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Confessions of an October Wallet Watch

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The rules for the October Wallet Watch are that you make your own rules. Hey ohhhh. My parameters were:
1. Wallet watch lasts from October 1 - October 31.
2. Do not purchase any shoes, apparel, or accessories. Exception:  jewelry for Stephen & Aubrey's wedding if I need to (not sure if anything I have will work yet or not) and black combat boots - if I find the perfect pair I need to purchase, I've been on the hunt for an eternity.
3. Just say no to beauty products or makeup unless something runs out and there is not a feasible substitute.
4. Stay within budget for all outings: I have events every Saturday in October and one Sunday.
5. I can use giftcards on whatever I please.
6. I must share how I did honestly on Wednesday, November 5.

Outings for the month
Aubrey's Bachelorette Party October 4: $40 under budget. I promptly turned around and spent that on a Lee's hoagies and wings because hello, hangovers.
Gail's on October 11, Ladies Lunch on October 18: Came out of spending money so there was no money set aside specifically for either
Beef & Beer on Oct 25: Didn't end up going, saved $60
Lupus Loop Oct 26: Spent $0 out of $40

Gold Star Day: October 1
Returned shit to JC Penney and Marshalls and bought nothing in return even though credits are typically free money.

Gold Star Day: October 3
I went to Target, stuck to my list, and bought nothing fun except for a necklace for the wedding, which was allowed.

Gold Star Day: October 8
I went to the drugstore for toothpaste and witch hazel. And that is what I came out with. I did not come out with the eleventy billion bottles of fall nail polish singing me their siren song as I passed. 
I also went to ULTA to replace a hair product and did just that - no additional purchases.
Note: Beginning to think I'm made of steel.

Date of infraction: October 9
Purchased: Aqua sweater from Gap
Amount: $32.99 plus 25% off
With: cash
Note:  So scratch that made of steel comment above. Is it wrong to blame the color? It seduced me.
Lesson: I returned $54 worth of merchandise, but that was on a credit card, so these did not cancel out. If I would've kept what I had, I would've had to pay that off anyway. Instead of netting $0 I spent. Assign returns during wallet watches to other people, like possibly husbands?

Date of infraction: October 16
Purchase: Stitch Fix cardigan
Amount: $44
Note: I didn't specifically allow for this in the rules, but it's in my monthly budget. I wanted to own up to receiving it because it's a violation, son. But this color, I wasn't sending it back.
Date of approved purchase: October 20
Purchase: Mascara, which I was totally out of as of October 19. Two thumbs up for waiting until I was out to purchase.
Amount: $10.78
Note: Typically $8.99 for one, I got two for $10.78. I try to only buy my mascara when there's a deal, and I hit it. Boom shaka laka. 

Date of approved purchase: October 24
Purchase: Black boots for the allowed combat boots under the rules. 
Amount: $140
Note: Super ugly in person. I returned them. 

Date of approved purchase: October 26
Purchase: Black boots for the allowed combat boots under the rules. 
Amount: $44.78
Note: Holler at me for a cheaper alternative that worked.

Date of infraction: October 29
Purchased: Chalkboard Sign
Amount: $34.95 shipped
Lesson: Disable the freaking deal of the day emails. Or not because seriously I wanted this. Home decor items are not verboten according to the rules but it's $35 I wasn't planning on spending. Thanks to Lauren for introducing me to this site!
Overall, not too bad. AND I went to the mall on November 1 and only bought one thing - the tights I went in for, so BOOM. I am about to go to town on Zulily though so watch out. 

Did you watch your wallet in October? Leave a comment or link up and let me know how you did.

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  1. You did awesome! The cardigan totally had to be yours, great color. Need to see those boots though. Jane and Groopdeals will be the death of my wallet but so many cute things on sale. I didn't know about Decor steals though so obviously I have to sign-up! My wallet just gave you the side eye.

  2. Just discovered Zulily. God help us all. Good job though! :-)

  3. you did well! i sort of did a wallet watch because i exhibited some amazing restraint from online shopping when all those stupid 50% off coupons flooded my emails. i even got raised to some higher tier on that allows for like 40% off on any item and i didn't even bite for that....and it's only because i got my post-vacay credit card bill and nearly cried.

  4. I call that rocking the wallet watch! The returns listed on Day 1 shall cancel out at least one of those infractions. Duh! I loved the comment about thinking you were made of steel! LOL! You got a little cocky, Steph. You proved were just human just a few days later... ;)

  5. I love the color of the Stichfix you kept! So pretty! And I feel like I need to see these combat boots...

  6. i'm starting my no-buy this month. day 5 and good so far!

  7. Great job on the combat boots. Not earning a paycheck for a while, I am pretty good at this. I do buy any groceries
    that I need to be well stocked and shop exclusively at Redners where I get money off Sunoco gas and Sam's preferred membership giving $10 back for every $500 spent. Just being aware and not buying willy-nilly is always a good thing.
    I bought way, way too many clothes, shoes, etc.years ago!
    Enjoy this almost 70 degree day in November!
    Love, Your Momma

  8. Impressive! Kudos for returning ugly uber expensive boots for awesome inexpensive ones. Love when that happens!

  9. Aqua is a very seducing color! Where did the $140 ugly ass combat boots come from, and whee did you find the much cheaper alternative??

  10. Great job girl!! I think I need to stick with no buy weeks, if I have a whole month I'll buy everything in sight lol!

  11. I think you did a great job. This time of year, tights and boots are a necessitate.

  12. I don't ever watch my wallet. It's part of my charm.

  13. Watching my wallet is something I've never been good at. However, you did a great job. Those sound like great deals!

  14. the deal of the day emails kill me. i just can't handle it! and sometimes a sweater speaks to me and I need it. you rocked it.

  15. The color of that cardigan is perfect- no regrets! And great job on finding the boots at a lower price. You did great, especially with all of the outings! Congrats!

  16. You kicked the crap out of the Wallet Watch! Not buying nail polish always makes me feel like I can do anything.

  17. I LOLed at the hangover food, I did exactly the same thing. I didn't spend on Halloween because we set up a free hour of drinking in which i downed 12 vodka pineapple juices (1 every 5 minutes) so I spent all that saved money on chinese food, chips, and ice cream. No shame.
    You did really good this month! Nice job on the boots especially.

  18. You did an amazing job! And budget or no budget the right food will help any hangover ;-)

  19. Wow! You're good! I'm awful with sticking to a budget but I should really try this. I'm already doing bad for November because I literally just spent $70 at target this morning and I did NOT need everything I bought. At least it's only the first week of the month I have time to improve!!

  20. Good for you! You had some up and downs with it - but overall I think you did phenom!

  21. Decor Steals comes through every morning at 9am and I always open it but have yet to pull the trigger. Love it so much, though. You really did awesome and I love when I find something I want for less than I budgeted!

  22. Great job! You are made of steel!!! Especially at Target and Ulta, my weaknesses. Yay for cheaper black boots and deal on mascara. I do this too!

  23. OH my I would not have been able to pass up that cardigan either. Absolutely adorable. I surprised myself also with my walgreens trip where I did not buy any nail polish. Of course, I ended up walking out with a bag of Halloween candy. No nail polish purchase though instantly gives you a super woman status.

  24. wow you ARE made of steel, even with the infractions. I pretty much don't allow myself to go to walgreens or target because i know i can't say no to all the pretty things. i need to start budgeting for hangover food when we drink because of course i'm not cooking with a hangover and that includes cereal. love the stitch fix cardigan!

  25. I have such a love-hate relationship with Zulily... they always get me with the "free shipping for the rest of the day" thing. Once I went back two more times to buy more! Ridiculous. And gah... why does their shipping take so long? I bought two pairs of shoes in September and they're STILL NOT HERE. (Part of that is my own fault for moving and not updating my address... and I complained and they gave me a $10 credit. So I guess it's not all bad.)

  26. Now that you have done exceedingly well for Oct, are you going to make up for it in Nov? bwaahahaa. But really, great job! I especially liked that you swapped your ugly-in-person boots for cheaper cuter ones!

  27. Nicely done!!! I unfortunately am Wallet Watching always lately, but you made October a huge success! Well done on the cheaper boots as well! Holla Saved a Dolla!

  28. Well I'm super impressed with your ability to track everything! I just don't and never did have the patience for it. I guess I should be more mindful for sure. #NED sassytownhouseliving

  29. 2 for $10 is an AWESOME deal! Especially for L'Oreal!!!! You couldn't NOT get 2.

  30. I made need your skills during the month of November why are all the sales so good????

  31. You did well! Im watching my wallet for November so maybe next month Ill link up :)

  32. I did really well...library card so books were free, didn't purchase any music or books. I put a lot of things in various carts and then closed the browser. I also added lots to my Nordstrom wish list. I made it all the way until October 27, at which point I purchased three pairs of black booties, hoping one would fit, and a sweater dress on sale. None fit, so I'm returning all of the booties today. This means that my only infraction was a sweater dress, wooooo!


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