Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello birthday month.

It's here.

Welcome March, month of my birthday, March Madness, daylight savings time, spring training, spring the season...My birthday is in 14 days, doo dah, doo dah. I'm sorry. I can't help myself.

How does one kick off the month of their 35th birthday? By buying gifts, of course. Mine: 

Hello, pretty. We're finally going to rendezvous. You will arrive in just a few days. I can't wait.

Ok, this is not a birthday gift, but it is on its way from Amazon. Free shipping and all.
I need it to make my own ranch dip mix and dressing and I can't find it in stores.
I will classify this as a useful birthday bonus.

A friend of mine from college had a book of poetry published, so I ordered that too. Check her out here.

Guess what, guess what? I'm going to have my very own label maker.
Debbie gave me one of hers long ago, but it didn't work for long and I never replaced it.
Is it weird to be so excited over a label maker?
When you store everything in clear plastic containers and have handwriting like a serial killer's
I say it's very exciting to own a label maker. Very exciting indeed.
Thank you for the recommendation, Laura.

I have my eye on a few other things as well...specifically a dress, a cardigan and a glue gun after yesterday's blog.

Last night, I baked March two loaves of english muffin bread - my first time baking bread that was not a quick bread - as an offering of good will. It's quite good toasted. March, I hope you enjoy the bread and are a kick ass month in return.

Marching in like a lion,


p.s. Milo's Kitchen Treats for dogs might be recalled, they are making some dogs ill. Thanks Jennifer K for the info!


  1. Ah yes, 35 yrs ago I was un-patiently waiting for you to arrive. If you were born on your due date 2-21- you would have a very short bday month-but instead you have 31 days! Your children are your TRUE loves! Nothing could ever make me not love my children! You are my FIRST true love!
    Carpe diem every day of your life. Positive energy and love and light ONLY to go in and out of your protective white light. Surrounding you with all the lights eternally!!!!
    Love, your Momma

  2. Happy Birthday, Snots McGee! Please come to my house and bake me some English Muffin bread - I will throw you a party if you do.

  3. Hey girl, it's my birthday month too! As a fellow "March Baby, I know exactly what you mean... every time it turned March 1, I'd think AHHHH spring + birthday + baseball + flowers = happiness!! :)

  4. Your b-day is on the Ides of March? Cool! I knew you were a Pisces, but not that you had such a fun b-day.

  5. Mare, I am an Ides baby!
    Marisa, happy birthday month!
    Shelby, it is tempting, but I am booked to the freaking gills over the next few months (year??)!
    Mom, I think that's one of the last times I was late in my life.

  6. Label makers are wonderful. Enjoy! And Happy early Birthday! Looking forward to hanging out in NYC if we can all get our ducks in a row!

  7. I love that hat!! Happy Birthday Month!!


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