Monday, May 8, 2023

Snippets of the weekend 5.8.2023

Friday my car got serviced $$$$ woof, solid day of work, saw Dad & Carol off in the morning, and we had a family dinner for Rich's 70th (tomorrow) with a rainbow and Sadie joining from the living room. We got home at about 8:45 or 9 and then I drove to the shore. My second in the dark drive in a week. I talked to Kim for about 40 min of the drive which always makes it more bearable.

Saturday I checked out the completed shit pipe repair in the light, built a toilet paper wall, started assessing, sorting, organizing, ordering, and all that jazz for our summer rental supplies and linens. After that I did some of the spring block party real quick - hits this year were bags that have curses on them LOL and this homemade granola
MFD arrived later in the day. I took a solo walk to the beach and read a bit. Mark, Sarah, and Harry arrived later. Mark and MFD assembled my second go at a dining room chair replacement that is no good and being returned. I went to bed around 10. 
Sunday I woke up refreshed after a very good sleep.We went to Dog Beach for a while and everyone enjoyed.
Otherwise I got stuff out for Freecycle, pulled everything out from under the third floor beds and reorganized them, assessed what is missing/needs replacing and looked for quilts, MFD worked on cleaning the outside with assist from Mark. I read a bit on the porch. Sarah and I picked up dinner from the Anchorage which they grossly underestimated the timing of. We watched the end of the Sixers game and I was in bed reading by 9 - finished a book and started another. A good Sunday mix of productive and relaxing and social and not.

Today is Geege's birthday. He's been gone since September 2017 and I cried really hard about physically missing him just last week LOL. Happy birthday best good boy, I know you are still with me. 

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