Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Change has come to this blog. Sayonara, Weinerwhistle.

Dear noble readers, captains of industry, etc:

I told you yesterday that I needed to make some changes. I do not play, I started today.

As you may have noticed, I've changed the name of this blog. While weinerwhistle is full of whimsy and I will forever adore the word and its uniqueness and hilarity, it was time to go with something people would not be afraid to click on at work because the word weiner was in it. Weiner weiner weiner!

Don't cry, friends. We will still discuss women's rights, cabinet organization, and ugly footwear with equal importance under this new banner.

I absolutely suck at naming things. The best I came up with was Stephanie's Stuff, because I'm Stephanie and this here is my stuff. A-derr.

My friend Michelle lent a hand and came up with Life According to Steph. Thank you Michelle! seems like something the common worker can click on without fear of pornography fillilng their screens.

The Ides of Stephanie was also in the running (thank you Shelby of Big Hungry Shelby for the idea), but my mother pointed out that Ides has a negative connotation...then I thought about how I would be angry if someone asked me what my blog address was and I told them and they replied, "What does Ides mean?" It was neck and neck and the decision made me sweat a little.

Photo: (yes, really)
And damn whoever has, because that was is true love blog name that I can never have.


My domain is new as well - will now redirect to You can use either one. If you have me listed on your blog roll and could update the title to Life According to Steph, that would be glorious. People using Google Reader, you should be ok. Thank you all for sticking with me as I leave weinerwhistle in the rearview.

Kimmy Foo Foo is going to help me with a customized blog header, which we will discuss this weekend over one zillion glasses of wine. Stay tuned!

Here's hoping change does us good.

Weinerwhistles forever,

p.s. don't you love these shoes?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Giving Tuesday a piece of my mind

1. Tuesday continues to suck and holds an unprecedented streak of sucking every week for years. Kudos, Tuesday, you are the undisputed champion of suck.


2. Please discuss: men are generally not good at multi-tasking.

3. I haven't worn makeup since Friday.

4. I've heard a lot of adults wah wah'ing about things they are too old to wah wah about recently. Shit happens and sometimes it's not good. The End. Everyone put your big girl/boy panties on, stop wasting your time whining, and do something to actively deal with your issues. I'm tired of it.


5. Every time I read an article about how the War on Women is made up, I feel like taking to the streets to run and scream through them. Only I don't run, so there goes that.  I do blog, and I'm trying to put my thoughts into words without SCREAMING them and scrambling them and making little to no sense. Stay tuned.

6. I absolutely cannot WAIT with all caps to spend this weekend with two of my oldest and dearest friends, forgetting about everything else but fun and laughing and closing my birthday month out with a bang of a weekend. I only hope I wake up without a hangover on Sunday and that it's not an April Fool's Joke, but really a dream come true. I'm also looking forward to seeing a few other friends while we're out and about in NYC. Come on Friday. Come hither, friend.

7. I need to make changes - some big, some small. It's time to prioritize and get on the stick.

8. If you have not read The Fault in Our Stars, please do so. Immediately.

9. Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee COFFEE. I can't get enough this week.

10. Please enjoy this photo from 2003. I wish I was there right now.

That'll do it, Tuesday. That'll do it.

Monday, March 26, 2012

the weekend that was

The tulips joined their friends the daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses in bloom.


I changed a vacuum belt by myself. People who do these types of things regularly, do not scoff at my achievement or you will stomp on my joy.


Spring cleaning, most of which I hate, such as cleaning window treatments, mattresses, bedskirts and mattress pads, scrubbing carpets, cleaning baseboards, and moving furniture.  
Cleaning well weekly makes this less cumbersome, which was good because MFD worked all day Saturday and Sunday so I was on my own. Thank you cleaning gene. I did not purge MFD's favorite plate (from the Dollar Store), even though I have the urge to purge it daily.
One of these things is not like the others

I shared this with some friends and thought I'd share it here since tupperware is such a troll to organize. This is the only way I've found over the years that has staying power.
These are stored side by side in a cabinet.


Unfortunate side effect of spring cleaning: the death of MFD's bedside lamp,
part of a matching pair I spent many moons searching for a few years back.
The quest will soon commence for one to complement the widow.


Labeling the bejesus out of everything with my new label maker


Awful less than five hours of sleep on Friday remedied with nearly 11 hours of sleep on Saturday

New recipes - jalapeno quiche for this week's breakfasts, broccoli quinoa casserole for this week's lunches, and a stellar skinny broccoli chicken alfredo for Sunday dinner
(all recipes made with some modifications, let me know if you want them)


A trip to one of my favorite places on earth, the library

A trip to Bottom Dollar Foods - have you checked out their produce prices? Excellent.

Dinner at the Leslie home...a lovely meal with salmon MFD is itching to try making himself, great friends (bonus pop in by Angie & CJ), good wine and champagne, a fabulous red velvet cupcake from Mugshots, and exciting news for Evan, Jenny & Griff - they're starting to house hunt!
I love when good stuff is going on for my friends!!


Spring product endorsement - Clarins Gelee Auto-Bronzante Express Self Tanning Instant Gel. It's pricey, but I've had the same bottle for three years. A little dab'll do ya, friends.
Catching up on Body of Proof.
Double damn you ABC On Demand for not allowing fast forwarding through commercials.
Stop pushing John Carter, I've heard it sucks even though the super hot Tim Riggins is in it.

My final birthday gift to myself, purchased from an etsy shop. Thanks Lori for pinning a variation of it!


The return of Don Draper and the gang


the weekend that was

Which explains why most people don't leave Hazzard - don't matter how slow the day starts out - it always picks up in the end.

This Monday is brought to you by Bo & Luke Duke -

p.s. Already this morning I have encountered 587 fools. A guy in a pickup with blue balls hanging from it. A train that was a car short. Lazy slobs sitting next to the door who would not move their arm six inches to close the door that was stuck open after every stop. A kid wearing headphones first in line to exit the train who never heard the door open over his music. A cashier at Dunkin Donuts who could not figure out how to punch my free iced coffee card. A coffee maker at Dunkin Donuts who added tons of cream to my coffee instead of the one that I requested. A man who went around twice in the revolving door of my building before getting out and laughing like a maniac. Deliver me. I hope that's all for today.

Here's ol' Blue.

Friday, March 23, 2012

I smell the weekend, my friends...

and the scent is intoxicating.

Photo from

Other smells I love:
  • Hyacinths
  • Turkey roasting
  • Summer rain
  • Steaks on the grill
  • Beautiful perfume
  • Yardley of London oatmeal soap
  • WaWa
  • The air right before it snows
  • Freshly brewed coffee
  • Coppertone #8
  • Pine Sol
  • Gasoline
  • Au Bon Pain cheddar jalapeno bagels
  • Onions and garlic in a saute pan
  • Lumber
  • Ahava lotion
  • Freshly cut grass
  • Grey Flannel cologne mixed with soap (MFD's smell)
  • Burning wood
  • Hair that's just been washed in Pureology
  • Clothes right out of the dryer or pulled off the clothesline
  • Rosemary
  • The ocean
  • Yankee Mistletoe and Autumn Leaves candles
  • Johnson & Johnson no more tears shampoo
  • The towels at the Contemporary Resort in Orlando, FL
  • Eucalpytus Spearmint hand soap from Bath & Body Works, and anything with that scent from their Aromatherapy line
  • The Boulevard when Nabisco is baking
  • Old school Noxema
  • Victory
  • Orange Juice, Gooseberry Pie, and Eucalyptus Spearmint Mountain Home Candles
  • Love's Baby Soft
Enjoy your weekend!

p.s. For those of you who use Got2B Fat tastic dry shampoo, it's B1G1 at Rite Aid until tomorrow. Save yourself $6.50 and stop there tonight!
Photo from Redbook Magazine

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Minority Report

Image from

You know how there are some things that the majority of people like, yet you find yourself just not into it or at the very least indifferent? This my minority report, where most people like what I do not. I give you my list without apology, and nothing you can say will convince me anything below is the bee's knees.

What's on your Minority Report?

The Beastie Boys. I've always really want to like them, but I just don't. Listen all y'all it's a sabotage? I don't care. Sorry Mike D. You seem cool.

Photo from

Dave Matthews Band.

Reggae. I am behind peace, love, and legalized marijuana. I am not behind the music.

Get this pin at zazzle.

When Harry Met Sally. Actually, Billy Crystal in general. You never look mahhvelous, Billy.

Photo from

Horror movies. Duh.

Harry Potter books and movies. I've tried both.

Five Guys. It makes me sweat. In a bad way.

Photo from


Rita's Water Ice. I am quite possibly the only person in America who does not care for Rita's.


Photo from


Craft beer. Just give me a Miller High Life and we're all set.

Photo from


Blaming other people and the world for all of my problems. Why is this en vogue in recent years?

Video games. I've never owned any or enjoyed playing any...aside from Smurfs on ColecoVision at Gamma's house. I am sure kids these days have never heard of the ancient artifact ColecoVision.

Running. I would rather stay and fight an attacker than run,so I am sure as hell not running for sport.

Photo from


The mall.

The movie theater.

Whole Foods.

Belts. I haven't worn one since junior high, and I haven't owned one in more than 10 years. I kept one around "just in case" forever. Why?

Photo from

Uggs and crocs - also known as the ugliest footwear on earth. I have of course mentioned my distaste for these hideous footwear options before.

Tom's shoes - they do give a pair of shoes to those in need when you buy a pair, which is really right up my alley. They are also very cute. But they chose to partner with Focus on Family, which is militantly anti-choice, anti-gay, and anti-evolution. All of those things are no bueno in my book. I wish they'd partner with someone else.
Photo from

Owner of strong likes and dislikes and eager to share them with you,

p.s. Since I had to return my supposed to be awesome birthday hat, I got this dress instead:

Monday, March 19, 2012

the weekend that was - birthday weekend edition

Four days off in a row with favorable weather

Photo from


Getting my label maker in the mail

Lazy Friday:
cooking, doing laundry, having lunch, drinking wine, watching March Madness,
 and hanging out with my mom for many hours.
My lovely pink hyacinth is already flowering Mom! Thank you!


Making and eating one of my favorite meals - Guinness slow roasted corned beef


Soup of the week = skinny stuffed pepper soup - you all must make this, seriously.
Thank you Lauren for pinning it!


Trying new recipes and liking them all - hearty black bean quesadillas for lunch with mom, baked southwestern egg rolls and sausage and pepperoni pizza puffs for Saturday, and chicken with baby bellas and artichoke hearts for Sunday dinner.
Oh, and a Cinnabon cinnamon roll cake for MFD.


Celebrating my Grandmom's 80th birthday on Saturday


Saturday night at Casa de Gallagher in Mo'ville laughing my face off with Dustin, Gallaghers, Sannellis and McKnights about foraging for nuts, pick up sticks, little red wagons full of thin mints, difficulty with steps, and falling off of chairs, among a million other things.
I'm thankful to have such great friends who are also hilarious.

For most of the evening, I drank Harp courtesy of the McKnights.
 I had to take a break and go old school with one of Amanda's wine coolers.

10 warm, deep, and glorious hours of sleep on Saturday night


Drinking coffee out of my new mug, thank you Amanda

Ron Swanson rules

Productive Sunday:
writing blogs, doing laundry, purging files and cleaning and reshelving all of my books in alpha order... during which I discovered I own multiple copies of The Sun Also Rises, Jane Eyre, and The Great Gatsby. And If There be Thorns of my V.C. Andrews Dollanger books is missing. Balls. I immediately went to Amazon and put it on my wish list, along with a few books I need to round out my Judy Blume collection.
Books are super dusty. But I love them anyway.

Gus wasn't a big help
Watching The Vampire Diaries. Damon Salvatore, I love you. Madly.

Photo from

I made my own Febreze.
MFD uses Febreze like a mad man and it is way too expensive to keep buying.

New library art, part of my birthday gift from Dad & Carol

Daffodils and crocuses saying hello, hyacinths coming up too


Lots of quality time with MFD and the dogs
Hello, Geege.

the weekend that was

Confucious said "I  want you to be everything that's you, deep at the center of your being." So do I.
Have a great week!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

In celebration of my birth, which was 35 years ago today

Last night, I couldn't fall asleep because I was so excited about my birthday like I was turning five instead of 35. I adore my birthday...but I'm sure most of you know that.

If you currently work on your birthday, I advise you to take the day off and spend it how you choose every year for the rest of your life if possible. It's a celebration of you being on this earth. I think you deserve it!

I never get weird about turning another year older...I have known too many people who have died too young to lament getting older. It is infinitely better than the alternative. I especially like the 0 and 5 years...they seem to warrant bigger fun.

Today MFD and I headed out around 9:30 to have breakfast at Honey's Sit'N Eat. It was too early for the frito pie, so I got a brisket omelet with fresh sauteed spinach and jalapenos. Whoa nelly. It was amazing. MFD got fronch toast (I am unable to say french even now, so many years after seeing Better Off Dead for the first time) stuffed with ham and cheese, topped with poached eggs with a side of salad. Seriously amazing fat ass breakfast.

After that, we tried to walk some of it off by trekking halfway across the Ben Franklin Bridge, which was really pretty cool. This was on my life list...I'm afraid of bridges and I have to say this wasn't too bad as long as I didn't look directly down. We didn't go all the way across because we were pressed for time and it was flipping cold. 

MFD dropped me off at the Breathe Spa in the Loew's Hotel, where I got a massage and facial. Everyone exhale with me.

 The rest of the day could have been droll, since we ran errands, but it was fun to just kick around together. We don't get to do that often, and I am usually running errands alone, which blows. It was cool to have a copilot.

We even had an Auntie Anne's pretzel at the mall and sat on a bench like seniors. As an aside, I hate the mall. I did get a roasting pan to replace the one I had to toss, along with some earrings.

Who gets excited about buying a new roasting pan on their birthday? I do.

Since we were running all day, we got provisions to eat here instead of going out to dinner. My hair has oil in it from the spa and I'd rather sit around in sweatpants. Hey, it's my day my way!

It was great to spend the day bumming around with MFD. The cherry on top was all the phone calls, texts, cards, and facebook messages I received from family and friends. Thank you all for thinking of me. Cheers!

Better than your average Thursday (and I'm off tomorrow too),

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