Friday, May 19, 2023

Snippets of the weekend 5.15.2023

Friday afternoon Melissa & I hit the beach, then back home to eat and back up for a few more hours then onto the porch for a while. It was a lovely day.
Saturday I painted the apartment in sections - it's so small in there that everything has to be prepped and moved in pieces. MFD was not pleased because it rained all afternoon and he just wanted to have a lie down with TV but I had ripped shit up. Most walls are Sherwin Williams Jocular Green (SW 6736) but two small ones are the darker green seen in the first photo below which is Sherwin Williams Dancing Green (SW 6716).
I cleaned up for the day, Melissa put out a spread, and we hung out on the porch for a while and people watched and laughed about nothing. It was a nice relaxing night. 
Sunday morning and afternoon another trip to Sherwin Williams and more moving furniture and painting in sections. This was a tiring project. When I was done I headed up to the beach and got a few slices of pizza and Melissa met me there and we sat for a few hours. An inexperienced kite flying lady let her kite gently bump into me and I nearly choked with laughter. Another great day. I did a house walk through with Melissa for summer prep, packed my car up and left around 7.

So great to spend the weekend with forever friends and their kids friends who we also enjoy. Thanks for the time, laughs, gifts, and spreads. 

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