having way more fun than I anticipated when I hatched the idea and I couldn't imagine having anyone else as a co-host.

  9. You guys make podcasting look easy in the best way and has really encouraged me to let my little podcast idea germinate and see if it's worth pursuing, so thanks for that! I would love it if you guys would let your listeners know what books are "coming soon" (whether in a week or month or three months, whatever) because the specific book related ones are hard to get into if you haven't read the book (and then I don't want to listen in case of spoilers). Knowing ahead of time is like joining a book club at your own pace and not having to contribute!

  10. so.... i'm gonna sound like a creep but i don't care.. i LOVE your alls podcast and i hope you never stop. i am not a podcast person but it really is like listening to you all talk and i talk back, except you can't hear me. i seriously lauugh every episode. like when you were 'like this and like that and totally' (sounds super unfunny typing it out) and when you said something about MFD coming down and showing you what he was eating or something.. anyway. hilarious. please never stop.

  11. I have a commute (driving) so listening to podcasts are perfect! Really enjoy eavesdropping on your convo via the podcast!

  12. I'm really liking the podcasts so far! I did LOL at your dogs barking in the background and when you described MFD coming down and pantomiming about ice cream. I have found myself wishing that I had read one of the books y'all were discussing. Maybe in the future y'all can have a book you'll be discussing on one of next month's podcast so I can read in anticipation? Just s thought. Keep it up, ladies!

  13. Go you getting these podcasts kicked off with Jana! I guess when you're talking about something you love and have a passion for the conversation comes easier than expected. I'm not tempted to do a vlog myself.

  14. I definitely need to hop on the train of podcasts, and tune into yours each week! I'm sure it's nothing but real which is exactly what we need more of :-D

  15. Just listened to last week's! Thanks for the shout-out!

    And yeah, I never realized how awkward I sounded until I had recorded myself speaking once in college. But that shouldn't stop you from a vlog...I swore I'd never do one and then did one the next week...

  16. This is very nice. I will have to listen sometime. Does it use data if listening on my phone? Goddess speed and congrats for doing this. My nasal voice alone would drive me away from podcasting !
    Love. Your. Momma.

  17. You know I'm a listener. In fact, this is the only podcast I've listened to. Ever.

    Now that you ask, I am going to think long and hard about a book that I want you ladies to listen to and discuss on the podcast.

  18. I think the imperfection is what I like most about your podcast! I forget that I'm listening to a podcast and am not part of a three-way call, you can't actually hear me responding, but I talk a decent amount during your podcasts too! haha Keep it up!

  19. I am not a big podcast listener either but I am caught up on yours. I love that is like eavesdropping on a conversation and of course love hearing about new books.


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