Monday, May 1, 2023

Snippets of the weekend 5.1.2023

Shiteous rain all day didn't stop us from an after work walk to the beach. Blowing sand kept us off of it though. I made pasta for dinner, did some kitchenware and linen cleaning and sorting, started a book, and assed out on the couch early. 

Saturday I expected more rain but it turned out to be pretty nice most of the day. I cleaned and sorted in one of the upstairs bedrooms and removed everything from the back of the house in preparation for sewer pipe repair. 
I also swanned about town so I could visit my favorite used paperback bookstore for Independent Bookstore Day. I got a paper thin scarf to throw over shoulders in European churches this summer and tried a pseudo muffaletta from Capo Strado. Did not like the sandwich (I do like the original Central Grocery muffuletta in New Orleans) but the baked to order bread was fucking incredible. We hit the beach for last day of dogs on regular beach season which Ben celebrated by rolling in the vilest smelling shit imaginable that had us all annoyed on the drive back to Philly. MFD gave him and Mae a bath there. 
Sunday it pissed rain all day, so happy I returned from the shore Saturday night instead of Sunday as originally planned. I picked up a bit around the house then mostly lay on the couch and read, painted my nails, watched The Menu (WTF!) and National Lampoon's European Vacation, ordered sushi and some other stuff for dinner, and watched Succession on time. 

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