Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - Marchy March Marchy

1. The coveted Reese's peanut butter egg (best shaped Reese's, hands down) was supposed to be in this picture as well, but MFD horked those down. It's the most glorious time of the year for candy.
2. Sometimes I think I make things just so they can serve as vehicles for ketchup. I adore ketchup. Heinz only.
3. Now that I've gotten the fatassery out of the way, let me ask you a favor, kind friends. Next time I decide to be a lazy asshole and stop exercising, please remind me how hard it is to start again, and how it gets much much harder to start back up again as I age. Why do I do this?
4. Last night I went to Zumba only to get there and have it cancelled, so I filled up my car with gas - why I did not do that Tuesday when it was 60 degrees is beyond me - went to Home Depot, and popped in to see my shiny happy pretty niece Lola Jean. After a day of reading a lot of hate on the Interwebs that made my cheeks hot and my hair stand on end,  it was a solid end to the day.

5. Did you do a February Wallet Watch? Tomorrow is the day I'm reporting in on mine. I don't have a good idea of how many people out there did it but I think I'll provide a way to link up even though I didn't mean to do an actual link up.
6. I believe we're a sum of all of our experiences and interactions.

7. File under things I did not know: dogs can get pink eye. Gus had some serious eye shit going on on Monday that I did not notice before I left for work. Luckily MFD did and had some time in the early afternoon to whisk him off to the vet. Freaking pink eye. I cannot adequately describe how grossly hideous and vomit inducing the inside of his eyelids looked on Monday night. So to recap, since Friday we've had dogs pooping in the backseat of a moving vehicle, dogs opening peanut butter jars, and dog pink eye. Dog Show.
8. On my way to the library on Tuesday, I noticed that the dinosaurs in front of the Academy of Natural Sciences look like they're making the beasts with two backs. Right? I usually cut over and around Swann Fountain so I never noticed this before. I laughed like a 10 year old.

9. Show Us Your Books is this Tuesday, March 8. In case you're looking for something to read, here's a list of the top 10 most challenged books (as in ban this shit) from every year in the 2000-2014 time period. Maybe pick one of those as a way to give the middle finger to people who think they should tell you what you can and can't read.

10. E-card of the week...what does "let" mean? It's a concept I'm largely unfamiliar with.

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too legit to quit
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  1. Ohhh give me that egg! YUM!!!! Easter is most certainly the best candy time. I love cadbury creme eggs, the mini eggs, Reese eggs and alllll the jelly beans!!!! Ummm totally make things to be vehicles for Heinz over here too. Simply Heinz of course, can't have any of that corn syrup crap. I had no clue that dogs could get pink eye. How does that even happen?? Those dinosaurs are hilarious!!!!!!!! Don't even get me started on the election and the idiots in this country. I really don't see a good outcome in November. People have lost their damn minds.

  2. Omg I died at those dinosaurs! You're totally right!

  3. I'm not really suppose to have milk chocolate because of my stomach acid issues BUT I can't not eat milk chocolate things this time of year. Reese eggs, Cadbury eggs, and Tagalong Girl Scout Cookies. Just give me stomach pain I don't care, I need the damn chocolate!

    Please tell me you're putting ketchup on a pork chop, oh please! Tyson has told me for the last 15 years that I ruin good pork chops by putting ketchup on them. He swears he's never seen anyone but my sister and I put ketchup on a pork chop.

    I've had my book post ready since 3/1, it's my favorite post of the month!

  4. Your dogs should have their own TV show. I'm more of jelly bean fanatic this time of year but can definitely appreciate a good Reese's Egg.

  5. Oh gosh How I love me some cadbury eggs!!!! Did you know that McDonalds has a new cadbury mcflurry in europe?!?!?! I want that!

  6. I hate starting exercise, but then I like it once I am doing it. Then I I feel YOU!

  7. YES TO EVERYTHING IN 4. And that Liu quote!! I definitely LMAO at the dance with no pants above. Best. Ever.

  8. I am an Easter candy whore. Best holiday candy. We are on our 2nd big Sams bags of the Reese's eggs. I need some good sales on Cadbury creme eggs and the mini eggs.
    Ming Liu. Thank you. Whatever we are today is because of where we have been. Gratefully more good than bad.
    Bring on next week's high 60's low 70's weather. Lights and Angels always. Love. Your. Momma.

  9. 1- I LOVE Cadbury Crème Eggs. Some people think they’re disgusting by my godddddddd, I could eat a bowl of the filling. #Gross
    2- Ha! I wrote about ketchup in my latest post too … but in a very different way :-/
    3- Getting into a workout groove (especially after a hiatus) is SO hard. I’ve been doing pretty well, but notice that I am probably better off going every day after work rather than skip any. When I skip (like I did last night because my legs are so friggin) sore I lose motivation and now going tonight will be even harder. UGHHHH WHY IS EXERCISING THE WORSTTTT

  10. OMG the dinosaurs and the inclusion of dog show have me actually laughing at my desk. So far I have resisted my beloved Cadbury mini eggs this Easter season, but I'm not sure how long I can hold out for.

  11. Agreed. The Reese's egg is the best, although I won't turn down the other shapes. The mini chocolate Cadbury eggs are my jam. I have resisted the urge to buy any yet, because I will eat the entire bag in one sitting. Moderation is not my strong suit.

    I can't say I have ever experienced dog pooping in a moving car. Good god that sounds awful. My sister's chocolate lab also had opposable thumbs like your dogs. He got the lid off of a jar of peanut butter and ate all that his tongue could reach. He also got the lid off of a container of sugar once and went to town.

    Human pink eye is the fucking worst (thanks for that, Jack) so I can't even imagine the disgustingness of dog pinkeye, especially pug pinkeye. Barf.

  12. I'm so glad I get to read your blog every day, because it never fails to entertain. All hail the ketchup - and Heinz, yes, is really the only acceptable one. We just had a conversation about ketchup in the lunchroom the other day. Talking about what we could and DO put it on. One girl said she hated ketchup (she and I are no longer friends) .. That was the ultimate deal breaker. Among the possibilities, I mentioned "scrapple" and quickly lost the audience and my lunch pals. I've never tried those Cadbury eggs - Jeff loves them, but I just can't. Yet.

  13. bahaha that ecard. KC is not a fan of birthdays and the other day he made fun of someone for wanting to celebrate for more than one day and i was like bitch shut your mouth i celebrated all month!
    i have never had a reeses egg. clearly i need to get on it.
    oh pink eye! your dogs. poor dogs. i mean, i bet they are happy about the peanut butter, but probably not about the vomiting and pink eye. and those dinosaurs hahahaha. love it.
    thanks for linking up with us!

  14. I think Easter candy tops ALL other seasons... top notch!
    Ohgosh - now I bet my dogs get pink eye.
    Those dinosaurs. I'd laugh too.
    I'm so mad - Panera Bread has quit carrying ketchup because they say its not healthy. WHAT? Shut up & give me my ketchup for my egg sandwich please! UGH!

  15. I'm so happy to hear that you also love Heinz ketchup..being from Pittsburgh where the factory is I've always had a thing for it. Dan tries to convince me it tastes the same as generic so I'll tell him HE'S the crazy one. Heinz forever.

    Thanks for linking up with Kristen and me!!

  16. The beasting photo though hahaha. That sucks about Gus. Blue's cat got some eye thing and we had to put ointment IN the eye and it was horrible. Did you have to give Gus drops or ointment or something? Hope he is doing better!

  17. Cadbury creme eggs and Reese's eggs are the bain of my existence this time of year. I will have one of each for sure!

  18. Those cream eggs get me every year too as well as the Cadbury mini eggs. It's just a thing I can't avoid since i was a child. Too funny about the dinosaurs...interesting that would pass "inspection".

  19. I'm so with you on loving the easter candy. I'm gonna attempt some cadbury cupcakes next week, so we'll see how that goes...

  20. Bummer about Gus' pink eye. I didn't know that either. Poor thing! Funny about the dinos. So true about exercise, when you get into it feels so good and you wonder how you could ever go without. And then you stop and it's a nightmare to get in the groove again. BOO! Love that quote, so true.

  21. Dirty dinos!!!! Haha yep I knew doggies could get pink eye...being a farm kid cow's got it on the regularly and I realized our herding dog would get it sometimes too. Her's always healed up on its own...she was an awesome dog. Going to cry but really I am. HAPPY THURSDAY! (PS If you're ever in NC come join me for a work out! I'm at the gym all.the.freakin.time!

  22. Dog pink eye sounds fucking disgusting.

    I stopped exercising when the weather turned cold and cannot pick it up again right now. It's so hard and the couch is so comfortable.

  23. I had no idea that dogs could get pink eye! Hopefully Gus will heal up fast so you don't have to look at his gross eye that much! The dinosaurs on the top of the museum are too funny! I would want to pass that way all the time, just to see them!

  24. Horked could be a new favorite word. And I may have done the same thing with the Reese's, but the thought of eating a Cadbury Creme Egg is vomit inducing for me. Getzy loves them though. Heinz is the only way to eat ketchup . . . I'm not usually that picky but the rest is junk. Agreed on the cycle of starting and stopping exercise . . . I started back this week and have been lazy AF since October. Seriously, why? 6. = totally agree. And poor Gus . . . glad he's getting better!

  25. Cadbury Creme Eggs are my kryptonite. Love is in the air...for the dinos too, apparently. Cheers to the almost weekend!

  26. Cadbury Creme Eggs are my FAVE! I buy them in bulk and then ration them out throughout the year. I just enjoyed my last one from 2015 back in January. :) Those dinosaurs are hilarious! Best of luck with the getting back on the exercise wagon. I've fallen off myself and am having a HARD, HARD time getting back on.

  27. ew to the doggy pink eye. Your dogs sure do cause a lot of problems...
    I have a post for tomorrow so I'll link up if you post one!

    Exercising is SO hard to start again once you stop. I don't know that anyone has a foolproof solution to this.

  28. So right that it's hard to pick up a workout routine after a break! But you (I) can do it! I love Reese's anything.

  29. Cadbury creme eggs are SO GOOD!!! Hope you had a lovely weekend <3

    Edye //

  30. Candy this time of year IS the best. I have to not buy it because I cannot stop myself from eating it all in one sitting.
    Y'all have had quite the adventures with the dogs lately! Poor Gus!

  31. Easter is hands down the best time for candy. I love the two you mentioned plus Cadbury Mini Eggs. And Robin Eggs even thought they make me sick after about five. I put ketchup on my pork chop too and Jacob cannot handle it (he uses applesauce like a Brady Bunch loser). I intended to do some sort of wallet watch after vacation and instead bought a crap ton of stuff for the house. Oops! I'm going to go check out that banned books list and add a bunch.


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